Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 06-21-12

Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. It’s Open Fight Night and it’s also the Bound for Glory series as anyone in the Bound for Glory series can challenge the other. Tonight, Dixie Carter and AJ Styles will reveal their big secret. What is the big secret and what will be Christopher Daniels and Kazarian’s reaction? Also it’s Gut Check as Taeler Hendrix gets a chance to earn a TNA contract. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


 Mr. Anderson pins Christopher Daniels

Kurt Angle defeats Robbie E. by submission

Magnus pins AJ Styles

TNA Gut Check: Tara pins Taeler Hendrix

“The Cowboy” James Storm pins Samoa Joe

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero pins Bully Ray

Brooke Tessmacher pins Mickie James to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship

Jeff Hardy pins Rob Van Dam

 No Impact

Come TNA, stop with the damn Bully Ray\Abyss feud as you have done it before and it’s getting boring. Bully Ray is your second top heel and he should be used much better than this. Have Bully Ray feud with Devon over the TNA TV title or give Bully Ray a bigger role in the Bound for Glory series. I just hate to see Bully Ray having to be stuck in a boring feud. I’m not a fan of Bully Ray but I respect how he went from being a Tag Team wrestler to a top level heel singles wrestler.

IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) also complains about TNA and I’m usually the first to stand up for TNA but even I have to say “What The F@ck TNA!”  TNA had a major storyline with Dixie Carter and AJ Styles where Daniels and Kazarian accuse Dixie and AJ of having an affair. The big secret was revealed to be that AJ and Dixie were helping out a pregnant woman with addiction problems. To me this was a big let down as TNA had a great storyline with an affair between Dixie and AJ and could have went further with it. TNA really screwed the pooch on this one.

No follow up on the beat down of Sting by the three mask men at the end of last week’s Impact Wrestling. I didn’t like Hulk Hogan’s excuse that he doesn’t want these three mask men get anymore publicity. I wanted to know more as to who these mask men are. Why even do this angle if you’re not going to follow up with it the next week. Weak TNA, Weak.

High Impact

Last week I had the idea of Austin Aries just dropping the TNA X Division title in order to get a title shot for the TNA World Heavyweight title a No Impact. Well, I guess someone in TNA management reads “Making An Impact” because did they come up with an interesting twist. I like the idea of the X Division Champions in the future to have an opportunity to vacate the X Division title for a TNA title shot at Destination X as I feels that this makes the X Division title even more valuable. This reminds me of the times back in the NWA Jim Crockett Promotions days where the NWA United States Champion was consider to be the Number #1 contender to the World Heavyweight title.

Eight matches this week on Impact Wrestling with no commercials during all of the matches. It’s nice to see that matches were not interrupted and I thought TNA did a great job pulling off the timing on these matches considering that Impact Wrestling was live. All the matches were good with only a few promos which was good in my opinion.

The Bound for Glory series is in full swing as we saw all 12 men wrestle each other in six matches as part of Open Fight Night which made the pairing ups interesting. I didn’t have a problem with Robbie E. getting squashed by Kurt Angle. I think Robbie E. is not a bad wrestler and I have met Robbie and he’s a nice guy but I’m not a fan of his character. I really don’t feel that Robbie should be in the Bound for Glory series. I was surprised to see guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Bully Ray suffer losts this early in the series. We still know who’s going to win but these three guys I expected to be up in the score board. Speaking of score board. This week and for the rest of the Bound for Glory series, the Bound for Glory series score board will listed at the bottom of the “Making An Impact” reviews.

Gut Check was very interesting as a Knockout hopeful; Taeler Hendrix got her chance to earn a TNA contract as she wrestled Knockout veteran; Tara. I thought Taeler had a good match against Tara. Yes, Taeler did look a tad green in the ring but no less than Rosita did when Rosita first debut in TNA. I’ve read  lot of comments on different web sites saying that Taeler is too green but I disagree with that. I did a little research on Taeler and watched a few of her matches on the web including matches with Sara Del Rey and Awesome Kong. Also Taeler has held the OVW Women’s Championship one time which was the forth longest reign in the title’s history. I say give Taeler Hendrix a TNA contract.

Brooke Tessmacher had first title defense and since it was Open Fight Night, Brooke Hogan picked Brooke’s opponent. I’m glad that Brooke Hogan wasn’t on TV that long. Madison Rayne, ODB, Velvet Sky and Mickie James each gave arguments as to why they should get the title shot against Brooke Tessmacher. I love it when Mickie pointed out that she’s the greatest female wrestler in the world as she has held every major title known to women kind.  In the end Mickie got the title shot against Brooke Tessmacher and oh what a match it was. Mickie really showed an aggressive side during the match busting out some submission moves. I thought Brooke had awesome outing in her first title defense and Brooke had very good chemistry in the ring with Mickie. I loved Mickie’s facial expression after the match. It looks like TNA maybe turning Mickie heel which at first I thought was a bad idea but now that I think about it; Bad Girls are more fun anyway.

Show Rating: 8 3/4 out of 10


Final Thoughts

Well, this was the best Impact Wrestling so far since they’ve gone live. All of the matches for the mostpart were good despite being short matches. No commercials interrupted the matches  which was cool and very rare. I just love the fact that we got two Knockouts matches including the Knockouts title being defended. I guess my biggest complain was the big let down in revealing AJ and Dixie’s big secret, TNA could have done a much better job. Still this was the best Impact Wrestling so far being live and I hope that TNA can keep it up.


Star of the Night: TNA Roster on the show


Bound for Glory Series Scoreboard

 “The Cowboy” James Storm: 27 Points

Kurt Angle: 10 PointD’Angelo Dinero: 7 Points

 Jeff Hardy: 7 Points

Magnus: 7 Points

 Mr. Anderson: 7 Points

AJ Styles: 0 Points

Bully Ray: 0 Points

Christopher Daniels: 0 Points

Robbie E.: 0 Points

Rob Van Dam: 0 Points

Samoa Joe: 0 Points

Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly PIPE BOMB! And Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

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