Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind:Extreme Rules 2011

Welcome everybody it is Andrew B here for another Wrestling Rewind. The event saw a triple threat cage match for the WWE Title featuring Miz, John Morrison and John Cena. Also Randy Orton battled CM Punk is a last man standing match. Plus Layla and Michelle McCool squared off in a divas match where the loser left WWE. So let’s begin now.

The event starts with a video package followed by the pyro and our announcers for the night are Jerry Lawler, Booker T & Josh Matthews and there is an empty Cole Mine.

Match 1: Randy Orton vs. CM Punk is a Last Man Standing Match:

CM Punk comes out with the Nexus but during his entrance the Computer GM sends an email sending the Nexus backstage. The match starts with punches back and forth from both men but Orton level Punk with a clothesline as they both go outside and Orton throws Punk in the barrier and then the stairs. Orton hits Punk with some uppercuts as they go back in the ring and Punk is begging and low blows Orton as he comes close and Punk is in control and goes to throw Orton into the exposed turnbuckle but Orton counters and Punk drops a knee on the face of Orton. Orton fights back and drops a knee of Punk’s face. They go outside the ring and Punk hits Orton multiple times with a kendo stick and they go back in the ring as Punk levels Orton with a kendo stick shot and Orton fights back and grab the kendo stick but Punk hits him with a spinning kick and then more kendo stick shots. Punk jumps off the top rope but gets hit with a kendo stick shot from Orton followed by more shots from Orton with the kendo stick followed by some clothesline and the backbreaker he hits. Orton goes for his middle rope DDT but Punk counters and slingshots Orton into the exposed turnbuckle. Punk grabs a chair and puts it between the middle and top turnbuckle and then hits the running knee in the corner to Orton. Punk goes for a bulldog but Orton counters only to end up for the GTS but Orton counters again and goes for the RKO but Punk counters and goes for the GTS again but Orton counters and throw Punk into the chair he set up in the corner. They are outside and Orton throws Punk into the barricade and then the apron multiple times followed by a power slam but Punk gets up at the count of 8 as Orton takes apart the announcers table and then runs into a kick from Punk. Orton then slams Punk on the announcer’s table and then back drops him on the barricade. They go back in the ring and Orton goes for the RKO but Punk counters and hits the GTS but Orton gets up at the count of 9. Punk then levels Orton with knees in the corner and then grabs a chair and hits a Russian Leg Sweep on the chair and then Orton hits a RKO and they go back outside where Orton clotheslines Punk over the barricade. Orton then goes for hanging DDT off the barricade but Punk pushes Orton into the ring post and then Punk puts Orton’s head in a chair and throws him into the ring post and then Punk levels Orton with punches and they are now on top of the announcer’s table where Punk goes for the GTS but Orton counters with a RKO and the table does not break. Orton then goes for a punt but Punk hits Orton with a GTS dropping his face on the steps. They go back in the ring & Punk jumps off the top rope with the kendo stick but Orton levels him with a kendo stick shot crotching Punk. Orton then levels Punk with shots from the kendo stick and then hits an RKO off the top rope for the win.

Winner: “The Viper” Randy Orton

Match Rating: **** out of 5

We then see a promo that says Don’t Try This at Home followed by the highlights of the draft & Sheamus attacking Kofi Kingston on SmackDown two days before the event. Jerry Lawler then leaves the announcer’s table to get ready for his match.

We then go backstage where Sheamus is complaining to Teddy Long that he has to defend his US Title against Kofi Kingston because Kofi is not from the US and asks to see Kofi’s birth certificate but Teddy says don’t worry because you might not even be US Champion after tonight.

We then see John Morrison doing parkour training backstage to prepare for the main event.

