Andrew B’s DVD Talk For 5/28/12


Andrew B here with another DVD Talk as this time I have the news from WWE & TNA. As usually I will have release dates for you. Plus I have the cover of the Daniel Bryan DVD. Also I have cover for Extreme Rules 2012. So let’s begin right now.

First off in let’s start with TNA. On May 29th a Twin Pack of Victory Road & against All Odds 2012 will be released. On 6/26/2012 Lockdown 2012 will be released.

No Way Out 2012 will be released on DVD only on 7/17/2012.

On 6/19/2012 WWE will release Over the Limit 2012 on DVD only.

In the year 2012 WWE will release a DVD on CM Punk. I expect it to be one of the best-selling DVDS of all time and expect great promos and matches on their. It will be released in the fall and is planned to be similar to the Randy Orton DVD that was released in 2011.

On 6/26/2012 WWE will release a three disc DVD & 2 disc Blu Ray set featuring the Greatest Falls Count Anywhere Matches. The set will be hosted by former TNA Wrestler and WWE Hardcore Champion Mick Foley.

On 5/29/2012 Extreme Rules will be released on a US DVD only. The only extra on the DVD is an interview with CM Punk after his WWE Title match.

On 8/21/2012 WWE: The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History will be released on 3 disks DVD & 2 Disk Blu Ray.

On 7/24/12 WWE will release a DVD set on the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. The set will feature all 20 matches plus interviews with people who have tried to end the streak. The set will be a three disk Blu Ray and 4 Disk DVD.

On 7/3/2012 WWE will release NO Holds Barred on DVD for the first time. For those who don’t know what that is it is a movie featuring Zeus and Hulk Hogan.

On 7/10/2012 WWE will release the new Superstar Collection Series. It will consist of two single DVDS sold separately for $9.99 at most stores. On 7/10/2012 the two DVDS will be John Cena (which most people won’t buy) and Zack Ryder (which will be sold out everywhere). Both DVDS will feature matches that were never released on DVD.

The Second set of Superstar Collections will feature Sheamus and Daniel Bryan (Yes Yes) and will be released on 8/7/2012. Both are the first DVD sets for each man. One match confirmed for the Sheamus DVD is Sheamus vs. John Cena in a Tables Match for the WWE Title from TLC 2009 (a *** match). On the Daniel Bryan DVD one confirmed match is his WWE debut match on Season 1 of NXT,

On 5/22/2012 WWE will releases a new WCW Themed DVD called Best of Clash of Champion. It will be hosted by the father of Cody Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes. It will be a 3 Disc DVD Set & 2 Disc Blu Ray Set. The DVD is about 6 ½ hours while the Blu Ray is 7 ½ hours.

On 6/5/12 WWE will release a DVD and Blu Ray on ECW featuring matches from the original ECW only. It is a 3 Disk DVD & 2 Disk Blu Ray hosted by Joey Styles.

Until Next Time Don’t Forget to Call Your Momma.


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