PIPE BOMB!: Brooke Tessmacher’s Win Is Sarita’s Opportunity

PIPE BOMB!: Brooke Tessmacher’s Win Is Sarita’s Opportunity

With Billy James

At the TNA Slammivesary PPV; Brooke Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim to become the new TNA Knockouts Champions ending Gail’s 210 day reign. With Brooke’s win; brings fresh feuds and challengers for the new Knockouts Champion. Brooke could face challenges from former Knockouts Champions like ODB, Angelina Love, Winter,Tara, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and Mickie James. However there is one Knockout who has not had the opportunity to challenge for the Knockouts Championship and her name is Sarita.

Sarita first debuted in July 2009 on Impact where she defeated Alissa Flash. Sarita would then go on to team up with Taylor Wilde where they would go on to become the first TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. When I first saw Sarita on TNA Impact, I thought she was good wrestler but her character was bland. However in July 2010, shortly after loosing the Knockouts Tag Team titles; Sarita would turn heel and that’s when I really began to like Sarita.

In 2010, Sarita would feud with Taylor Wilde including defeating Wilde in a Street Fight. However Sarita would sit out a month and a half due to a torn triceps. Sarita returned from the injury and defeated Daffney in her first match back. Sarita would then feud with Velvet Sky in several matches, one of which was a Strap Match. During this time, Sarita defended then Knockouts Champion; Madison Rayne in a non title match but never got a title shot.

2011 would see Sarita team with her on screen cousin; Rosita where they would go on to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Team titles by beating Angelina Love and Winter at Victory Road 2011. Sarita and Rosita would hold the titles for 121 days before loosing the titles to Tara and Brooke Tessmacher. Sarita would spend the rest of 2011 and early part of 2012 challenging along with Rosita for the Knockouts Tag Team titles but with no success.

In early July 2011, Sarita also went through some different times when Sarita suffered from facial paralysis. Sarita would return to action just a few weeks later wearing a protection mask. In November 2011, during a match in CMLL; Sarita would suffer an injury when she slipped from the top rope to the arena floor. Fortunately, Sarita was not seriously injured.

In my opinion, 2011 proved the character and personal strengthes of Sarita as a wrestler and as a person. First to suffer facial paralysis and to be back wrestling just a few weeks later just shows the courage and dedication Sarita has. Sarita was extremely lucky not to have suffered a serious injury during the CMLL match last November. Sarita could have broken her neck as Sarita landed face first on the area floor and the floor had no padding. Sarita could have broken her neck or worse from that fall. (Here’s a link to see the fall as it would happen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol8nWeB_BU8) To the testament of Sarita’s toughness, despite some bumps and bruises; Sarita competed in the CMLL’s annual bodybuilding competition and won it for the sixth year in a row.

But what is even more important is the character of Sarita. In Professional Wrestling, wrestlers portray themselves as face or heels and sometimes switches between the two through out their careers. However what we see on TV and at shows are characters and sometimes some wrestlers turn out to be real jerks in real life but that’s not the case with Sarita. I had the chance to meet Sarita at a live TNA house show in Pensacola,Florida back in February 2011. I talk briefly to Sarita backstage during intermission and was surprised and amazed that she actually had seen my sign. Sarita was very approachable and took time to pose with me for a picture which is below. On this house show, Sarita took on Angelina Love in a match which Sarita lost but showed that she’s just as good live in person as she is on TV. Just look at the picture below where Sarita has Angelina in a modified backbreaker.

Bottom line is that Sarita is one of the best skilled female wrestlers who is not just a beautiful woman but tough and with a true passion for wrestling. So whether Sarita is “Salsa Shaking” her way to the ring or kicking ass in the ring, Sarita deserves a title shot for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Sarita more than deserves the opportunity to be the Knockouts Champion. If by some miracle, Sarita happens to read this; thank you for the sacrifices that you make in order to entertain and amaze us wrestling fans. Can’t wait to see you wrestle again at another TNA live event, hopefully as the TNA Knockouts Champion.


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