PIPE BOMB!: Brooke Tessmacher; The Breakout Knockout

PIPE BOMB!: Brooke Tessmacher; The Breakout Knockout

With Billy James

Six years ago, there was a dance group that perform on WWE ECW called Extreme Expose that was compose of a model (Kelly Kelly), 2006 Diva Search Winner (Layla) and a former Diva Search hopeful (Brooke Adams). Extreme Expose would perform sexy dance routines during ECW until Layla and Brooke would turn heel. However the real death of the group came when Brooke was release from the WWE in November of 2007. With that, Extreme Expose was no more and Brooke faded away into wrestling obscurity or so it seem. So if you had told me that Brooke Adams would be wresstling and wrestling in a major title match, I would have said that you’re out of your damn mind. But that’s exactly what happen.

Brooke would make a surprise return to main stream wrestling in March of 2010 when she made her debut as Eric Bischoff’s assistant name Ms. Tessmacher. For you comic book geeks out there; you know where the name “Tessmacher” comes from. But for you non geeks out there; the name comes from the name of Lex Luthor’s girlfriend and assistant in the first two Superman movies. Brooke’s character would change to become an actual wrestler when Bischoff fire her as his assistant. Brooke’s first match in TNA would see Brooke tagging with Mickie James in the tournament for the vacant TNA Knockouts Tag Teams titles which they were defended by Madison Rayne and Tara in the tournament.

2011 was the year dominated Mickie James, Winter, Madison Rayne and the returning Gail Kim who all would hold the Knockouts title through out the year. However, 2011 was also the rise of Brooke Tessmacher as a wrestler. Brooke returned to TV in April 2011 after suffering a broken jaw in December 2010 when in May Brooke unsuccessfully challenged Mickie James but later in the month; Brooke pinned Madison Rayne in a tag team match with Mickie James as her partner.

Brooke would get her first taste of gold in July 2011  when she and Tara defeated Mexican America (Sarita & Rosita) for the TNA Knockouts Tag Team titles. It was during this title reign that Brooke would be referred as “Brooke Tessmacher” instead of “Ms. Tessmacher” It was also during this time that Brooke started showing improvement in the ring. Brooke and Tara would hold the Knockouts Tag Team titles for over three months before loosing the titles to Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.

I was amazed by Brooke’s improvement in 2011 and when I did the TNA Glory Awards Podcast with my good buddy John Mayer who if you didn’t already know is the leader of the Mayernation and you can follow John on Twitter @ MayerNation. If you’re not following John, you need to. During the TNA Glory Awards, I named Brooke Tessmacher as the Knockout to watch in 2012 and I was right. Brooke has shown great improvement in the past year and in the past month, Brooke has some in ring skills including her new finisher; “Tess-Shocker” which is a belly to back facebuster.

I just have to laugh my ass off when I read reviews of TNA on other web sites and they rip into Brooke in their reviews saying how terrible she is. Well to quote the Miz; “Really?!?! Really?!?!” Well then try explaining to me how Brooke Tessmacher could be gone from the wrestling scene for three years and come back into wrestling and become a good performer in the ring while Kelly Kelly who has been in the WWE for the past six years but still can’t wrestle to save her life. Hell, Kelly couldn’t wrestle her way out of a wet paper bag even if she had instructions. There are Divas on NXT that can out wrestle Kelly Kelly; Maxine.

What I find even more ridiculous is that there’s one TNA review on the web where the reviewer who I won’t name (Don’t worry Andrew it’s not you. Andrew B. covers Impact Wrestling for our site and does a great job at it)  refers to Brooke as “Assmacher.” Now before someone says “Hey, you call Sarita the “Salsa Mama” I have but I also refer to her in reviews that I have done in the past as Sarita not “Salsa Mama”. I don’t have a problem with the nickname of “Assmacher” but I think you should at least show a little amount of respect by referring to her as Tessmacher when reviewing her matches.

Now I will say that Brooke Tessmacher has a smoking hot ass, (Hey, I’m a guy, I don’t do political correction and this is a Pipe Bomb!) one of the best in the business. However Brooke has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt at she’s more than a smoking hot model, she’s a wrestler. Whether you’re a fan of Brooke Tessmacher or not; you have to respect what Brooke had accomplished in her wrestling skills in the ring and Brooke keeps improving every day. Don’t be surprised to see Brooke as the TNA Knockouts Champion by October this year.


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One Response to PIPE BOMB!: Brooke Tessmacher; The Breakout Knockout

  1. forthecity says:

    No Billy they think it’s cool (like most idiotic know it all stuck up their behind fans/writers, C.Clutch blog is the worst at this) to make constant rips on a girl who isn’t a hardcore trained wrestler and of course a, shocker a MODEL, ewwwww. Yeah how original. Pitiful they ignore her obvious improvement in order to have a go at her modeling, by the way she isn’t ashamed of (and she shouldn’t be btw) which probably makes them even more baffled at her I guess lol! Some other fool described her as “playing wrestler” REALLY at this point that’s a daft thing to say. So the nickname doesn’t really bother me, but it’s the “well you’re only good for your ass” is what’s disrespectful and they go to legnths in order to do so.

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