Jillian Pfeifer:Laying The Smackdown For 6/1/12

Welcome to another edition of Laying the Smackdown! This week marks Sin Cara’s return to the ring and CM Punk taking on Kane for the WWE championship in the main event. Will Ryback actually face someone on the WWE roster? Well, let’s get to the ring.


We start Smackdown off with Sheamus coming out to a huge pop. Sheamus talks about congratulating Alberto Del Rio for earning his #1 contendership to Sheamus’ title. Sheamus explains that he was just letting Del Rio know what was to come, and that he has no intention of kissing Del Rio’s ass, just to kick it. Sheamus says that money can’t buy you everything, and it sure cannot buy you the World Heavyweight Championship. David Otunga comes out with that damn coffee mug. Otunga comes out on behalf of Laurinitis and shows a video of Sheamus knocking into Laurinitis on his way to the ring two weeks ago. Otunga orders Sheamus to apologize for his actions. Sheamus tells Otunga that if Laurinitis wants an apology, he has to come down to the ring himself to get it. Alberto Del Rio comes out to a mixed reaction. Del Rio tells Otunga that he is wasting his time trying to get an apology from Sheamus. Del Rio calls Sheamus a hooligan. Del Rio says that Sheamus will be sorry after No Way Out. Otunga announces that Del Rio will choose Sheamus’ opponent for the night and gets a Brogue Kick for his troubes.


Match 1: Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater


For the first time since Survivor Series we see the masked warrior in a WWE ring. We also see some new colors ditching the blue for red. Cara does not seem to have any ring rust going to the air early in the match. Cara dominated most of the match and finished off Slater with La Mistica for the 3 count.


Match 1 Winner: Sin Cara


Match 2: Ezekiel Jackson vs. Damien Sandow


Damien Sandow comes out for his match against Ezekiel Jackson. Sandow calls Jackson an ignoramus and therefore he will not participate in the match. Jackson pulls him back in to wrestle, however its all Sandow during the match. Sandow hits a neckbreaker for the win.

Match 2 Winner: Damien Sandow


Backstage, Dolph Ziggler approaches Del Rio about him facing Sheamus tonight. Del Rio picks Ziggler to face Sheamus because of his passion.


Match 3: Ryback vs. Ryan Shelton and Chris Lyons


Shelton and Lyons talk about a saying they use that always helps them win. It is University of Alabama’s Roll Tide. Ryback comes out with his usual pyro. Ryback no longer has his mysterious black eye from last week. It is all Ryback with the big lariat and the double fisherman’s buster. When will they give this boy some competition?!


Match 3 Winner: Ryback


We go to the Raw Rewind. This week covers Big Show’s rant about his exculsive contract that allows him to do whatever, whenever he wants to whoever he wants. Big Show later assaults Brodus Clay, R-Truth, and Kofi Kingston during the Raw main event. He says he dislikes everyone in the WWE and only cares about himself.


Match 4: Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler


SHeamus starts the match by putting Ziggler in a submission move which he breaks out of. SHeamus hits a few punches on Ziggler’s back and hits him with a shoulder block. Dolph repeatedly punches Sheamus in the head. Ziggler goes to the top rope and jumps on Sheamus, but Sheamus catches him and throws him. Sheamus goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Sheamus throws him out of the ring. Sheamus hits Ziggler with an arm bar. Ziggler headbutts Sheamus and kicks him off the ring into the announce table. Ziggler tries to apply the sleeper hold but Sheamus breaks it. Sheamus then goes for the cover but fails. Sheamus goes for the Brogue kick but Swagger interferes. Sheamus hits another Brogue kick for the win.


Match 4 Winner: Sheamus


Matt Striker interview CM Punk about his match against Kane tonight. Punk says that the only reason Laurinitis made this match is because he wants the WWE title around anywhere but Punk’s waist. Punk says he represents everything that Laurinitis doesn’t like and that he embarrasses him. Punk says that tonight, The Best in the World makes the Devils Favorite Demon Go To Sleep.


Match 5: The PrimeTime Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young) vs. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder


Young and Marella start with Young dominating. He throws Marella on the mat and tags in O’Neil. Marella and Ryder win with a rollup. Ryder was never tagged in and the match lasted under 2 minutes. Way to build up your tag teams WWE!


Match 5 Winners: Santino Marella and Zack Ryder


As Marella and Ryder are going up the ramp, Big Show comes out and beats up Santino, throwing him into the set. He then went and beat up Ryder. Show hits the WMD to knock out Marella and returns to the back.


We see AJ back stage and she comes into contact with Daniel Bryan. Bryan asks AJ if she thinks CM Punk actually cares about her. Bryan says that Punk is using AJ and thinks she is a nutjob. AJ calls Bryan jealous.


Match 6: Cody Rhodes vs. Tyson Kidd


Christian is on commentary during this match. Rhodes repeatedly kicks Kidd in the stomach and goes for a cover but fails. Kidd goes for the sharpshooter but Rhodes reverses it. Rhodes hits CrossRhodes for the win.


Match 6 Winner: Cody Rhodes


A promo is cut for Antino Cesaro, who will debut next week.


Match 7: Kane vs. CM Punk for WWE Title


Kane takes early control but Punk sends him out of the ring. Kane hits his face on the second turnbuckle and Punk kicks him repeatedly. Kane sends Punk out of the ring. AJ comes out to check on Punk. Kane slams Punk’s face on the barrier. Kane goes for a cover but fails. Kane applies a submission move which Punk gets out of. Kane goes for the chokeslam which Punk counters with a DDT. Punk hits a lateral press and goes for a cover but fails. Kane goes for a cover but fails a second time. Punk attempts the GTS but loses it. Bryan tries to interfere but Punk flies onto him. Kane punches Punk and goes for a second chokeslam. Bryan interferes again and repeatedly kicks Punk. Punk goes for the GTS but Kane hits a double chokeslam. Laurintis comes out and announces a triple threat match for the WWE title at No Way Out. AJ leaves the ring and Bryan slaps Punk. Punk hits the GTS on Bryan to end the show.


Match 7 Result: No Contest


This week’s Smackdown gets a 4 from me. The matches were mediocre and the promos sucked. It is becoming painful to write every week. The creative team needs new material and fast. Well let’s hope that next week is somewhat better. See ya next week everybody!


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