Andrew B: Make Me A Superstar For 6/14/12

Welcome to the first Superstars Review from ME, Andrew B. This week we have three matches as our main event will be Hunico vs. Justin Gabriel. Plus The Usos will battle the Prime Time Players. Also Long Island’s Zack Ryder will be in our opening bout. Let’s begin as I look at the Good & Bad of this week’s Superstars.


The Good

  1. Zack Ryder Gets a Win:

I know I am biased because I am a Long Islander but it is nice to see Ryder get the win after losing to Jack Swagger last week. The fact that he defeated Michael McGillicutty is nothing special but as I was always told a win is a win WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT.

  1. Matches Get More Time Then Raw or SmackDown:

This week Raw was three hours & they had 8 matches with the longest match being about 12 minutes. All off the other matches were under 7 minutes except for Sheamus vs. Tensai but on Superstars this week we had three matches & they were all over 10 minutes. In fact the main event got about 15 minutes of action and as you know hardly ever is a match on Raw or SmackDown over 10 minutes. The shortest match which was 10 minutes is still longer then a Ryback Match on SmackDown.

  1. The Tag Team Wrestling in WWE is Coming Back:

I remember as a kid in the early 2000’s the tag team Division was great but as the 2000’s rolled on the Division got worst even last year it was not that good but now it is starting to come back. This week on Superstars we have a tag team match between The Usos & the Prime Time Players. They got about 10 minutes and we Titus & Darren win because they have Millions of Dollars

  1. Solid Main Events:

This week on Raw & SmackDown just like most weeks the shows ended in promos but on Superstars our main event is a match that went 15 between Justin Gabriel & Hunico. The match showed me how impressive Hunico can be & that Gabriel is fully healed after his injury. This is a match that I would give *** ½ and that you should check out.


The Bad

  1. Why is this Talent Not on TV?

Watching Superstars showed me that either this show needs to be on TV or that this talent needs to be on TV and not just for squash matches. Zack Ryder who was getting a pushed late last year and early this year has been on Superstars recently & should be on Raw where he belongs. Justin Gabriel & Hunico are great talents that would be great in a cruiserweight division. Plus The Usos & Prime Time Players can go on TV and show that Tag Team Wrestling still matters. Mike McGillicutty can stay on Superstars though because I don’t like him or find him all that impressive.

  1. Superstars Should be on Television:

If you are into Wrestling & not promos and the dumb crap like Raw then Superstars is a show for you. This show should be on television like it used to be because it was an enjoyable Thursday Night show before TNA.


Match Ratings:

Zack Ryder vs. Michael McGillicutty: ** ¼

The Usos vs. the Prime Time Players: ** ½

Hunico vs. Justin Gabriel: *** ¾

Rating for this Weeks Superstars: 6 out of 10


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31 year old wrestling fan and writer
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