Match 2: Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston in a Tables Match for the US Title:

The match starts with Kofi going after Sheamus and attacking him in the corner but Sheamus gains control but Kofi uses his speed to regain control but Sheamus throws him to the outside and they brawl outside as Sheamus throws Kofi into the barricade. Sheamus pulls out a table but then gets attacked by Kofi and Kofi sets up the table in front of the announcer’s table and slams Sheamus on the table & puts him on the table but rolls off when Kofi goes to the top rope. Then Sheamus throws Kofi into the barricade and then he pulls out another table and sets it up by the ramp. Sheamus goes to power bomb Kofi through it but he counters and Kofi goes in the ring while Sheamus is on the apron and Kofi is trying to put him through the table but runs into a flying shoulder block from Sheamus and Sheamus is in control in the ring. Sheamus pulls out another table outside the ring and brings it in the ring and rams it into Kofi’s ribs and then drops the table on top of Kofi multiple times. He then stands of the flat table laying of Kofi and poses and then puts the table in the corner and goes to spine buster Sheamus through it but Kofi counters and slams Sheamus’ face on the table. He then goes to charge Sheamus but he moves and Kofi jumps with his legs on the ropes on each side of the table. Sheamus goes to power bomb Kofi through the table but Kofi counters and Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Kofi moves and Sheamus is crotched on the top rope. Kofi then goes on the apron and goes to suplex Sheamus to the outside but Sheamus fights out a hits a Brogue Kick but Kofi leaps over the table. Sheamus moves to the table from the corner to the middle and he puts Kofi on the top rope and goes to power slam him through the table but Kofi counters and Sheamus goes on the apron to suplex Kofi out of the ring but Kofi counters and hits Trouble in Paradise sending Sheamus to the outside. Sheamus is using the table to help get up but turns around and the Boom Drop off the top rope through the table for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston Wins the US Title

Match Rating: ** out of 5

Backstage Todd Grisham is with R Truth and he asks Truth how he feels that he is not in the main event anymore but Truth asks Todd how he feels and then tells him to shut up. Truth says he is not in the main event or on the card because no one knows what a nose knows and his nose smells a conspiracy which he spells C-O-N-Spiracy and he knows that Miz, Morrison and Cena does not want him in the match but someone else does not want him in the match either and that Morrison stole his title shot and the only thing Truth can’t stand is a thief.

Match 3: Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs. Jack Swagger & Michael Cole in a Country Whipping Match:

We get highlights of Cole vs. JR from last Monday and then Cole comes out wrapped in bubble wrap and then Cole cuts a promo saying that he is an award winning journalist and lists what he covered and that he is not scared of a country whipping match with JR & Jerry Lawler. He says after they beat Lawler and JR like a couple of government mules they could stay in Florida because they are old and useless retirees. The match starts with Lawler and Swagger and Lawler ends up whipping Swagger with JR getting a shot and Swagger tags Cole. Lawler whips Cole but it does not hurt because he is wearing bubble wrap so Lawler punches Cole and rips up the bubble wrap. Swagger sends Lawler into the corner and attacks Lawler and then ties him to the rope and attacks Jerry and starts whipping him. Cole gets tagged in and starts whipping Jerry and tags in Swagger who also whips Jerry and then attempts his running off the turnbuckle splash but Lawler moves and takes control. Cole attacks Lawler from behind and Lawler grabs Cole but Swagger chops blocks Jerry and locks him in the ankle lock but JR whips Swagger from behind to break the hold and then Jerry hits DDT on Swagger. Lawler tags in JR and JR whips Swagger and then locks in the ankle lock but Swagger fights out and tags Cole and JR brings Cole in and just attack Cole with the belt and then locks Cole in the ankle lock but Swagger break it up and JR hits him with a low blow and whips him but from behind Cole rolls up JR.

Winners: Michael Cole & Jack Swagger

Match Rating: ½ * out of 5

We then see Todd Grisham with John Cena and he says he has not held the WWE Title since 6/20/2012 as he had to deal with New Nexus, Old Nexus, The Rock and Miz. He says after the cage match he will say The Champ is here.

