An Independent Point Of View: My Interview With Eric Tapout

For the last 5 years Pro Wrestling Syndicate has been one of the top Indy federations not only in the New Jersey area but all around the world. In March I went to my first ever PWS show and I was truly amazed and I wrote about it which can be found here Now with 3 big shows coming up I talk to PWS Owner Eric Tapout.


John Mayer: You have a big show coming up on May 4th with two WWE Hall of Famers appearing and a stacked card. Should the fans expect to see any surprises?


Eric Tapout:It’s PWS .. absolutely!  One thing that we did let slip out is that Teddy Hart will be returning to PWS on May 4th which should be extra interesting as his uncle Bret Hart will be the guest PWS Commissioner.  What will Teddy’s role be on the show? Be there live to find out.


JM: The talk of the wrestling world last month was Sid Vicious no showing your event which led to co-owner Pat Buck not only calling Sid from the middle of the ring but to give us fans who were in attendance his phone number. Has Sid called you since that night and do you plan on doing business with him again?


ET: I have had no contact with Sid.  A few days prior to the PWS show where Sid no showed, my buddy Danny Duggan had contacted Sid for a show in Canada.   That show took place this past Friday.  I woke up that morning to a phone call from Danny saying “Sid missed his flight, he said he overslept”.  At least people in Memphis can rest well knowing there’s not more deli robbings going on.


JM: Your 5 year anniversary shows are coming up on June 1st and 2nd. What have been some of your favorite moments from PWS over the first 5 years?


ET:At the very first PWS event when I arrived at The Garfield Boys & Girls Club I was greet by a large muscular guy holding a gym bag. He came over to me and said “My name is Paul , I’m not booked, but I’m here to help in an way if you need any help , I’ll do security or whatever you need.  A few minutes later I found out that one of the Main Events for the night had to be changed up because someone had car problems getting to the show and was stuck out of state.  Paul went on to be in the Main Event that night, and Paul Fuchs, Paul E Normus, was a great friend from that point forward and is truly missed. Also going with firsts .. the first time I was ever backstage at a wrestling show was in 2002.  There was a spot show at The Westchester County Center in White Plains, which is a small arena which WWE, ECW, and TNA have run shows in.  There was maybe 200 people there for this particular show, small intimate setting.  I was standing near the men’s room and a guy came over to me and said “hey cuz do you have a cigarette”.  He introduced himself and we went outside for a cigarette. When we walked back in I began walking back to my seat, he said ‘nah cuz come hang out’.  He would end up being the first guy I ever booked for PWS, the first guy I wanted in my locker room, and the guy that would win the first ever PWS match, Trent Acid..whom is very missed.


JM: At the 5th Anniversary show you will have some legends from wrestling appear as well as the PWS talent. Who is the 1 wrestler you would love to bring in for a show?


ET: My favorites growing up were Bruiser Brody and Dynamite Kid … in a completely hypothetical world, DK would be amazing and well Bruiser Brody in a hypothetical world even more amazing.  I’m highly looking forward to having the wealth of talent that we do on June 1st and June 2nd.  It’s an honor to have The Great Muta and KAI from All Japan Pro Wrestling coming to The United States to wrestle for us as well as the abundance of legends and top indy talent.


JM: Where do you see PWS 5 years from now?


ET: Hopefully the same thing we’ve set out to do from day one which is to run fun wrestling events that fans enjoy. Hopefully five years from now fans will still enjoy our product.


JM: I am an up and coming journalist who would love to one day get to be in the wrestling business as an interviewer. What advice could you give me or anyone else who wants to get into the business?


ET: Always be genuine and honest.


JM: One last question Eric where can we find PWS on the internet?


ET: is the PWS website which also has links to join our Facebook page and to follow us on Youtube.


I am very much looking forward to the 5 year anniversary show coming up on June 1st. I want to thank Eric for taking the time out to talk to me. And if you are in the Rahway area check out a PWS show you will not be disappointed.


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