Jillian Pfeifer: Laying The Smackdown For 5/4/12

Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of Laying the SmackDown. We are 5 nights removed from Extreme Rules where Sheamus successfully defended his World Heavyweight Title against Daniel Bryan in a 2 out of 3 falls match and Randy Orton defeated Kane in a falls count anywhere match. This week Damien Sandow will make his long awaited debut, and in tag team action we will see Randy Orton team with the Big Show to take on Kane and Cody Rhodes. Instead of hearing the whole show, why don’t we go to the ring?


The show opens with Sheamus coming out to a huge pop favoring his left shoulder, a repercussion from his Extreme Rules match. Josh Mathews is back from his injury at the hands of Brock Lesnar. He says that he is out here to do what he loves, which is to fight. He says he is to fight Daniel Bryan tonight, because Bryan wants to finish the job from injuring Sheamus’ shoulder. Sheamus and the crowd are chanting YES! when Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Bryan comes out not looking too happy. They both get ready for their match.


Match 1: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus


Daniel Bryan takes quick control by going after Sheamus’ injured shoulder. He tries to go for the YES! Lock but Sheamus reverses it. Bryan quickly starts to kick Sheamus’ arm repeatedly. He puts Sheamus’ arm in an arm lock to try to weaken it. Sheamus kicks Bryan in the abdomen to gain control. He repeatedly hits him, and sends Bryan to the floor. When Sheamus turns around, Ricardo Rodriguez is on the top rope and hits a cross body block on him and Alberto Del Rio kicks Sheamus in his injured arm, causing a disqualification, which gave Sheamus the win.


Match 1 Winner: Sheamus by Disqualification


Alberto Del Rio puts Sheamus’s injured arm in a cross arm breaker, then Bryan puts the same arm in the YES! Lock. Bryan and Del Rio get into an argument, while Sheamus makes his way up the ramp.


We come back from break to trainers trying to help Sheamus with his shoulder. We then see Kofi Kingston and R Truth come out for their match against Hunico and Camacho. Before the match A.W. comes out with his new clients Primo and Epico.


Match 2: Kofi Kingston and R Truth vs. Hunico and Camacho


R Truth and Hunico start the match. Truth takes quick control and tags in Kofi. Kofi goes for a cover but only gets a 1 count. Hunico knocks Kofi out of the ring and Truth charges for him. Camacho then takes a hit on Kofi while he is outside the ring. Hunico tags in Camacho who performs a leg drop on Kofi. Hunico is then tagged back in. Hunico goes for another cover, but Kofi kicks out. Kofi then gains control of the match and hits an arm drag on Hunico. Kofi tags in Truth who goes after Camacho. Truth goes for a cover on Camacho but Hunico breaks it up. Kofi then goes after Hunico and sends him out of the ring. Truth then hits a leg kick for the pin and the win.


Match 2 Winner: Kofi Kingston and R Truth


Next Brodus Clay will take on the All American American Jack Swagger


Match 3: Brodus Clay vs. Jack Swagger


Clay takes quick control and slams Swagger on the mat. Swagger then tries to avoid Clay and Dolph Ziggler tries to interfere. Swagger then headbutts Clay which sends him out of the ring. Dolph goes for a jumping kick but Clay headbutts him in the stomach. Swagger goes after Clay and repeatedly hits him and goes to the top rope to jump on him but Clay catches him and body slams him. Clay goes for his finisher but Swagger rolls out of the ring and leaves. Clay wins by countout. He then celebrates in the ring with Cameron and Naomi and some local kids.


Match 3 Winner: Brodus Clay by countout


We come back to the Raw Rewind from this past Monday. At Extreme Rules, John Cena defeated Brock Lesnar in an Extreme Rules match. Within 30 seconds into the match, Lesnar had Cena bloodied. On Monday, HHH comes out and tells Lesnar that his demands that he made the previous Monday were not going to be allowed. John Laurinitis is not happy with this; Lesnar flips and attacks HHH. He then put HHH in the Kimora Lock and “broke” his arm. Later that night, Cena comes out and says that he will be gone for a while but will wrestle at Over the Limit. Laurnitis comes out and brings out Lord Tensai and Sakamoto. Tensai goes to attack Cena but Laurnitis hits him with his mic. Laurnitis then says that HE is Cena’s opponent at Over the Limit. Laurnitis, Lord Tensai, and Sakamoto all attack Cena ‘s injured arm.


Now for my take on what happened. Laurnitis should be fired for what he did to Cena. No person in charge should intentionally hurt one of their employees. Tensai should find someone his own size to pick on. We can all see that Laurinitis has a vendetta against Cena because he beat Lesnar. Laurinitis’ dream of having Lesnar as the face of Raw blew up in his face. Everybody seems to make Cena out to be a bad guy. He is just having the worst picks with opponents. Bringing Lesnar back has been a slap in everyone’s face. He is not worth even close to the 5 million dollars they are paying him. He needs to go back to UFC and pick on them. He keeps using moves from UFC in WWE and he could put a lot of people out of action with his moves.


Okay, rant over! Now back to our regularly scheduled review.


