Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 05-31-12

Making An Impact: TNA Impact Wrestling Review for 05-31-12

With Billy James

Welcome to “Making An Impact” review for TNA Impact Wrestling. I’m Simply Sensational Billy James with another edition of Making An Impact. It’s TNA’s first live Impact Wrestling for the summer with Sting vs. Bobby Roode in a Lumberjack match to kick off the show. Also is the debut of the Executive in charge of the Knockouts Division; Brooke Hogan. Also Dixie Carter has a major announcement to make tonight. So let’s get started by asking yourself this one question? “Are you ready to feel the Impact?”


 Sting defeats Bobby Roode in a Lumberjack match

Austin Aries retains the TNA Division title pinning Chris Sabin

Devon and Jeff Hardy battle to a no contest due to interference

AJ Styles beats Christopher Daniels in the main event

 No Impact

After the Lumberjack match, Hulk Hogan announces that at Slammivesary, Bobby Roode will defend the TNA World Heavyweight title against Sting in the main event. Personally I rather see the return of King of Mountain then to see Sting vs. Roode. I know Sting took some time rest and heal before returning to the ring but I think Sting came back too soon. If Sting would only wrestle one or two matches a year similar to what the Undertaker is doing then I think that Sting could pull off some great matches. However while Sting looked good in the ring with Roode, I could see some points during the match where it seem to me that Sting wasn’t giving it his all. Sting vs. Roode at Slammivesary is a bad choice for a main event in my opinion. Roode defending the TNA title in a triple threat match say against AJ Styles and Kurt Angle would have been a better main event to me.

While I have heard some people praising the promo between Bully Ray and Joseph Parks, I’m not one of them. Seriously, Joseph Parks AKA “Abyss” is not a great actor. Hell, Parks is not an ok actor; I don’t buy his character one bit. I think that Bully Ray who has done one hell of a job turning himself into a top heel, deserves a much better feud than this. I really hope that this feud will end at Slammivesary and that Bully Ray can move on to feud with someone else.

Dixie Carter failed to deliver with the big announce which was TNA will have it’s own Hall of Fame. I think that it’s too early for TNA to have their own Hall of Fame. Maybe in five more years but now is not the right time. At Slammivesary, TNA will announce the first inductee which I say will be Hulk Hogan. I think that it should be Jeff Jarrett as he cofounded TNA but my gut is telling that it will be Hogan.

Come on TNA, how many run ins are we going to have in TV title matches? I’m tired of watching the Robbies interfering in Devon’s matches. If TNA wants to keep the TV title on Devon then have Devon feud with someone else other than Robbie E. I rather see Robbie E. going after the X Division title as the X Division is very thin right now. I think that Devon needs a new opponent to feud with, say like Crimson.

Epic failure with the debut of Brooke Hogan as the Executive in charge of the Knockouts Division as Brooke was just awful. The interaction between Brooke and Dixie was so boring that even if they had done that segment in the nude, it still would be boring and that’s bad because Dixie is a smoking hot MILF. (If you don’t know what a MILF is then Google it kids.) I think that I made my feelings about Brooke Hogan clear in this week’s PIPE BOMB! so I’m not going to go into another rant. If you haven’t read this week’s PIPE BOMB! then you need to read it.

What the hell, no Knockouts match tonight?!?! The Knockouts segments are always a high rating segment for Impact Wrestling so it makes no sense to not have them wrestle on the show especially with the show being live. I know that several of the Knockouts were backstage including Mickie James, Tara, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. The only Knockout that even got any air time was Madison Rayne in a backstage segment that I thought wasn’t that great. All I have to say is there better be a Knockouts match next week or Dixie Carter is going to get a PIPE BOMB! dropped on her.

High Impact

While I thought Sting was missing a few steps during the Lumberjack match doesn’t mean that match wasn’t good because it was good. If anybody could work with Sting and help make the match look; Roode was the right man for the job. I thought that Sting for the most part put on a good match and I love how Sting counters Roode’s attempt at a suplex into the Scorpion Deathdrop. I do have my doubts whether the match at Slammivesary will be good but I guess we’ll see.

Wow, Austin Aries and Chris Sabin showed everyone what the X Division is all about. Despite the match being short, Aries and Sabin put on one hell of a match with counter moves and chain wrestling. This is a match where both men are so talented that a simple rollup for the win works for this match. Aries proves once again why he’s the best X Division Champion ever. I hope that we get another match maybe at Slammivesary between Aries and Sabin for the X Division title.

I’m so glad that Joey Ryan got the boot during the Gut Check segment. Last week, I said that Ryan looked like a gay version of Rick Martel with a Tom Selleck mustache but after watching the backstage segment with the Gut Check judges; Joey Ryan actually looks like he’s the love child of Ron Jeremy and Ron Burgundy. One thing interesting to come out of the Gut Check segment is that Taz has replaced Ric Flair as a judge of Gut Check which confirms that Ric Flair is truly gone from TNA.

I kind like the idea of the fans voting for the opponent for the TV title because it gives us some fresh matches. Devon vs. Jeff Hardy was a cool match because both men knew each style from their days being in the Tag Team scene (Hardy one half of the Hardys whileDevonwas one half of Team 3D.) this match has the potential to a three star match if it hadn’t been for the run in by the Robbies. I have no problem seeing a rematch between Devon and Hardy down the road.

I love the Styles vs. Daniels match being the main event. This match was a great choice to have as the main event for the first live Impact Wrestling for the summer. I like the fact that Tenay and Taz both acknowledge that Styles and Daniels have faced each so many times that they know each other’s wrestling style like the back of their hand. Even though Kaz tried to interfere in the match, I’m glad that the match with a clean pin as this was a three and half star match all the way.

I have to say that the Dixie Carter\ AJ Styles affair is interesting because the fact the boss is a woman instead of a man. I think the last time this angle has been done goes all the way back to the Trish Status\ Vince McMahon affair but this is better because it more realistic. I like the fact that Dixie ran out to the announcer’s table and demanded to cut off the audio over the headset. I think I even heard her say “F@ck” but it was hard to tell. I really can’t wait to see where this is going.

Show Rating: 6 1/2 out of 10


Final Thoughts

Well, I have to say that first live Impact Wrestling was a hit and miss. The big saving grace was the matches was great especially Aries vs. Sabin and Styles vs. Daniels. The two big problems were the Bully Ray\ Joseph Parks promo and the Dixie Carter and Brooke Hogan promo. A big disappointment that there was no Knockouts match on the show. Hopefully next week, we’ll have a Knockouts match and find out if the Knockouts title will be defended at Slammivesary.

 Stars of the Night: AJ Styles & Austin Aries

 Well, that’s it for this week’s Making An Impact. Don’t forget to check the weekly PIPE BOMB! Also you can email me with questions or comments at And check me out at

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