PIPE BOMB!: You’ve Got To Dig Crazy Wrestling Chicks

PIPE BOMB!: You’ve Got To Dig Crazy Wrestling Chicks

With Billy James

Through out the past two decades we have witness some of the greatest matches and moments that we wrestling fans will never forget. From CM Punk winning the WWE title as Money in the Bank 2011 or the end of WCW, these are moments we will remember. However as wrestling fans, there is one thing that us guys just love even if we won’t admit it and that’s the fact that we dig those “Crazy Wrestling Chicks” Whether it’s crazy women in the ring beating the living shit out of their opponents or just giving those crazy eyes, us guys just can’t just enough.

When you say “Crazy Wrestling Chick” AJ has been giving a whole new meaning to the words “Crazy Wrestling Chick” in the past several months. AJ started in late 2011 being the girlfriend of Daniel Bryan who became the World Heavyweight Champion at TLC. However after Wrestlemania 28 where Bryan lost the World Heavyweight title to Sheamus in 18 seconds did we start to AJ transform into a psychotic crazy chick. AJ would continue spiral downhill asBryantaunts AJ to the point that AJ snaps. Now AJ is involved herself with not only Bryan but also CM Punk and Kane. AJ’s crazy antics have included her skipping around the ring to face raping Kane. Some of the Divas have found out that the hard way that AJ has went off the deep end as AJ has attacked the likes of Katilyn, Vickie Guerrero and Layla. I laugh my ass when Kane of all people told AJ two weeks ago that even he finds her mentally unstable. We all know that Kane is the most mentally stable person either so that was funny of Kane to say that. Now AJ has totally went off the deep end when AJ interrupted that tag team main event where Punk and Bryan were going at in the ring and ignored AJ. AJ not happy being ignored, set up a table on the outside of the ring preparing to launch herself through the table. Both Bryan and Punk beg AJ not to jump but AJ shocks everyone by kissing Punk and then shoving Punk off the ring apron intoBryanwith both men going through the table as AJ smiles and shouting “Yes!” mockingBryan’s catchphrase. AJ then on last week’s Smackdown confuses everyone including both Punk and Bryan when she kissed both men. But on this past Monday’s RAW, AJ had her heart broken when Punk said no to AJ’s marriage proposal. AJ slapped Punk and then turn her attention toBryanand slapped him too. AJ has really taken “Crazy Chick” to a whole new level.

But before AJ, there were “Wrestling Crazy Chicks” running all over the wrestling scene. As a fan of Women’s Wrestling, I have seen a lot of “Crazy Chicks” over the years from WWE to WCW and TNA. While I could go and go about all of the “Wrestling Crazy Chicks”, I’m just going to talk about my favorite “Wrestling Crazy Chicks” and I’m going to start off with a “Crazy Chick” from the past; Ivory.

Ivory made her name in the WWE\WWF during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s as a vicious woman who beat her opponents senseless in hardcore matches defeating a “Crazy Chick” herself; the late Luna Vachon. Ivory would further cement her status as a “Crazy Chick” when Ivory joined the “Right to Censor” stable as the only female member of the group. To me, you have to be crazy to cover up a sexy body like that with those ugly white shirt and black pants. Fortunately for us, after Ivory lost the WWE Women’s title to Chyna at Wrestlemania 17, Ivory would go back to wearing her normal sexy ring attire. Ivory left the WWE in 2006 but will always be one of my favorite “Crazy Chicks”

Now there’s Tara AKA Victoria who crazy and zingy personality definitely puts her on my list “Crazy Chicks”.Victoriamade debut in 2002 feuding with Trish Stratus with Victoria defeating Trish for the WWE Women’s title at Survivor Series 2003 in a Hardcore match. Victoria would continue her crazy ways through out her years in the WWE including her famous match against Molly Holly at Wrestlemania 20 where she defeated Molly in a title vs. hair match which Victoria won and shaved Molly’s hair. Victoria would show her silly side during her WWE years especially during the Halloween season where she would wear some the most ridiculous costumes such as a Sumo Wrestler and a Banana. Victoria would leave the WWE in 2009 and would to TNA where she became know as Tara. Tara got even crazier as Tara carried her pet tarantula; Poison to her ring for all of her matches. Tara would go on to become a four time Knockouts title becoming the second woman to have held both the WWE Women’s and TNA Knockouts titles. Tara also has held the TNA Knockouts Tag Team title with Brooke Tessmacher and made history in the first TNA Knockouts First Blood match. One thing is sure about Tara and that’sTara is “No Lady To Mess With”.

