Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 06-28-12

Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. After the big reveal that Dixie Carter and AJ Styles were not having an affair; how will Christopher Daniels and Kazarian respond as they get their rematch against AJ and Kurt Angle for the TNA Tag Team titles. The Bound for Glory series continues tonight as we are on the road to Bound for Glory. Now that Austin Aries is vacating the X Division title, how will TNA crown a new TNA X Division Champion? Last week, Gut Check contender; Taeler Hendrix wrestled Tara in a Gut Check match hoping to earn a TNA contract. Tonight, Taeler finds out if she gets a TNA contract as the Gut Check judges make their votes. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


RVD pins Mr. Anderson

X-Division Tournament Qualifier: Sonjay Dutt defeats Rubix

Samoa Joe defeats Bully Ray by submission

X-Division Tournament Qualifier: Rashad Cameron pins Mason Andrews

Kazarian & Daniels defeat Kurt Angle & AJ Styles to become the new TNA Tag Team Champions.


No Impact

TNA, how many F@CKING! Times do I have to tell you that we’re sick of seeing this damn feud between Joseph Park and Bully Ray? What’s the point of having Bully Ray in the Bound for Glory series only have Joseph Park AKA Abyss interfering in Bully Ray’s matches? I’m begging you to end this feud now and let Bully Ray move on to a better feud. Hell at this point, I wouldn’t mind a feud between Bully Ray and Eric Young and that’s bad but anything is better than this damn Joseph Park vs. Bully Ray feud.

What the Hell! TNA, no Knockouts match this week? It’s been proven time and time again that the Knockouts are one of segments that gets high ratings. It makes no sense not to have at least one Knockouts match. Yes, I know that the Knockouts were on last night but the Madison Rayne segment sucked and was just stupid. Madison is not a bad wrestler but this storyline isn’t for her. Again Brooke Hogan was on my TV again and anytime Brooke Hogan is on TV, it’s a bad thing. The only two good things coming out of this segment is that Gail will face Brooke Tessmacher next week in a rematch for the TNA Knockouts title and that Brooke Tessmacher appears to be the new spokes person for Direct Auto Insurance which is pretty cool opportunity for a female wrestler.

For the second week in a row, the TNA TV title was not defended on Impact Wrestling. Wow, it didn’t TNA long to back peddle on their promise that the TV title would be defended every week on Impact Wrestling which as first Devon was doing just that. Now it looks like TNA just doesn’t care about the title. Yes I know that the big focus is on the Bound for Glory series but still there should a TV title match on the show.

I just don’t get why TNA would put the TNA Tag Team titles on Kurt Angle and AJ Styles only to put the titles back on Christopher Daniels and Kazarian two weeks later. Don’t get me wrong because the match was damn good and the tension between Daniels and Kazarian was well done. I have no problem with the way the match ended but I just feel that having Angle and Styles loosing the titles in their first title defense makes them look weak as a tag team. I’m sure we’ll see a rematch down the road for sure.


High Impact

Tonight, we got two Bound for Glory series matches which were both pretty good matches. It was nice for TNA to see that ten minute time limits were not going to work and change it to 15 minutes. RVD and Anderson put on a damn good match and I think it was the right idea for RVD to win this match and get on the board with seven points. It was also nice to see Samoa Joe face off against Bully Ray as they beat the shit out of each other. I’m glad that Joe is being booked better than he was in last year’s Bound for Glory series. Next week should be very interesting as “the Cowboy” James Storm faces Jeff Hardy in a Bound for glory series match.

Now that Austin Aries is vacating the TNA X Division title in order to challenge Bobby Roode for TNA World Heavyweight Championship, the question has been what will happen to the X Division title. Well we got our answer as Aries informed everyone that there will be a tournament to crown a new X Division Champion. We had two qualify matches with the return of Sonjay Dutt who was off the hook and looks like he could carry the X Division. I wonder if Sonjay will any interaction with So Cal Val as years back Dutt ruin Val’s on screen wedding to Jay Lethal as Val left Lethal for Dutt. Is TNA going to put a WWE on us and we’re not suppose to remember that this even happen? I sure hope not. Don’t be surprise if Xema Ion is in the tournament too, I think that it will come down to Dutt and Ion in the finals with Dutt being the new X Division but we’ll see if I’m right at Destination X.

During the Gut Check segment, Joey Ryan showed up ring side to egg on Taz and Al Snow and caused quite scene. To me, it was well done as you couldn’t tell whether this was a work or real. Is it possible that we’re going to see Taz come out of retirement to face Ryan? It could happen and it looks like that is what TNA is teasing. As to Taeler Hendrix, I was surprised that Taeler got the votes she needed to get a TNA contract. Like I said last week, I thought that Taeler was a little green in the ring but no worse than Rosita was when Rosita first started wrestling in TNA. I think that Taeler has a great future but teaming her with veteran Knockout as Brooke Tessmacher did with Tara will help Taeler improve more quickly.

Last week I gave the big reveal to the Dixie Carter\AJ Styles affair a “No Impact” because I felt it was a big let down for TNA to bring in the “Claire” character who could be a worst actress than Dixie. However TNA used logical, (Did I just say “logical”? Wow imagine that, a wrestling company actually using logical to explain a storyline.) Also with the uncensored version of the phone call between Dixie and AJ uses even more logical. However, Christopher Daniels drops a bomb by announcing that “Pregnant Claire’s” baby daddy is AJ. Interesting twist that sort of makes up for the big let down from last week but there’s one big question that TNA failed to explain to my satisfaction and that why did Dixie’s husband; Serg knock out AJ? Surely Serg knew about “Claire’s” situation and that Dixie and AJ were helping her. Maybe I’m over analyzing this but I feel that TNA needs to explain this loop hole in the storyline.

 Show Rating: 7 out of 10

Final Thoughts

Ok, this Impact Wrestling is slightly down from last week but still over all, a damn good show. We got five quality matches including two damn good X Division matches and an awesome main event The return of Joey Ryan in the crowd and arguing with Taz and Al Snow added more realism to the show. The majority of the promo were good with the Austin Aries\Bobby Roode promo being the best on the show. Next week looks to be great with Storm vs. Hardy and the rematch from Slammiversary; Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher for the TNA Knockouts title.

 Star of the Night: Sonjay Dutt


Bound for Glory Series Scoreboard

 “The Cowboy” James Storm: 36 Points

Samoa Joe: 27 Points

Kurt Angle: 10 Points

Mr. Anderson: 9 Points

D’Angelo Dinero: 7 Points

 Jeff Hardy: 7 Points

Magnus: 7 Points

Rob Van Dam: 7 Points

Christopher Daniels: 5 Points

AJ Styles: 0 Points

Bully Ray: 0 Points

Robbie E.: 0 Points

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