Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 07-05-12

Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. It’s the final Impact Wrestling as we head into Destination X this Sunday. Who will be the final two men to qualify for the X Division Title Tournament? Will Austin Aries confront Bobby Roode before their title match at Destination X? What will AJ Styles have to say after Christopher Daniels last week accused AJ of being the father of “Claire’s” unborn baby? Will Bully Ray answer the challenge of Joseph Park tonight? So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Devon retains the TNA TV title defeating Crimson
Flip Cassanova pins Dakota Darsow in a X-Division Tournament Qualifier Match
TNT (Brooke Tessmacher & Tara) defeat Gail Kim & Madison Rayne
Kenny King pins Lars Only in a X-Division Tournament Qualifier Match
Jeff Hardy pins “The Cowboy” James Storm in a Bound for Glory Series Match

No Impact

Well, it’s the same old bitch again as we had another Bully Ray\Joseph Park segment tonight. Why is it necessary for TNA to keep shoving this feud down our throats. Bully Ray should be focusing on the Bound for Glory series instead dealing with this Joseph Park bullshit. I’m begging you TNA to end this damn feud next week. The Joseph Park thing was cute and fun at first but this thing has run its course and it’s time to end it TNA.

Major let down as TNA screws the pooch again with not following up on the big reveal that AJ Styles is the father of “Claire’s” baby. AJ was suppose to address the issue but comes out and half ass ignores it and never firmly says that he’s not the father. We get Christopher Daniels and Kazarian coming out with Daniels saying he has proof that AJ is the father but never shows it. Yes, we got a Last Man Standing match at Destination X between AJ and Daniels but still it would have been nice to have seen better follow up on the subject. Maybe we’ll get it next week on Impact Wrestling.

What the F#CK!?! Madison Rayne’s big secret crush this whole time was Earl Hebner. TNA waste all of our time with this stupid storyline because there’s no way that I’m buying that Madison is madly in love with Earl Hebner. Madison must have drunk some bad kool aid or something but I guess that I should be glad that it wasn’t Mickie James or Sarita with the crush on Earl Hebner.

High Impact

The X Division tournament continue this week with two more qualifying matches which were good matches especially Flip Cassanova vs. Dakota Darsow. Cassanova was amazing and Darsow showed how tough he is continuing to wrestle with a broken nose. Incase you didn’t know, Dakota Darsow is the son of Barry Darsow better known as Smash of Demolition or as Repo Man. While the second X Division match was good, I wasn’t impress with Lars Only. I don’t know why but I just wasn’t impress with Only and the name Lars Only sucks. Still these X Division matches makes me excited to see Destination X this Sunday.

After two week, Devon returns as he defeated the TNA TV title against Crimson. I’m glad that Mike Tenay explained the two week absence of Devon not defending the TV title. The match itself was ok but I love the fact that Devon defended the title against someone else besides Robbie E. Also I like that the match ended with no inference which was refreshing. Hopefully Devon will keep facing new opponents every week.

The Knockouts were back in action this week as TNT (Tara & Brooke Tessmacher) reunited to take on Gail Kim and Madison Rayne in a tag team match. Originally it was suppose to be a rematch for the TNA Knockouts title but for some reason TNA decided to have the title match next week and have this match instead. I love the chemistry between Tara and Brooke plus the fact that Brooke thank Tara for helping her work her way to becoming the TNA Knockouts Champion. The match itself was good and I loved the ending with the Widow’s Peak followed up by Brooke’s Tess Shocker. I can’t wait for the Gail vs. Brooke next week for the TNA Knockouts title.

James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy was amazing and the best match so far in the Bound for Glory series. I just loved how Hardy and Storm kept countering each other’s moves during the match.  That was a hard Twist of Fate that Hardy deliver on Storm which Storm did a great job selling. I was surprise that Hardy got the win but that’s good because it makes the Bound for Glory series more important and real as we all know that James Storm is going to win the series. It’s just good to see that TNA is making it going to be a close series.

While either one wrestled tonight, Austin Aries and Booby Roode stolen that show again with the two promos segments involving the two. Roode really got heat during the Chris Sabin segment as Roode belittling Sabin and the entire X Division. Aries didn’t miss a beat confronting Roode twice chasing Roode off both times. I can’t wait to see Aries vs. Roode at Destination X.

Show Rating: 8 3/4 out of 10

Final Thoughts

Well, this was a great show and an excellent way to lead into Destination X. I think that the show was a good mixture of promos and matches. We had five matches which all ended in clean finishes and decent action. I like that the X Division is getting attention that they rightfully deserve and that we’re getting to see fresh faces in the X Division. Next week is going to be even more interesting as TNA will be on for 3 hours next week.

Star of the Night: Jeff Hardy & James Storm

Bound for Glory Series Scoreboard

“The Cowboy” James Storm: 36 Points
Samoa Joe: 27 Point
Jeff Hardy: 21 Points
Kurt Angle: 20 Points
Magnus: 14 Points
Mr. Anderson: 9 Points
D’Angelo Dinero: 7 Points
Rob Van Dam: 9 Points
Christopher Daniels: 5 Points
AJ Styles: 0 Points
Bully Ray: 0 Points
Robbie E.: 0 Points

Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly PIPE BOMB! And Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

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