Jillian Pfeifer: Laying The Smackdown For 6/29

Welcome to another edition of Laying the Smackdown! This week’s main event is a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship. We will also have MITB qualifying matches. Well, let’s get to the Top Picks for Smackdown this week!


Match Results


  1. Damien Sandow defeats Zack Ryder (MITB Qualifier)
  2. Layla defeats AJ
  3. Tyson Kidd defeats Jack Swagger (MITB Qualifier)
  4. Santino Marella and Christian defeat Cody Rhodes and David Otunga (MITB Qualifier)\
  5. Ryback defeats two jobbers
  6. Tensai defeats Justin Gabriel (MITB Qualifier)
  7. Sheamus defeats Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio to retain World Heavyweight Championship


Top Picks for the Week

  1. Interim GM Vickie Guerrero Announces MITB Qualifying Matches for This Week and Next


This week we had 4 MITB qualifying matches. Damien Sandow, Tyson Kidd, Santino Marella, Christian, and Tensai all won their respective matches to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship MITB match. The matches were pretty good, but the upset of the week came when Tyson Kidd qualified because he really has not been seen on Smackdown at all. Maybe he will finally get a push into mid-card and we can see him every week. Ever since Jack Swagger was dropped by Guerrero as a client, Swagger hasn’t been doing too well. I can’t wait to see who else will qualify for the MITB match next week!


  1. Teddy Long Announced as Next Week’s Raw and Smackdown Interim GM

During a backstage segment with Antonio Cesaro and Aksana, Teddy Long announced that he is next week’s Raw and Smackdown GM. I predict a lot of tag team matches next week. Long also announced a mixed tag team match for next week. Antonio Cesaro and Aksana will face Layla and The Great Khali.


  1. AJ Announced as Special Guest Ref for Punk vs. Bryan at MITB


In the first match of the night, Layla took on AJ. During the match, Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he does his lap around the ring. This distracts AJ and Layla rolls her up for the win. After, Vickie comes out and is annoyed by Bryan’s YESing. Bryan demands that AJ be banned from ringside for his match against Punk at MITB. Guerrero says that there was a poll on WWE.com for AJ’s role during the Punk/Bryan match at MITB. It is announced that AJ will be the Special Guest Referee for the match! I predict that AJ will cost Bryan the match and help Punk out.


  1. Cody Rhodes files Protest against WWE Board of Directors


Cody Rhodes was in a tag team match with David Otunga for a chance to be in the MITB match. He and Otunga lost, so they both did not qualify. Rhodes believes that since he was not the one who was pinned, he should still have another opportunity to qualify for MITB. I believe that he should, just because I predict that he will have a great chance of winning the match. Rhodes needs a push into main event status and fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship.


  1. Sheamus Retains Title Against Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio

During the main event, the match had a lot of near falls. Del Rio hits a DDT on Sheamus, while Sheamus hit the White Noise on Ziggler. Del Rio and Ziggler teamed up against Sheamus for parts of the match. The match ended with Sheamus hitting the Brogue Kick on Ziggler while Ziggler had Del Rio rolled up and sending Del Rio over the top rope. I predict that this will be a match at MITB with Sheamus retaining yet again.


This week’s Smackdown was pretty good. The matches had some meat to them and were quality. I am giving Smackdown an 8 for this week. Next week’s Smackdown is live on Tuesday and is being billed as “The Great American Bash”. We will see more MITB qualifying matches and I will give predictions on who will win the match. Have a safe 4th of July everyone and I will see ya’ll next week for another edition of Laying the Smackdown! God Bless America!


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