Andrew B:Make Me A Superstar For 7/15/12

Welcome to Make Me a Superstar by Andrew B as we look at this week’s episode of Superstars. This week we have Divas in action as a tag match is set with four ladies of the Divas Division. Plus Justin Gabriel battles Hunico in the opening match. Plus Jinder Mahal and Alex Riley do battle in the main event. I am here to look at the good and bad of this week’s show so let’s begin now.

The Bad

  1. Give Fans What They Want:

I am a fan of Alex Riley and have been since late 2010 and reviewing Superstars has made me check more of his matches recently. He is a pretty good worker and has charisma that fans can like. His promos are not bad either but yet he still gets jobber treatment. Recently I have noticed on Superstars he gets big pops and Riley chants are heard so you can see fans are behind him so now WWE just needs to push him and with MITB this Sunday I remember last year when I believed Riley would win but a year later he is losing to Jinder Mahal.

  1. Superstars in Online so We Don’t Need A Full Raw Rebound:

With Superstars online we don’t need a full Raw Rebound as we not only get one of SmackDown but with Superstars online people can watch Raw online if they want. This week we had 7 minutes of the show focusing on Raw last week including the full ending promo from Raw. That time could have been used for another match like Johnny Curtis or Curt Hawkins against Brodus Clay or even one member of the Usos. People watch Superstars for the matches not to see something that they saw on Monday.


The Good

  1. Divas Get Time To Wrestle:

If I had a dollar for every match on Raw or SmackDown that featured the Divas and was longer than 5 minutes in the year 2012 I would have maybe $2 but this week we saw Women in WWE can wrestle. We saw the Divas of Doom battle Alicia Fox & Kaitlyn. Even though the match had the wrong team win it was a good match that got almost 9 minutes. When women get time to put on a good match you will get a good match like Beth Phoenix vs. Layla at Over the Limit or most Knockout Matches in TNA.

  1. Matches Get Time:

With Raw and SmackDown 2 hours every week matches are not long usually except Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho this week but this week on Superstars we had two matches over 12 minutes. Our main event was about 16 minutes and our opener was 12 minutes. Both matches were good and worth watching unlike the 2 squash matches that opened Raw this week.


Overall for the 7/13/12 Superstars: 7.5 out of 10

Match Results:

Opening Match: Hunico defeated Justin Gabriel – *** ½ out of 5

Kaitlyn & Alicia Fox defeated Beth Phoenix & Natalya – ** ½ out of 5

Main Event: Jinder Mahal defeated Alex Riley – ***


Andrew B’s MITB Picks:

R Truth & Kofi Kingston Win on the Pre – Show

Dolph Ziggler & John Cena Win the MITB Ladder Matches

Sheamus Retains the World Heavyweight Title

CM Punk Retains the WWE Title

Ryback Wins in an Unannounced Match


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31 year old wrestling fan and writer
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