Jillian Pfeifer:Laying The Smackdown For 7/13/12

Welcome to another edition of Laying the Smackdown! This week it will be known as “ZackDown!” because Zack Ryder is the general manager for the night. In the main event for the evening, Sheamus will be facing Chris Jericho. Also we will have Alberto Del Rio facing Sin Cara. This is also the send-off show for the Money in the Bank PPV on Sunday. Let’s get to it!


Match results:


  1. Alberto Del Rio def. Sin Cara via Submission\
  2. Primo defeated Darren Young
  3. Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes def. Christian and Santino Marella
  4. Big Show def. The Great Khali
  5. Ryback defeats Tyler Reks
  6. Damien Sandow def. Justin Gabriel
  7. Sheamus def. Chris Jericho (non-title)


Top Picks for the Week:


  1. Zack Ryder + Interim General Manager = Epic Failure


As a result of last week’s Battle Royal, Zack Ryder won the opportunity to be this week’s Smackdown General Manager. Well, he royally failed at his job. The matches were mediocre and just seemed like fluff. The only match worth watching was the main event. Ryder should stick to his stupid annoying gimmick as Long Island Iced Z, and not in a position of authority.



  1. Ryback Finally Gets Some Competition


I guess all my ranting and raving worked! Ryback finally had a match with someone contracted to WWE. While it wasn’t a big name, I will take anything at this point. Hopefully this will help Ryback’s ascension into mid-card or even main event status. He is a talented wrestler and was wasting his skills on jobbers. I am happy to see his progression as of late.



  1. Sheamus defeats Jericho in the Best Match of 2012 on Smackdown(so far)

Sheamus and Jericho fought for over 15 minutes in one of the best matches not seen on pay-per-view. The match had many high points with both men avoiding and hitting their respective finishers. It seemed at the end it was a finisher-happy ending. The CodeBreaker and Brogue Kick were used at various points during the match. Sheamus won the match with a final Brogue Kick.


I would do more picks for this week, but the rest of the matches were crappy and nothing to write home about. This week’s Smackdown gets a 3 from me. The only reason it’s this high is because of the main event. With Money in the Bank this Sunday, I can only hope that next week’s Smackdown is better. I will give my picks for the Money in the Bank PPV to end this edition of Laying the Smackdown.


My Picks for Money In the Bank:


  1. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeats Hunico and Camacho
  2. CM Punk retains WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan
  3. Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio to retain World Heavyweight Championship
  4. John Cena wins WWE Championship Contract Ladder Match
  5. Tyson Kidd wins World Heavyweight Championship Contract Ladder Match






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