Match 4: Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes in a Falls Count Anywhere Match:

Cody cuts a promo before the match saying that the people in the crowd are extremely ugly and should wear brown paper bags. They start with Cody in control throwing Rey in the corner but runs into kicks from Rey and then Rey kicks Cody and hit a hurricanrana sending Cody to the outside and then Rey hits a baseball slide hurricanrana. Cody goes up the ramp and Rey walks into a dropkick and then Cody punches Rey up the ramp and goes to throw him into the stage but Rey counters and throws Cody into the stage. Cody then goes off the stage and Rey hits a running seating senton. They then go in the crowd where Cody drops Rey on his groin on a wall in the crowd but Rey then trips Cody into the wall and they brawl up the stair throughout the crowd and lock Rey’s knees in the hand rail on the stairs and locks in a Boston Crab. Then he smashes Rey’s arm on the guardrail as they go up the stairs and are in the lobby now where Rey spears Cody and they crash into some trash cans. Rey drops the cover of a garbage can on Cody and then Rey goes to throw Cody into a mirror but Cody counters and hits a beautiful disaster. Rey then charges Cody but Cody lifts him up but Rey lands on his feet on a counter and then hits a cross body on Cody. They go back into the arena in the crowd now and go down the stairs ending up by the ring as Cody hip tosses Rey over the guard rail from the crowd to the outside. Rey goes for a hurricanrana but Cody counters and slams Rey’s face on the steps as they are back in the ring now. Cody charges Rey but Rey gets a foot up and hits a springboard cross body. Rey goes to the top rope and hits a flying head-butt to a standing Cody. Rey trips Cody and goes for the 619 but Cody moves when Rey exposes his knee brace. Cody hits an Alabama Slam and then Cody puts Rey on the top rope and climbs up also but Rey pushes him and off and then Cody runs into Rey who spits Green Mist in his face and then a 619 for the win after 12 minutes.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Match Rating: *** out of 5

Backstage all the Divas are talking when Layla walks in and says that she knows they don’t like her but tonight might be her last night and she apologies to all the Divas for anything she has ever done to them. They wish her luck because they like Michelle McCool less.

Michael Cole returns in the Cole Mine to call the action with Booker T & Josh Matthews.

Match 5: Michelle McCool vs. Layla in a Loser Leaves WWE Match:

Michelle attacks Layla as she is posing on the ropes and then attacks her outside and they go in the ring as Michelle hits Layla with a super kick. Layla with a take down and some punches but Michelle throws Layla out of the ring and Layla slams Michelle on the announcer’s table and then Layla charges at McCool but she moves and Layla hits the table. Michelle then runs knee first in Layla’s face as they go back in the ring. Michelle misses a kick and Layla hits a kick and then a dropkick. Michelle begs off & Layla just kicks her but McCool hits a belly to belly suplex and then throws Layla outside. Michelle goes to kick Layla but misses and gets caught up on the guardrail. Layla & Michelle are both standing on the guardrail and they both jump off and are back in the ring. Layla walks into a super kick from Michelle and goes for the Styles Clash but Layla counters and hits the neck breaker. Michelle with a kick to the face of Layla and then hits the Styles Clash and goes for a cocky pin but Layla rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Layla

Match Rating: ** out of 5

They are both crying as Layla leaves and Michelle is in the ring crying and then the music of Kharma hits and she comes and hits McCool with an Implant Buster. They show the Divas watching backstage and they are silent and scared.

Backstage Ricardo Rodriguez is saying Alberto Del Rio and Del Rio tells him to get it right and he says it in an amazing way. We then get a great video package for our next match.

Match 6: Alberto Del Rio vs. “Captain Charisma” Christian in a Ladder Match for the World Title:

