PIPE BOMB!: Random Thoughts

PIPE BOMB!: Random Thoughts

With Billy James

Hey gang, sorry about not being able to drop a PIPE BOMB! on you all last week. As you all know, we all have to work and for me; work has been beyond crazy last week. Unfortunately, it’s the same thing this week but I still wanted to drop a PIPE BOMB! as I appreciate all of you loyal readers who take the time to read these PIPE BOMBS! that I’ve been dropping . So not to leave you all hanging, this week instead of a single subject, I’m dropping a PIPE BOMB! on my random thoughts of what has been going on in the Wrestling World.

Brooke Tessmacher wins the TNA Knockouts title

Back in December 2011 during the TNA Glory Awards Podcast that I did with my tag team partner and the Leader of the Mayernation; John Mayer, I named Brooke Tessmacher as the Knockout to watch in 2012. I also had said that Brooke would be TNA Knockouts Champion in 2012 and at Slammivesary, that prediction came true. While a lot of people are saying that match at Slammivesary was terrible and sucked, I think it was a good match. Brooke really has improved since joining TNA and is improving everyday with impressive moves like the Tess-Shocker. But I think that the most important thing about Brooke’s win is that we could see some new feuds over the Knockouts title. I have more to say about later in another PIPE BOMB!

The Randy Orton Suspension

I was surprised as anyone else when I heard that Orton had been suspended 60 days for a Wellness policy violation. Orton is a top draw and has been the face of Smackdown for the past few years so his suspension really hurts as Chris Jerchio and Rey Mysterio are both out with suspensions of their own. Also Alberto Del Rio was pulled from the No Way Out PPV due to a concussion he received. However there is one good thing and that is Dolph Ziggler is now getting the push in the World Heavyweight title picture. Fans have complaining, wanting Ziggler to be pushed at the main event level and it looks like the WWE is going to pull the trigger. Ziggler has all of tools to succeed in the main event picture as Ziggler is good on the mic as he is in the ring. As Ziggler says; “It’s not showing off if you can back it up.”

Sting being the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame

When I heard that TNA was going to start up their own Hall of Fame and that they were going to announce the first inductee as Slammivesary, I figured that it would be Hulk Hogan instead of the man who should be the first inductee; Jeff Jarrett. I have followed Sting’s career over the years and the accomplishments and titles that Sting has held through out his career definitely deserves a place either the WWE or TNA Hall of Fames. Sting’s time in TNA has seen Sting hold the NWA, TNA World Heavyweight titles and the TNA Tag Team titles with Kurt Angle. Should Sting be in the TNA Hall of Fames, absolutely but Jeff Jarrett should have been the first inductee as Jarrett founded TNA along with his father; Jerry Jarrett. Without Jeff Jarrett, there would have been no TNA and we wouldn’t seen guys like Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Austin Aries and AJ Styles to name a few. Some of TNA’s high points were during the time that Jarrett was in charge of booking matches which is now done by Eric Bischoff who has no clue what Wrestling fans want to see. I’m sure that Jarrett will be in the TNA Hall of Fame but its still Bullshit that Jarrett wasn’t the first inductee.

 WWE Divas Division going down hill

Last Monday night on Raw, we finally got to see the Divas wrestling after two weeks of not being on TV. While it was a mixed and the match was not that great because of the focus on Santino Marella and Ricardo Rodriguez. Now if you look at the current Divas roster, pretty thin far Divas actually wrestling. AJ and Eve are now working as On Screen characters which is a good thing for Eve as she’s only ok in the ring. AJ on the other hand talents are being wasted as AJ can go in the ring. Besides Beth Phoenix and Layla; the only four active Divas wrestling on Raw and Smackdown are Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Natalya and Tamina Snuka. So WWE really needs to do something get the Divas Division back to where it was by moving Maxine to the main roster as she has really improve in the past year. Also have Naomi wrestle instead of dancing with Brodus Clay. Will the WWE do any of the suggestions that I just made, I seriously doubt it. But to prove that the WWE doesn’t care about Divas Division, WWE hardly has any women in their development territory; just four. That’s what I like the TNA Knockouts because they actually wrestle and put on great matches likeTaravs. Mickie James inside the steel cage back in December 2010 which was the main event that night on Impact. Women’s Wrestling is the one thing that TNA does better than the WWE and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Again, I want to thank everyone for taking to read these PIPE BOMBS! and other article plus review on the site. John and I enjoy bring you wrestling review, article and podcasts on the site. I have been writing for site since 2010 and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and knowledge of wrestling. I’ll be back next week to drop another PIPE BOMB! on you guys which will be a subject that I’ve been waiting for the right time to drop it. Well take care guys and remember to duck and take cover because you never know when a PIPE BOMB! is coming your way.


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