Andrew B’s Make Me A Superstar For 7/8/12

Welcome to Make Me a Superstar by Andrew B as we look at this week’s episode of Superstars. In the main event Zack Ryder will battle Jack Swagger. Plus one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston is in action. Plus Titus O’ Neil will take on Primo. So let’s begin now as we look at the good and bad from this week’s Superstars.

The Bad

  1. Kofi Kingston in a Squash Match:

Calm down Mayer Nation Kofi was not the one who got squashed he squashed a jobber on this week’s Superstars instead of facing real competition. In fact we should have seen Hunico & Camacho or Hawkins & Reks take on the Tag Champs as that would have been a real treat on Superstars. Superstars is supposed to be about the wrestling not squashes like we see on Raw.

  1. Who is Alex Riley Now?

I understand everyone can’t be pushed but it is a shame on how far Riley has dropped. This man defeated Miz on PPV & teamed with John Cena about a year ago and now he jobs on Superstars a lot. Riley is a good talent and should be pushed on television. It is a shame to hear about what Riley has become.

  1. Jack Swagger Has No Swagger:

If I told many new recent WWE fans that Swagger was a former World Heavyweight Champion they would laugh and take my lunch money, well he was but since WrestleMania 28 he has won only 1 TV Match. Sadly his bad luck continued as he lost to Ryder this week. At least they were given time and it was a good match that I would give *** out of 5.

The Good

  1. I Need Me Some AW & Millions of Dollars:

I can easily say I was a fan of the Abraham Washington Show on ECW and I was glad when he came back. The fact he has a live mic during the matches of the PTP makes them better as he brings humor and is better than Michael Cole or Jerry Lawler. Also Titus O’ Neil & Primo had a good match of the bigger man working over the smaller man with Primo rolling him up for the upset. It is nice they trade wins each win to keep the feud hot and keep it going.

  1. Antonio Cesaro Impresses Me:

I never really liked this guy and I never knew why but this week against Alex Riley he impressed me even though I am a Riley Fan. Plus his finisher is cool and I can see him with a bright future in WWE.

  1. The Ryder Revolution is Speeding Up:

Zack Ryder has had a pretty bad 2012 so far but it seems his push might be back after a win over Jack Swagger on this week’s Superstars and the battle royal win on SmackDown. The match made both men look good but of course giving Ryder the win make him looks better.

Match Results:

Primo defeated Titus O’Neil – ** ½ out of 5

Kofi Kingston defeated Rob Cabildo (Jobber) – * out of 5

Antonio Cesaro defeated Alex Riley – ** out of 5

Zack Ryder defeated Jack Swagger – *** out of 5

Overall: 5 out of 10


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31 year old wrestling fan and writer
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