PIPE BOMB!: The Bella Twins; Gone But Not Forgotten

PIPE BOMB!: The Bella Twins; Gone But Not Forgotten

With Billy James

Well, the IWC jumped for enjoy last night getting their wish as the Bella Twins were fired last night by Eve Torres as to explain the Bella Twin’s exit for the WWE. The Bella Twins wrestled Layla in a triple threat match which was so short, the IWC were pissed that they missed half of the Chris Jericho vs. the Big Show. Then later in the show, Jerry Lawler announces that the Bella Twins have been fired which the WWE showed on their web site the previous mention firing of the Bella Twins by Eve who looked like a Miss Tessmacher wantabe.

 Last week, I drop a Pipe Bomb about the Bella Twins not going anywhere in which I freely admitted I was wrong. But I will say that far as I concerned the Bella Twins will never be forgotten for what they accomplished in the WWE. Yes, Brie and Nikki struggled to find their place in the Divas Division as the division was full of great talent like Melina, Jillian Hall, Victoria and Mickie James. However as time went on and the Bella Twins both turn heel, they were able to find a niche for themselves in the division.

 I read the dirt sheets everyday and I read the comments that fans in the IWC write. For the most part, I don’t comment on these dirt sheet as I have no desire to get into a pissing contest with some closed minded troll who acts like they’re Mel Gibson’s personal assistant. Half of the IWC have make it clear that they could give a rat’s ass about Women’s Wrestling which nothing that I’m saying in this article or any other article that I written will changed their minds. But what makes me want to say “Are you F#cking kidding me?” are those ones who say that they are fans of Women’s Wrestling but expect the WWE to be like Shimmer or Women’s Sports Uncensored. If you expect the Divas division to be like Shimmer then either go to a Shimmer taping or purchase the DVD because the Divas Division will never change.

 What really pisses me off is how these fans can just shit on the Bella Twins saying they can’t wrestle and that they’re glad they’re gone but praise likes of Kelly Kelly or Alicia Fox. I freely admit that I’m a card carrying member of the Kelly Kelly Hater’s Club. But come on, Kelly Kelly has been in the WWE longer than the other Divas with the exception of Beth Phoenix.Kelly Kelly should be able to perform basic wrestling moves with no issues. Kelly botches more moves in the ring than Teddy long saying “Holla! Holla!” A prime example of the botch fest that I like “Kellyism 101” just watch Kelly Kelly vs. Maxine from this past Thursday WWE Superstars to see what I mean.

So when these fans write what how the Bella Twins suck and can’t wrestle, I just have to laugh and say what about Rosa Mendes, Aksana and of course; Kelly Kelly. What will the future hold for the Bella Twins now that they are gone? Anything as the Bella Twins were not release but did not renew their contracts. Hell, they could show up at tonight’s TNA taping and there wouldn’t be a damn thing that the WWE could do about it. I personally think that the Bella Twins seriously want to continue their wrestling careers then they need to work the independent circuit for four to eight months to gain more experience. After getting some more experience under their belts, I think they would be a great asset to the Knockout’s Tag Team Division. Only time will what the Bella Twins will do but if they decide to move on from wrestling then I wish them the best and thank them for the memories.


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