Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind: TNA Genesis 2006

Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind

With Andrew B.

Welcome to another Wrestling Rewind as this time we go back to the year 2006 as TNA held Genesis in the month of November. The event will feature the first TNA PPV match for Kurt Angle as he battles the Undefeated Samoa Joe. Plus AJ Styles will battle Christian. Sting will defend his World Heavyweight Title against Abyss. So let’s begin now with TNA Genesis 2006.

The show opens up with a highlights package of all the big events leading up to the pay per view. Don West and Mike Tenay welcome us to the event from the Impact Zone.

Match 1: VKM vs. Kaz, Johnny Devine and Matt Bentley in a 2 on 3 handicap match:

BG James and Bentley start off with BG in control. Kaz and Devine come in to attack BG to give their team the control. Bentley tags in Devine who hits BG with a Kendo stick while Kaz distracts the ref. Devine is working on BG while the crowd chants VKM. BG makes the hot tag to Kip who takes out all 3 of his opponents. He then hits a pedigree on Bentley and then tunes up the band and hits a power slam on Devine for the win in four minutes.

After the match VKM grabs a mic and declares war on WWE. After that Raven comes out and takes out his anger on Devine for getting pinned with a kendo stick.

Winners: VKM

Match Rating * ½ out of 5

After the match West and Tenay run down the card for the PPV.

Match 2: Naturals vs. Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt:

Naturals attack Lethal and Dutt when they were not paying attention. Lethal and Dutt end up taking control and then going flying outside on The Naturals. Ref gains control with Lethal taking it to Chase Stevens in the ring. Stevens hits Lethal with a low blow and tags in Andy Douglas. The Naturals make quick tags and work on Lethal. Andy Douglas jumps off the top rope and Lethal counters it as the crowd is behind Lethal. Lethal then makes the hot tag to Dutt and takes out both Naturals. Lethal then hits the Lethal Combination on Stevens. Dutt goes to the top rope but Shane Douglas him and Stevens hits a power bomb on Dutt for the win.

Winners:  The Naturals

Match Rating: ** ½ out of 5

After we head backstage where LAX says they will retain their tag title tonight and then burn the American Flag. Then we get a video package for the next match.

Match 3: Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Title:

Sabin is the heel is out first then Daniels. Daniels starts off in control as the crowd is split. Sabin then slaps Daniels in the face and Sabin takes control. Sabin then pokes Daniels in the eyes but runs into a hip toss. Sabin then rolls out of the ring and dropkicks Daniels out of the ring. He goes flying on Daniels. He then dropped him on the guardrail and rolls him in the ting for a 2 count. Sabin then hits the hesitation dropkick and gets a 2 count. He then grabs a chair but AJ Styles run downs and takes it away. Sabin then turns around and Daniels hits him with a flying cross body. Daniels pins him for a 2 count. Sabin then fights back and hits a springboard DDT. Daniels then fights back and hits the BME. He pins Sabin but only gets a 2 count. After he goes for the Angel’s Wins but Sabin reversed it into the cradle shock. He hits it and pins Daniels for a two count. Daniels then rolls up Sabin out of nowhere for a 3 count after 13 minutes.

After the match Sabin grabs a chair but Jerry Lynn pulls it away and makes Daniels and Sabin shake hands. They do but Sabin hits the cradle shock on Daniels after and walks off.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Match Rating: *** ½ out of 5

Match 4: Lance Hoyt & Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. Austin Starr & Alex Shelley:

Shelley & Starr are out first then Killings and Hoyt. Kevin Nash is at the announcer’s table. Truth and Shelley start off with Shelley in control. Truth then regains control and Shelley tags in Starr and Truth tags in Hoyt. Hoyt overpowers Starr and Shelley and gets a few near falls. Hoyt goes to the top rope but gets hung up and then Shelley gets tagged in and he and Starr hit a double neck breaker on Hoyt. Starr and Shelley make quick tags working on Hoyt’s legs. Hoyt fights back and tag in Truth and Truth is in control. Shelley goes to kick Truth but ends up hitting Starr. Starr then gets up and throws Truth outside the ring. He then hits Truth with a suicide dive. Shelley then hits Hoyt with a frog splash but Hoyt rolls him up for the 3 count after 11 minutes.

Winners: Lance Hoyt & Ron Killings

Match Rating: * out of 5

Match 5: AJ Styles vs. “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage:

AJ is out first then Cage. The match starts off slow with a flow headlocks and takedowns. Then AJ slaps Christian in the face and takes control, which speeds things up. Crowd sounds split as AJ gets a one count on Cage. Christian goes for the Unprettier early but AJ counters it and Cage rolls outside. AJ then chases him outside and then back into the ring. Christian takes control but gets thrown outside and AJ hits him with a cross body. Christian rolls him back in the ring and works on the legs. He hits a backbreaker on AJ and gets 2. AJ pops up at hits a hurricanrana only for Cage to pop up and nail AJ with a clothesline. AJ then fights back and goes for a frog splash buts misses. Christian then goes to the top rope but AJ climbs up with him and hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. Both men get up at the same time only for Christian to hit a spear on AJ. He pins AJ for a 2. Christian then goes for the Unprettier but AJ reverses it in the Styles Clash. Cage fights it off and gets hit with the Pele. AJ pins him for a 2 count. Cage then hits AJ with a sit-down power bomb. Cage then goes to get a chair but Daniels comes out to take it away and they fight for the chair. AJ then tries to roll up Cage but he can’t because he is holding the chair. Cage then drops on AJ and gets a 3 count in 16 minutes.

