Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 07-19-12

Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. Last week, Hulk Hogan and Sting were attack by the mysterious group; “Aces of Eights”. Will the “Aces of Eights” return to cause even more chaos? Its Open fight Night, will former TNA Champion; Bobby Roode follow through and challenge the new TNA Champion; Austin Aries tonight? Plus it’s Gut Check and who will challenge who as the Bound for Glory series continues?  So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Samoa Joe beats “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero by submission in a Bound for Glory Series match

Robbie E. defeats Jeff Hardy by count out in a Bound for Glory Series match

Mr. Anderson pins AJ Styles a Bound for Glory Series match

Christopher Daniels pins Rob Van Dam a Bound for Glory Series match

Bully Ray pins Magnus a Bound for Glory Series match

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries ends in No Contest
No Impact

Again we had no TV title match this week on the show. So much for Devon being a fighting champion and the promise from Hogan that the TNA TV title would be defended every week. I just don’t get the point of even having the title if it’s not going to be defended on TV. If the TV title had been defended last week, I would cut TNA some slack as tonight was Open Fight Night but that’s not the case. TNA, either have Devon defend the TV title next week or just retire the title. Is that too much to ask for?

Finally Robbie E. scores some points in the Bound for Glory series by beating Jeff Hardy by count out. Come on TNA, you mean that you’re too lazy to at least have Robbie E. pin Hardy by cheating? I understand that you don’t want to make Hardy look weak but doing a count out just makes Hardy look like an idiot. Robbie E. needs a gimmick makeover ASP.

No Knockouts match! Are you kidding me TNA? The Knockouts have been and still are the ones who have the high rating segments on the show. I know that John Mayer was happy like a ten year old on Christmas morning as his favorite Knockout was on the show; ODB. Hell, TNA could have had ODB and Eric Young defend the TNA Knockouts Tag Team title. Hey TNA, where’s Sarita, Velvet Sky or Mickie James for that matter.

High Impact

Again, the Bound for Glory series matches are just off the hook. The Samoa Joe vs. the Pope was great as both men took a beating. I loved the fact that Joe comments he doesn’t like the Pope referring back to their feuds in the past. The Mr. Anderson vs. AJ Styles had good solid action to it and it surprised me that Anderson got the win over AJ. I didn’t have a problem with the way the last two matches in the series ending with pin falls using the ropes. Especially in the case of Bully Ray vs. Magnus considering that Bully Ray has been stuck in that stupid feud with Joseph Park feud. I’m surprised that Samoa Joe who was booked like shit in last year’s Bound for Glory series, is being booked so strong as Joe is the leader in the current BFG series. So maybe TNA is planning on keeping the TNA title on Aries and having Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries as the main event at Bound for Glory. I guess we’ll find out as things play out.

The AJ Styles\ “Claire” storyline is now ready starting to get interesting as tonight “Claire” confronted AJ after his match with Anderson, asking AJ if he remember their night of passion  and produced pictures of her and AJ together in bed. There’s no doubt that was AJ in those pictures but does that mean that AJ is the father of “Claire’s” baby? Not necessary true as pictures are not 100% proof. I will say that AJ’s facial expressions is what really sold that segment to me.

While some people might hate the “Aces of Eights” angle, I like it. This angle reminds me of when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall invaded WCW or the Nexus took over Raw. I think that TNA did three things right last night. The first thing is that Mike Tenay and Taz really hype how dangerous the “Aces of Eights” were and they sold it with the serious tone in their voices. Two, their attacks were out of nowhere and unexpected, especially when they attacked Sam Shaw who was tonight’s Gut Check contestant. The third thing that was done right with this angle tonight was having the “Aces of Eights” attack both Aires and Roode as it looked like Roode was behind the “Aces of Eights.” I can’t wait to see who is really behind the “Aces of Eights” but my money is on Jeff Jarrett.

Roode vs. Aires was just awesome to watch on TV. I mean that words can’t even describe how good this match was. Aires and Roode went for move to counter move with each hooking their finish submission move on the other. The only thing that I didn’t like was that TNA went to commercial break during the match, came back for ten seconds and then went to another commercial break. Despite that, match was still great and I can’t to see these two wrestle again. I have no problem with the interference at the end of the match as the ending make neither Roode or Aries look weak.

Show Rating: 6 3/4 out of 10

Final Thoughts

Well, this Impact Wrestling wasn’t as good as previous shows but was still a decent show. Most of the Bound for Glory series matches were good with Joe vs. the Pope and Anderson vs. Styles being the best two of the night. The promo segments were good expect for that stupid segment with Garrett Bischoff and Joseph Park. The ODB\Eric Young segment was ok but it be nice to see them at least defend the Knockouts Tag Team titles. The saving grace of the night was Roode vs. Aries match as it was beyond awesome. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next week with the “Aces of Eights” angle and more build up to the rematch between Roode and Aries at Hardcore Justice.


Star of the Night: Bobby Roode & Austin Aries


Bound for Glory Series Scoreboard

Samoa Joe: 47 Points

 “The Cowboy” James Storm: 43 Points

Kurt Angle: 27 Points

Mr. Anderson: 23 Points

Jeff Hardy: 21 Points

Christopher Daniels: 19 Points

Magnus: 14 Points

Rob Van Dam: 14 Points

AJ Styles: 7 Points

Bully Ray: 7 Points

D’Angelo Dinero: 7 Points

 Robbie E.: 5 Points


Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly PIPE BOMB! And Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

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