Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 06-14-12

Making An Impact

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with the fallout from Impact Wrestling. We’re coming off of Slammivesary and tonight Bobby Roode defends the TNA title against the new Number # 1 Contender; Mr. Anderson. Tonight also starts the road to Bound for Glory as the Bound for Glory Series starts to determine who will face the TNA World Heavyweight Champion as Bound for Glory. Sting will speak tonight about being the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


Austin Aries defeats Chris Sabin and Zema Ion in Ultimate X to retain the X Division title

Devon defeats Hernandez retaining the TNA TV title

“The Cowboy” James Storm wins the Bound for Glory Series Gauntlet Match

Brooke Tessmacher beats Madison Rayne

Bobby Roode makes Mr. Anderson submit to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Champion

No Impact

The Devon vs. Hernandez match was ok and it was nice to see the match end with a clean finish for a change but the match was boring. Hernandez didn’t seem to be on his game during this match. I think that Hernandez had been wrestling as a Tag Team wrestler and that he just used to tagging out during a match. There was one other good thing about this match and that is the fact that Robbie E. didn’t interfere in the match.

I find the idea of Hulk Hogan suggesting that Austin Aries just give up the X Division title in order to wrestle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to be ridiculous. Why should Aries have to give up the X Division title in order to go after the TNA title? Why not just let Aries wrestle for the TNA title and if he wins the title then TNA can vacate the X Division title. We know that Aries is going have to drop the X Division title some time down the road but this way is stupid.

Brooke Hogan on my TV is always a bad thing as Brooke looks her Dad but with breast which is scary on so many levels. Thank God that the segment was short but it still sucks when Brooke Hogan is on TV. Looks like Gail Kim is going to be taking time off as Brooke said enjoy your vacation. Also it’s bullshit that TNA has reverted Brooke Tessmacher’s name back to Miss Tessmacher because Hulk Hogan felt that there shouldn’t be two Brookes on TV. Well Hulk Hogan, kiss my ass because I’m still going to call her Brooke Tessmacher.

What the hell, Kazarian is not in the Bound for Glory series? Incase you’re wondering who is in the Bound for Glory series, here’s a rundown of everyone in the series; AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Magnus, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, The Pope, Robbie E., Daniels, Samoa Joe, James Storm and Mr. Anderson. While I know that James Storm is going to win the Bound for Glory series, I just fell that Kazarian should be in the series as he’s a much better wrestler than Robbie E. but that’s just my opinion.

High Impact

Ultimate X was the show stealer of the night for sure as Ultimate X was off the hook. Yes, Ultimate X was only about 10 minutes long but length of the match was good for TV. Austin Aries once again proves why he’s the best X Division wrestler as this was his first Ultimate X match. I also thought that Chris Sabin and Xema Ion were damn good in Ultimate X. There were times Ion looked like he telegraphed some moves during the match but this match was still a great match and a possible TNA Match of the Year.

The Bound for Glory series is back and that is a good thing. TNA seems to have learn from last year’s series by setting up the series for each of the 12 men face each other at least one. That’s about 48 matches in the next few months. I really like the fact that Bound for Glory Series matches will also take place at live events as it makes the live events more speical.

Brooke Tessmacher was awesome tonight and looked hot as she took on Madison Rayne in decent match where Brooke pulled out some damn good moves. I’m glad that Brooke won the Knockouts title as Brooke really has improved and has shown that she has passion for wrestling. While the match was just good; it was way better than the Diva matches on WWE Raw and Smackdown. I can’t wait to watch the four way next week for the Knockouts title. I hope that a certain Salsa Mama is one of the Knockouts in the match.

I’m loving this Dixie Carter\AJ Styles storyline as it keeps getting interesting and crazier every week. While Dixie isn’t the best actress, the storyline is still interesting. I’m wondering where this storyline is going as AJ Styles looks like he can’t focus on his matches. How this is going to affect Kurt Angle as he and AJ are now the new TNA Tag Team Champions. I guess will find what is going to happen next week.

Bobby Roode was off the chain as he beat Mr. Anderson via submission with the cross face. I also thought that Anderson was impressive during the match and at times they made me believe that Anderson could win the title. The match just goes to prove why Roode deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion. Look for Roode to hold the title until Bound for Glory.

The Sting segment was interesting as Sting was attacked by three mystery mask men. I’m not sure who the men were but I went back to look and I think that one of the three mask men is Jeff Jarrett. It would make perfect sense as TNA can say that Jarrett is pissed that Sting is the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame and not him. Who are the other two men, I have no clue but it will be interesting find out who they are.

 Show Rating: 8 out of 10

Final Thoughts

Well, this Impact Wrestling was much better as we got five matches with three of them being very good and Ultimate X being the best match of the night. The storylines are getting better for the most part with expection of the Bully Ray, Abyss\Joseph Park storyline. We also only saw Hulk Hogan one time during the night and that segment was good, especially since Aries was in the segment. What is going to happen next week on Impact Wrestling, well we’ll just have to watch next week.

Star of the Night: Austin Aries

Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly PIPE BOMB! And Wrestling Debate Podcast with myself and John Mayer. Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

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