After Styles and Daniels are argue and Lethal & Dutt come out to calm them down. Then Rhino comes out and tells them not to argue because they are friends and then AJ just walks away.

Winner: Christian Cage

Match Rating: **** out of 5

Match 6: LAX vs. AMW for the TNA Tag Team Titles:

AMW comes out first with Gail Kim then LAX with Konnan. The match starts out as a brawl outside the ring with AMW then standing tall in the ring. In the ring LAZ works on Chris Harris but he fights back hitting Homicide with a spinebuster and then tags in James Storm. Storm then works on both members of LAX. Hernandez then overpowers AMW. Hernandez then hits Storm with a sit-down power bomb and Homicide hits him with a frog splash. Harris then goes to throws Hernandez out of the ring but he reverses it. AMW then hits Homicide with the death sentence. They pin him and Konnan distracts the ref and Hernandez hits AMW with a blow torch. Homicide then pins Harris for the win after 9 minutes.

After the match LAX bullies Gail Kim until Petey Williams saves her with a lead pipe. After Jim Cornette comes out and talks about LAX trying to burn the American Flag. He then strips them of the tag titles.

Winners: LAX Retains the Tag Team Titles

Match Rating: ** out of 5

We then get a video package for the world title match.

Match 7: Abyss vs. Sting for the World Title:

Abyss is out first then Sting. They brawl outside the ring and then go inside the ring. Sting hits Abyss with the bat and Abyss rolls outside. He then hits Abyss with a cross body. They then fight in the crowd but make their way back into the ring. Abyss then throws Sting into the guardrail and hits him with a chair. Abyss then sets up tables with barbwire on top by the entrance. He goes to put String through them but James Mitchell tells him not to. They then fight down the ramp and back into the ring. Sting then hits Abyss with 3 Stinger splashes and pins Abyss for a one count. The crowd is behind Sting as he goes for another Splash but gets hit with a big boot. Abyss then brings in the bag of thumb tacks. Sting then puts Abyss in the scorpion death lock but Abyss grabs the rope. Sting then grabs the belt but runs into a black hole slam. Abyss pins Sting for a 2. Abyss then goes to chokeslam Sting but Sting fights out and bumps into the ref. Sting then hits Abyss with the bat and a scorpion death drop. He then goes to pin him but Mitchell pulls the ref out. Abyss then choke slams Sting into the tacks. He pins Sting but only gets a 2. Sting then drops Abyss into the tacks and locks in the scorpion death lock. Abyss is tapping out but the ref is distracted by the ref. Sting then hits Abyss with a chair and puts the scorpion death lock on Mitchell. Then they go outside and Sting hangs Abyss upside down and hits him with a chair multiple times. They then go up the ramp and Sting goes to put Abyss through the barbwire tables but the ref tells him no and he does it anyway. Sting then pushes the ref. The ref ends the match and declares Abyss the winner by DQ.

Winner: Abyss Wins the TNA World Title & the Match by DQ

Match Rating: ** ½ out of 5

Main Event: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle:

Joe is out first then Angle. Kurt pushes Joe into the corner and then connects with a takedown. Joe then fights back and then Angle hits him with a belly to belly. Kurt then clotheslines Joe outside of the ring and then Joe grabs Kurt’s legs and slams him into the guardrail. Joe then throws Kurt into the ring and pins him for a 2. He then uppercuts Joe and throws him into the corner. He then runs into the corner but Joe moves and hits the ring post shoulder first. Angle rolls outside of the ring and Joe hits him with a suicide dive. Joe then tosses Angle into the steps. Joe enters the ring then a bloody Angle. Joe then takes control with head butts as the crowd cheers for Angle. Kurt then fights back with uppercuts but Joe hits him with a back breaker. He pins Angle for a two count. Joe then puts Angle on the top rope but Kurt hits Joe with a tornado DDT. He pins Joe for a 2. Angle then hits Joe with 3 German suplexes. He pins Joe for a 2 and then goes for the Angle Slam. Joe counters it though and hits Kurt with the muscle buster. He pins Kurt for a 2. Angle then hits Joe with the Angle slam and gets a 2 count. Kurt then takes the straps down and puts the ankle lock on Joe but Joe counters it into a chokehold. Angle then reverses that into the Ankle Lock and Joe taps out after 14 minutes.

After the match Joe calls Angle backs and ask for a rematch but Kurt says NO and walks off. Joe then says he will get his rematch anyway.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Match Rating: **** ½ out of 5

Here is the link to this great match:

Overall: A decent TNA PPV. The best matches were AJ vs. Cage, Daniels vs. Sabin and of course the main event. I also recommend the Abyss vs. Sting match if you are a hardcore fan. I did not like the finish of Sting vs. Abyss though as losing the title by DQ makes the title look bad. There were matches like Hoyt & Killings vs. Shelley and Starr & the opener that did not have to be on the card. The X Division Tag Match was good for the time they got. The Tag Title Match was a letdown to me considering the teams in there.

Rating for TNA Genesis 2006: 6 out of 10

Well there you have another Wrestling Rewind to be talked about in the whole Mayer Nation but until Next Time Don’t Get Caught Cheating with your Boss.

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