If there’s any woman that puts the “Z” into “Crazy” then it’s “Zombie Hot” Daffney. Daffney started her crazy career in WCW as the mentally deranged girlfriend of David Flair and became the manager of both Flair and Crowbar. During her time in WCW, Daffney won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship when she pinned Crowbar by mistake. After leaving WCW, Daffney worked the Independent circuit wrestling for OVW, WEW and Shimmer before going to TNA. In TNA, Daffney first appeared as the “Governor” a spoof of Sarah Palin in feud with the Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky). After the feud with the Beautiful People ended; Daffney return to her crazy personality where she would earn the title “Zombie Hot” from TNA announcer Taz. Daffney would wrestle in the first Knockouts Monster’s Ball against Taylor Wilde and First Blood Match against Tara. Daffney would leave TNA after several injuries in 2011. Today, Daffney works behind the scenes for Shine Wrestling who will have their debut IPPV on July 20th. For me, I usually don’t care for women with lots of tattoos but Daffney is sexy hot for a Crazy Zombie Chick.

Long time wrestling fans will remember this “Crazy Wrestling Chick” who’s screams could drive you up the wall; Sensational Sherri. Most of us wrestling fans know Sherri from her loud screaming voice as she managed some the great wrestlers in the 90’s such as Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase.  Sherri also managed one of the greatest tag teams of the 90’s; Harlem Heat leading them to seven WCW Tag Team Championship reigns. During her time as a manager, Sherri had don’t problem getting physically involved in the matches of her men as she screamed at them while kicking their asses. However in 2007, Sherri died due to a drug overdose. While Sherri will be remember as a crazy woman manager, Sherri had one hell of a wrestling career as Sherri is the only woman to hold both the WWF & AWA Women’s titles.

Before I get to my top favorite “Crazy Wrestling Chick”; I couldn’t help but give a honorable mention to the “Crazy Wrestling Chick”; Mae Young. Mae Young has been involved in some of the craziest storylines ever in the WWE including winning the Miss Rumble 2000 swimsuit contest, kissing WWE Superstars, The Great Khali and The Rock, being power bomb from the entrance ramp by Bubba Ray Dudley and beating LayCool in a Falls Count Anywhere match. But the craziest thing that still shocks and makes wrestling fans laugh is when Mae Young gave birth to a hand. This was the climax to the Mark Henry\ Mae Young storyline where Mae said she was pregnant.

Now to my top favorite “Crazy Wrestling Chick” which anybody knows me then already knows who my pick is; Mickie James. Mickie James made her WWE debut in a big way as Mickie was introduced as Trish Stratus’s biggest fan. The storyline would go on with Mickie being obsess with Trish leading their famous kiss on Raw and to Mickie confessing her love for Trish. After Trish rejected Mickie, Mickie went off the deep end and vowed to destroy Trish. This storyline would climax as Wrestlemania 22 where Mickie defeat Trish, winning her first WWE Women’s title. Mickie would turn face later in 2006. Mickie would remain a face for the rest of her time in the WWE until Mickie was shockingly was release in 2010. Now in TNA, Mickie has quickly become one of the top faces in the TNA Knockouts division but has recently been showing signs of her “Psycho Mickie” personality returning which should be very interesting.

Well that my list of favorite “Crazy Wrestling Chicks”. I’m interested to see what’s going to happen at Money In The Bank with AJ being the Special Guest Referee for the WWE title match between WWE Champion CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. I’m sure AJ won’t fail to get our attention as we guys can’t get enough of those “Crazy Wrestling Chicks”.


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  1. Riggs says:

    When i think crazy chick always thought of Daffney n Victoria. Victoria n Stevie Richards running around on “Stevie Night Heat” was always great.

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