Jillian Pfeifer:Laying The Smackdown For 6/8/12

Welcome to another edition of Laying the Smackdown! This week will feature Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali, the return of the Peep Show with Christian, and Sheamus vs. Kane. Will Ryback face some actual competition this week? Only one way to find out: Keep reading!


We start out the show with Alberto Del Rio coming out in a BMW convertible. He talks about what he did to Sheamus on Monday Night Raw. Del Rio tells Sheamus not to mess with him. Out comes Ricardo Rodriguez dressed as Sheamus. Why do I have to write about this shit. Del Rio says he never lies. Del Rio says that anyone can be Sheamus, but there is only 1 Alberto Del Rio. Out comes the real Sheamus looking pissed off. Del Rio and Rodriguez try to do the 2 on 1 attack but Sheamus quickly throws out Rodriguez. Del Rio and Rodriguez go to leave but Sheamus attacks them both on the ramp. Refs pull both men apart. Teddy Long comes out and announces Sheamus vs, Kane and Del Rio vs, The Great Khali.


Match 1: Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali


Khali takes quick control of Del Rio by delivering some chops and kicks. Del Rio kicks Khali in the back of the leg and puts on a leg lock submission move. He goes for a cover twice but fails both times. He goes for an arm bar but Khali blocks it. Rodriguez distracts Khali and Del Rio applies the arm bar to capture the win by submission.


Match 1 Winner: Alberto Del Rio by submission


Backstage, we see Teddy Long on the phone and Naomi and Cameron come in to dance with him. Brodus Clay comes in and tells Clay that he is no longer allowed on Raw, and has become a permanent member of Smackdown. He tells Long that whatever opponent he has on Smackdown, he will see them as Big Show and will “eat them up”.


Match 2: Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman


Clay throws Bateman around a lot. He hits a running splash from the corner followed by a T-Bone suplex and a SPLAT! for the win in this squash match.


Match 2 Winner: Brodus Clay


After the match, Brodus Clay dances with some local kids.


Match 3: Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre


Sin Cara goes for a kick outside the ropes but McIntyre kicks him out. He goes for a cover but fails. Sin Cara sends McIntyre to the turnbuckles. He hits an elbow drop and McIntyre kicks out. Sin Cara went for a move from the second rope, however McIntyre caught him but Sin Cara reversed it into a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT for the win.


Match 3 Winner: Sin Cara


Match 4: Ryback vs. Two Jobbers


If you want the results to this match, look at last week’s match. It is exactly the same.


Match 4 Winner: Ryback once again!




Week after week, we see Ryback face jobber after jobber, usually 2 at a time. During every match, Ryback says “Feed Me More!” Well, why don’t we feed him ACTUAL COMPETITION?! This every week jobber match is getting so old. He is wasting his skills on wrestlers we will never see again. Writing about this crap is getting annoying and I hope the WWE realizes soon that they need to give him actual competition. Some people he could face on the roster are Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and more. I better see some competition in the next few weeks or else it will be time for yet another rant on Ryback and his lack of competition.




Next up is the return of the Peep Show with Christian. This week’s guest is Cody Rhodes.


Cody Rhodes comes out and destroys the set of the Peep Show. Rhodes says that he doesn’t answer to Christian, and Christian should answer to him. Rhodes blames Christian for stealing the title that he brought glory back to. According to Cody, Christian is going through a mid-life crisis. Rhodes says that before Over the Limit, Christian didn’t care about anybody. Christian says he had a revelation while inducting Edge into the Hall of Fame. He realized that his career could end in an instant and he didn’t want to be remembered as an annoying, whining, and begging for one more match. Rhodes calls it a load of garbage and doesn’t believe that Christian will get into the HOF. Dolph Ziggler comes out to wrap up the Peep Show and says he will defeat Christian.


Match 5: Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler (non-title)


Cody Rhodes is on commentary. Christian hits Ziggler in face and sends him out of the ring. Ziggler goes for a cover but fails. Ziggler rams his body into Christian numerous times. Ziggler counters Christian and goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. Ziggler hits a drop kick on Christian and then applies a sleeper hold. Christian gets out of it and hits a frogsplash for the win.


Match 5 Winner: Christian


Michael Cole talks about his match from Monday against Cena. Cole was beat up, had bbq sauce poured all over him, and sprayed with a fire extinguisher. JR’s music hits and out comes Hornswoggle dressed as him. He makes fun of Cole. Out comes Damien Sandow, who says a lot of big words no one understands. Sandow goes to attack Hornswoggle but Tyson Kidd makes the save. Sandow hits the neckbreaker on Kidd.


Backstage, Matt Striker interviews Kane. Striker asks Kane about AJ’s look at him after Raw. Kane just storms off. AJ appears and stares after Kane.


Match 6: Jimmy Uso vs. Antonio Cesaro


Jimmy makes quick work of Cesaro and goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. He slaps Cesaro but Cesaro counters. Cesaro hits a backflip on Uso and pins him for this quick win.


Match 6 Winner: Antonio Cesaro


Match 7: Sheamus vs. Kane


Sheamus attempts a submission move but Kane gets out of it. Kane slaps, punches and kicks Sheamus. Sheamus hits the leg of Kane but Kane sends him over the top rope. Kane puts Sheamus in a headlock but Sheamus gets out of it. Kane hits a side slider but Sheamus kicks out. Kane reapplies the submission move. Sheamus hits a double leg kicks onto Sheamus and hits an elbow drop from the top rope. Sheamus repeatedly hits Kane and goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. Kane kicks Sheamus to flip him over and goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. Sheamus puts Kane over his knee and attempts another cover to no avail. Sheamus repeatedly hits Kane’s chest a second time. Kane goes to the top rope but Sheamus stops him. Kane sends Sheamus to the floor and goes after him but hurts his knee in the process. Sheamus hits the White Noise and goes for the Brogue Kick but Kane catches him and sets him up for the chokeslam but Sheamus counters it. Del Rio and Rodriguez come out and Rodriguez hits Sheamus for the DQ.


Winner: Sheamus by DQ


After the match, Kane goes for the chokeslam on Sheamus but AJ comes out and smiles at Kane. Kane looks really confused about the smile. Sheamus hits the Brogue kick and hits both Kane and Rodriguez. The show ends with Sheamus and Del Rio staring each other down.


This week’s Smackdown gets a 5 out of 10 from me. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good. Ryback needs competition and we need a variety of wrestlers every week. I hate seeing the same people every week. Well, see ya next week everyone! I will have No Way Out predictions coming next week so stay tuned!





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