PIPE BOMB!: Ric Flair; Please F@cking Retire!

PIPE BOMB!: Ric Flair; Please F@cking Retire!

With Billy James

If you’re a fan of wrestling whether you’re young or old, one man’s name comes to everyone’s mind; “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Flair is one of the greatest wrestlers who dominated the NWA which later became WCW. Through out of Flair’s career; Flair would hold an amazing 42 titles during his time in NWA, WCW and WWE. Just alone, Flair held 16 World Heavyweight titles. Fast forward to today and seeing Ric Flair in a wrestling ring is sad to see and it’s starting to make a joke of Flair’s great career.

While Flair’s wrestling career had been very successful over the years, the same can’t said about Flair’s personal life. Flair’s personal life has gone to hell in a hand basket faster than Mel Gibson going into anti-semitism rage. With three divorces behind him, Flair owes money like the US owes money to China. But it’s just not having to pay three ex wives. It’s Flair’s outrageous behavior that makes you want to question Flair’s sanity. Flair has been more trouble with the law than Bo & Luke Duke. From his arrest in 2008 for road rage to lawsuits, it’s well known that Flair needs money.

Flair continues to wrestle due to these money and this is where the PIPE BOMB! comes in. I have been a fan of Ric Flair from his days in the NWA with the Four Horsemen  to WCW and WWE. I watched Flair have some the greatest wrestling matches ever including his match at Wrestle War in 1989 when Flair defeated Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat for his sixth NWA title. Flair winning the WWF title at the 1992 Royal Rumble, the only man to win the WWF\WWE title by winning the Rumble itself. I’ve actually have gotten to seen Flair wrestle live couple of times including in 1990 when Flair and Arn Anderson faced Doom for the WCW Tag Team title at a live event in Panama City, FL.

Now when I see Flair in the ring, I just shake my head in pity and disbelief. It’s obvious to a blind man than Flair’s best days are way behind him and it’s even more obvious that Flair shouldn’t be wrestling. Now to top things off, recently at a hotel that TNA has a good relationship, Flair ran up a good size bar tab but was not able to cover it. The hotel of course contacted TNA to get their money which pissed TNA management. TNA quickly pulled Flair from live events as this incident embarrass TNA.

To me it’s like Ric Flair has decided to pissed on his legendary wrestling career and wiped his ass with every title he held in his career. I know Flair needs the money but there are other things that he can do in the wrestling business, become a trainer, work backstage as a road agent, or better yet, get a WWE Legends deal. I’m sure that WWE would pay Flair a decent payout for a Legends deal. Do something, anything Flair but for the love of God; please F@CKING RETIRE from in ring action.


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