The match starts with Christian laying in punches but Del Rio comes back with kicks as the crowd is behind Christian. Del Rio hits a head-butt and then a body slam. Del Rio goes to the outside to get a ladder but Christian pulls him back in the ring and takes control. Christian hits a backdrop and then goes outside to get a ladder. Del Rio attacks him from behind and throws him into the ring post. He throws Christian under the ring and gets a ladder but Christian comes out the other side and hits a baseball slide. Christian brings the ladder in the ring & sets it up and starts to climb but Del Rio pulls him down. Del Rio starts to climb but Christian pushes the ladder over only for Del Rio to land on his feet and hit an enziguiri. Del Rio grabs the ladder but Christian hits a right hand & throws Del Rio outside the ring. Christian grabs the ladder but Del Rio grabs his foot and trips him. On the outside Del Rio throws Christian into the steps & then sets a ladder up between the ring and the announcer’s table. Del Rio goes to suplex Christian on the ladder but Christian counters and goes for a slingshot but Del Rio kicks him off and he hits the steps. Del Rio goes to throw Christian into that ladder but Christian slides under it and slams Del Rio’s face on it. Christian goes to the top rope but Del Rio pushes him off and he lands on a ladder set up nearby and then hits a cross body onto Del Rio and slides back in the ring. Christian sets up a ladder & climbs it but Del Rio pulls him off. Del Rio sets up a ladder in the corner & Christian levels him with punches and goes for a body slam on the ladder but Del Rio counters & goes for the cross arm breaker but Christian counters & goes for the kill switch but Del Rio counters only to be dropped chest first onto the ladder. Christian hits Del Rio with the ladder sending him to the outside & Christian sets up the ladder in the ring and starts to climb but Del Rio throws a step ladder at him and climbs it only to hit Christian with an arm breaker off the ladder and levels Christian with punches and then throws him into the ladder & then drops the step ladder on him. Del Rio sets a ladder up in the corner and then throws Christian into there. He then goes to sandwich him with the step ladder but Christian moves & sets up the ladder again and starts to climb but Del Rio comes up behind him and goes for a power bomb that Christian counters into a hurricanrana sending Del Rio on the apron. Del Rio then goes to suplex him on the ladder outside between the ring & announcer’s table but Christian counters and back drops Del Rio onto a ladder in the ring. Christian is on the top rope holding a ladder and Del Rio runs up with an enziguiri that sends Christian crashing on top of the ladder in the ring. Del Rio sets up the ladder and goes to climb but Christian grabs his foot but Del Rio kicks him off and starts to climb but Del Rio pushes the ladder over and Del Rio throws Christian to the outside & Ricardo gives him a chair. Christian throws Del Rio into the ring post & they go back in the ring. Christian hits Del Rio with a spear & then goes to climb but Del Rio grabs his legs and puts his body threw the rungs of the ladder and starts to climb but Christian escapes and turns the ladder over. Christian then runs into a dropkick from Del Rio and Christian is on the ladder between the ring & table and Del Rio goes for an elbow drop but Christian moves. Christian goes in the ring and starts to climb but Brodus Clay takes the ladder and Christian is holding onto the title but Brodus pulls him down but Christian sends him into a ladder & hits him with the step ladder. Del Rio hits Christian with a dropkick & locks Christian’s arm in the cross arm breaker with his arm stuck in a ladder. Del Rio sets the ladder up and starts to climb & we hear a car honk and Edge pulls up in a jeep while Christian pushes the ladder over sending Del Rio on top of Brodus & Ricardo. This allows Christian to climb the ladder and grab the belt as the crowd goes crazy. Edge then hugs Christian in the 2011 Moment of the Year.

Winner: Christian Wins His First World Title

Match Rating: **** out of 5

Backstage Alex Riley & Miz are talking & Riley says a triple threat steel cage match is unfair and that Miz only has a 33% chance of winning. He tells Miz if he loses he is guaranteed a rematch but Miz stares at him and he tells Miz because he will win because he is the Miz and he is but Miz cuts him off and says don’t do that again and hits Riley with his jacket as he leaves.