Michael Cole makes the announcement that John Laurinitis is not in the building; he has taken a personal day. Yay! We don’t have to hear his grating voice!


We go to the back where Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio are still arguing. Eve is between them and Bryan demands that a second Sheamus vs. Bryan match occurs. Eve says that he can’t demand anything and she will consult with the physicians to see if Sheamus can wrestle.


Damien Sandow comes for his scheduled match against Derrick Bateman. Sandow says that he is here to help people. He says that people’s opinions are irrelevant. He says that he will not wrestle Bateman. He calls Bateman an ignoramus. He says he will not compete in a match tonight for the benefit of everyone. He goes back up the ring when Bateman demands a match. Out comes Ryback.


Match 4: Derrick Bateman vs. Ryback


Bateman gets early control but Ryback shuts it down. Ryback hits Whiplash on Bateman. He then hits a Lariat on Bateman and hits his original finsher for the quick pin.


Match 4 Winner: Ryback


Match 5: Kane and Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show and Randy Orton


Orton and Rhodes start the match. Orton gets quick control and goes for a cover but Rhodes kicks out. Orton tags in Show who immediately starts repeatedly hitting Rhodes. Show then uses his body to go after Rhodes, then tags Orton back in. Rhodes tags in Kane and Kane quickly gets control from Orton. Orton tags in Show who quickly hits Kane with repeated punches. Kane then tags in Rhodes and hits a few moves and tags Kane back in. Kane goes for a cover but Show kicks out. Kane hits a submission hold which Show pulls out from and slams Kane onto the mat. Show tags in Orton while Kane tags in Rhodes. Orton quickly gets in his happy place and goes for a DDT but Kane punches him. Orton then hits the DDT on Kane, who was tagged in. Orton goes for the RKO but Kane countered. Kane goes for a cover but Orton kicks out. Rhodes goes for the cover but Orton kicks out yet again. Rhodes puts Orton in a submission move but Orton gets out of it. Rhodes goes for the CrossRhodes but Orton reverses it and tags Show in. Show makes quick work of Rhodes and goes for the chokeslam but Kane interferes. Orton then hits the RKO on Kane and throws Orton into the corner. Show then knocks Rhodes down and hits the WMD for the win.


Match 5 Winners: Big Show and Randy Orton


We find out that Sheamus WILL wrestle Daniel Bryan again tonight in the main event.


Match 6: Layla vs. Natalya


Natalya takes quick control of the match which Layla reverses. Natalya tries several ways to get Layla’s arm weakened. Natalya hits Layla with an arm bar and goes for the cover. Layla kicks out and gains control of the match. Layla wins the quick match.


Match 6 Winner: Layla


We then go to the back where Aksana and Antonio Cesaro are taking photos together. Teddy Long comes in and Eve tells him that he has to rub oil all over Antonio’s body. He initially refuses but Eve says that he hasn’t done anything all night and that he has to make himself useful. Teddy reluctantly does it.


We come back to AJ and Kaitlyn. AJ apologizes for slapping Kaitlyn last week. She says it wasn’t the real her and she hasn’t been herself. Kaitlyn says that she felt betrayed and that she was only trying to be there for AJ. Kaitlyn says that the pity party that AJ is having over Daniel Bryan has to stop. AJ then slaps Kaitlyn across the face again.


Alberto Del Rio comes out to commentate on the main event.


Match 7: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus (Take 2)


Sheamus starts the match by punching Bryan. Sheamus repeatedly elbows Bryan in the face. Bryan then repeatedly kicks Sheamus’ taped up shoulder. Sheamus tries to protect his shoulder from Bryan. Bryan has maintained control of the match. Sheamus then flips Bryan and goes for a Brogue kicks but misses. He is on the ropes when Bryan kicks him off and into the barriers outside the ring. Bryan does repeated kicks on Sheamus and Sheamus drops down to the outside of the ring. Bryan slams Sheamus’ shoulder into a ring post. Bryan hits a diving headbutt and goes for the cover but Sheamus kicks out. Bryan then punches the shoulder and rips the tape off of his shoulder. Bryan hits a submission move but Sheamus gets out of it. Sheamus then sends Bryan into a ring post. Sheamus repeatedly hits Bryan in the chest twice. He goes for a cover but Bryan kicks out. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse back breaker and goes for the cover again but Bryan kicks out yet again. Sheamus repeatedly knees Bryan’s shoulder. Bryan goes to the top rope and hits a front drop kick. Bryan goes for a cover but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus hits Bryan in the face and goes for the High Cross but Del Rio interferes. Sheamus pushes Bryan towards Del Rio and sends Bryan out of the ring and Del Rio running for cover. Bryan goes to the top rope for another move but Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for the win.


Match 7 Winner: Sheamus once again


We end the show with Sheamus celebrating in the ring.


This week’s Smackdown gets 7 out of 10 from me. The matches were pretty good. I just wish the whole Laurinitis/ Eve/ Teddy Long angle would end. It’s getting old quick. Hopefully next week Ryback will face someone on the main roster, and maybe Damien Sandow will finally wrestle? Only time will tell. Well, everyone have a safe week and I will see you next week for another edition of Laying the Smackdown!


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