Jillian Pfeifer:Laying The Smackdown For 5/25/12

Welcome to another fun filled edition of Laying the Smackdown! This week will feature Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, and Kane in a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender to Sheamus’ World Heavyweight Championship. We will also see Damien Sandow wrestle Yoshi Tatsu and Ryback defeat yet another jobber. Let’s get to it!


We start the show with a recap of Monday Night Raw with John Cena’s rant about John Laurinitis and the Big Show. Two weeks ago, Show was fired by Laurinitis for mocking his voice. At Over the Limit, Laurinitis and Cena had a match, where Show interfered and knocked Cena out with the WMD. At the end of Raw, Cena gets another WMD and gets knocked out for a second time.


Eve comes out to no reaction at all. She says that Laurnitis is still GM of both Raw and Smackdown. She informs everyone that Laurinitis isn’t here tonight, which the crowd loves. The crowd boos when she announces that she is in charge. Eve says that 2 things will happen tonight. 1- Sheamus will apologize for bumping into Laurinitis on Monday. 2-She will name his opponent for No Way Out. This causes Del Rio to come out. Del Rio says that there is no better opponent for Sheamus than him. He says that Eve will make Laurinitis happy if she picks him as the #1 contender. This causes Orton’s music to hit. He introduces himself to Eve. He asks the crowd who they would want as “#1 contender. They unanimously vote Orton. Kane’s fire then hits. Kane says that neither Orton nor Del Rio have the qualifications he does. He states that tonight’s episode of Smackdown is #666. Eve announces that the #1 contendership will be decided in a triple threat match.


Christian makes his long awaited return as a face. I personally like him a lot better as a face. At Over the Limit he defeated Cody Rhodes to become the new Intercontinental Champion. He faces Hunico in a non title match.


Match 1: Hunico vs. Christian


Christian takes quick control of the match with a few moves. Hunico then hits a few chops which Christian reverses. Hunico flies out of the ring onto Christian. He goes for a cover but Christian kicks out. Christian slaps Hunico and hits a flying elbow. Christian hits the Killswitch and a frog splash for the win.


Match 1 Winner: Christian


Cody Rhodes comes out and says that he restored greatness to the Intercontinental Championship and says that Christian ruined it all. He says nobody cares about Christian. He says that he will win the championship back from Christian at his rematch at No Way Out.


Match 2: The Usos vs. O’Neil and Young


O’Neil and Jimmy start the match. Jimmy tags Jey in and they do a double teamed move. O’Neil kicks Jey in the face and tags in Young. Young goes for the cover but Jey kicks out. Jimmy gets tagged back in and goes for a cover but O’Neil breaks it up. Young tags in O’Neil who hits a backbreaker/elbow drop for the win.


Match 2 Winner: O’Neil and Young


Next Ryback will be in action. We also find out that next week, Sin Cara will be back from injury.


Match 3: Ryback vs. Brian Edwards and Kevin Benol


The two jobbers say that Ryback has defeated two wrestlers, but never at the same time. Ryback comes out with a black eye and interrupts them. Ryback uses one of them to crash into the other. He lariats one of them and hits a double fisherman’s carry for the double win.


Match 3 Winner: Ryback


Match 4: Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriguez


Santino quickly takes control and Rodriguez tires himself out by running around the ring. Santino twirls Ricardo around like a rag doll. He hides under the ring and Ricardo thinks he is coming out the other side of the ring. Santino comes out the same side he went in and hits the cobra for the quick win in this pointless match.

Why me!?

Match 4 Winner: Santino Marella


Sheamus comes out to a big pop. He says that he has been sent out to apologize to Laurinitis. Sheamus says that it was an accident and Laurinitis got in his way. He says it wasn’t on purpose. He calls Laurinitis a massive arse. He says that Eve and Otunga are so far up his arse that they taste his breakfast. He also apologizes for the Big Show being an ass kisser. Sheamus says that he wants to face Orton at No Way Out.

Vickie Guerrero comes out to tell SHeamus that he is going to face Jack Swagger right now.


Match 5: Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger


Both men lock arms with Swagger taking early control. Sheamus gives him a few punches to the head. He goes for an elbow drop and a cover but Swagger kicks out. Sheamus hits an arm bar outside the ring and punches Swagger in the head. Vickie distracts the ref and Swagger hits Sheamus’ ankle. Swagger hits a few punches to Sheamus head. He continues to wear Sheamus’ ankle down and hits a leg lock. SHeamus regains control with a few hits to the head. He attempts to throw Swagger out of the ring and repeatedly hits his chest. He goes for a cover but Swagger kicks out. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Swagger reverses it. He headbutts SHeamus’ knees. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick successfully for the win.


Match 5 Winner: Sheamus


Match 6: Damien Sandow vs. Yoshi Tatsu


The match starts with Yoshi trying to hit Sandow but he refuses to allow him to touch him. He gets the quick win with a neckbreaker.

Match 6 Winner: Damien Sandow


Big Show comes out to a mixed reaction. He takes a seat in the middle of the ring and says that he has never been fired and didn’t want to have to beg for his job. He says that he loves what he does and loves dominating people. He says he became despondent and couldn’t eat. He felt betrayed by his coworkers and the WWE universe. Show says that no one came to his defense. Show says everyone sold out. He says that he did not sell out, like the crowd is chanting. He says he realized that he has no friends, and is alone in this world. He made a deal, if he helped Laurinitis defeat Cena at Over the Limit, he got his job back and a big bonus. He explains the whole plan out. He says the WWE universe never really cared about him. He no longer cares about the WWE universe.


Kane comes out for his triple threat match with Orton and Del Rio, but gets attacked by Daniel Bryan with a chair.


Match 7: Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane


It looks like Kane is going to wrestle. Del Rio and Orton come out to their respective music. Orton takes quick control but loses it when Kane kicks him in the face. Del Rio is sent out of the ring. Orton goes for a cover on Kane but Del Rio interferes. Orton hits Kane’s head on the announce table and goes for the DDT which Del Rio breaks up. Kane goes for the cover on Orton but Orton kicks out. Kane goes after Del Rio and Del Rio reverses it with a few kicks. Orton kicks Del Rio back out of the ring. Kane goes for the cover again and Orton kicks out. Kane goes for the top rope but Del Rio kicks his head and he falls off. Del Rio then repeatedly kicks Orton’s head. Orton hits a few arm bars on Del Rio and sends Kane over the top rope. He hits a DDT on Del Rio and goes into his happy place. He goes for an RKO but Del Rio pushes him and Kane drags hi out of the ring. He knocks Orton out and goes into the ring. Kane goes back to the top rope and misses a hit. Del Rio goes for a cross arm breaker which Kane reverses into a chokeslam. Daniel Bryan comes back out with another chair and threatens to hit Kane with it. Kane goes after Bryan, who runs to the back. Kane goes back to the ring and goes to cover Del Rio but everytime Kane gets close to the ring, Bryan comes back out. Kane is caught in the middle. Orton hits an RKO on Kane and goes for the cover but Del Rio throws him out and covers Kane to become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Match 7 Winner: Alberto Del Rio



This week’s Smackdown gets a 6.5 from me. The matches were good, the promos not so much. WWE needs to put some variety in its matches. It is the same people every week. Ryback needs stiffer competiton and Sandow needs to speak so people can understand what the hell he is saying. Well, that is it for this week’s edition of Laying the Smackdown! Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!




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One Response to Jillian Pfeifer:Laying The Smackdown For 5/25/12

  1. Riggs says:

    Nice recap i thought the Usos/Young O’neil backstage skit was good. Yoshi needs a win the guy can go if they let him..

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