Match 7: Big Show & Kane vs. Ezekiel Jackson & Wade Barrett in a Lumberjack Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles:

Big Show starts with Barrett & he backs Wade into the corner and levels him with chops & punches & tags in Kane who hits Wade with a dropkick. Wade rolls to the outside but lumberjacks throw him back in and he walks into a right hand from Kane. Kane then splashes Wade in the corner and hits a sidewalk slam. Jackson distracts Kane and Barrett kicks Kane and throws him outside and the lumberjacks attack Kane. Big Show then attacks the lumberjacks and throws Tyler Reks & one member of the Usos in the ring and Kane attacks both of them but runs into a clothesline from Jackson. Jackson then levels Kane with punches & a clothesline in the corner before tagging in Barrett who levels Kane with punches before tagging Jackson back in who goes for a clothesline but Kane ducks & they clothesline each other. Big Show & Barrett get tagged in & it is all Show until Jackson pulls down the rope and the lumberjacks attack Show as Jackson is tagged in. Jackson body slams Show & then Barrett tags himself in & goes for Wasteland but he can’t lift Show and he hits Wade with a chokeslam for the win after 4 minutes.

Winners: Kane & Big Show Retain the Tag Team Titles

Match Rating: * out of 5

Outside of the ring the lumberjacks attack each other while Kane and Big Show chokeslam Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel.

An ad for the True Story of WrestleMania DVD is shown. I own it and will review it eventually.

Main Event: John Cena vs. Miz vs. John Morrison in a Steel Cage Match for the WWE Title:

The bell rings and Miz tries to climb the cage but both Johns pulls him down and double team him hitting a double face plant but then Morrison tries to roll up Cena. Cena go for an arm drag but Morrison counter and hits a drop kick but runs into a clothesline from Miz. Miz throws both Johns into the cage multiple times until Cena counters & hits Miz with a suplex but Morrison hits Cena with a Russian leg sweep while Miz climbs the cage. Morrison climbs the cage & Miz falls down & pulls Morrison down but walks into an AA but Miz counters & climbs the cage & Cena follows him & they trade punches until Cena hits Miz with a bulldog off the top. Cena hits Morrison with shoulder blocks & hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Miz then hits Cena with the SCF as Morrison climbs the cage but Miz climbs the cage & they are both at the top. Morrison & Cena then double suplex Miz and he lands weird on his head. Morrison then climbs the cage but Cena pulls him back in only for Morrison to elbow Cena down and hit a springboard flying kick to Miz. Morrison climbs again but Miz power bombs him into the cage wall. Cena then locks Miz in the STFU but Miz is trying to crawl out the door and the rope chokes Cena breaking the hold. Miz & Cena then fight over who is going to escape the door until they both end up back in the ring. Morrison & Cena then climb the cage and trade punches at the top while Miz tries to go through the door until Morrison climbs down the side of the cage and kicks the door in the face of Miz. Cena & Morrison both fall but Cena falls in the ring while Morrison gets crotched on the cage door. Miz pulls Morrison back in & Cena hits Morrison with a monkey flip. Miz hits Cena with DDT & then kicks to the face of Cena. Miz then rubs Cena’s face into the cage while Morrison tries to climb out but Miz stops him & they trade punches at the top of the cage until they both end up back in the ring. Morrison then climbs again & hits a starship pain from the top of the cage on Miz & Cena. Morrison then tries to crawl out the door but R Truth comes out & goes in the cage and attacks Morrison & then hits Cena with a scissors kick and then climbs out the cage as all 3 men are down in the ring. Miz then gets up and climbs to the top but Cena stops him & hits an AA off the top of the cage allowing Cena to then pin Miz and gets the win.

Winner: John Cena

Match Rating: **** out of 5

I usually don’t do this but after the event ended John Cena announced to the crowd that Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US Military.

Overall: The event was very good as it featured three **** matches. Both major title matches delivered and the opener was great also. The Divas match was good and Kharma’s debut was great. The tables match was a good bonus match and Rey vs. Cody was also very good. The only bad matches were the two tag team matches. This event is a must see for any WWE fan as you will feel joy for Christian and enjoy the hardcore matches. Plus R Truth had a funny backstage interview making the rating go up 0.5. Plus Cena delivered and hit a cool monkey flip on John Morrison.

Overall Rating for Extreme Rules 2011: 8.5 out of 10

Until we meet again remember sometimes Destiny is not always right.


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