Jillian Pfeifer: Laying The Smackdown For 4/27/12

Welcome to this week’s Laying the Smackdown! We are just two days away from Extreme Rules, so this will be a good show. This week our main event is a rematch from Monday Night Raw as Sheamus takes on Mark Henry (without Daniel Bryan as referee), along with Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio. Michael Cole also interviews Randy Orton. I will also have my picks for the Extreme Rules Pay per view at the end. Well, let’s get right to it!


The show opens with highlights from Monday’s Raw where Brock Lesnar thew Josh Mathews after Mathews asked Lesnar a few questions and stated that he was ”just doing his job”. Mathews suffered tightness in his neck and abrasions as a result.


Daniel Bryan comes out to a mixed reaction. Bryan says that he finally got rid of AJ. He says that the loss at Wrestlemania doesn’t count. It should go on AJ’s record, not him. Bryan believes that Sheamus is walking around with his title, and that Sheamus cannot legitimately beat him in their two out of three falls match on Monday. Bryan then discusses his refereeing the Monday Night Raw match. They show doctored footage of Bryan counting the three on Sheamus. Alberto Del Rio then interrupts Bryan chanting YES! Del Rio says that Bryan is making excuses and that he will be the next champion as he is the number one contender. He also says that Bryan will be forgotten. Big Show then interrupts this YES! fest. This is getting really annoying. Show questions whether this is a YES or SI thing. He then goes after Bryan but he gets away, as does Del Rio, but poor Ricardo Rodriguez gets caught by Show. Show asks Ricardo if it is YES! or SI! Ricardo makes an odd noise, which Show takes as SI!, then chokeslams Rodriguez. Next is Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio.


Match 1: Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio (non-title match)


Big show has control of the match when we come back from the break. Del Rio gets control after getting Big Show to his knees. Show countered the cross arm breaker and speared Del Rio. Show goes for the chokeslam but Cody Rhodes interferes, giving Del Rio the win by DQ. Rhodes then hits Show with a kendo stick, which doesn’t bother Show. Cody then attempts a chair, which Show just punches. Show grabs a strap and whips Rhodes twice with it. Cody runs back up the ramp as Show’s music hits.


Match 1 Winner: Alberto Del Rio by Disqualification


We then see John Lauranitis and Eve talking about Eve’s new position. Lauranitis states that any changes that Eve wants to make, he will allow. Eve suggests that everyone wears nametags. Teddy Long appears and asks what his position is. Lauranitis states that he is just an employee, and that Long has to report to Eve. Eve tells Long to go get a nametag.


The show highlights where Nikki Bella ended Beth Phoenix’s 200 day reign as Diva’s Champion. Phoenix injured her ankle during the match, which was a lumberjill match. Next is a match featuring Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox.


Back from commercial, we once again get a promo from Damien Sandow. Next week, Sandow will FINALLY make his debut. He once again uses a lot of big words and ends it with “your welcome”.


Match 2: Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox


Alicia Fox is in the ring as The Bella Twins music hits. The announcement is made that Beth Phoenix will invoke her rematch clause against Nikki at Extreme Rules. Nikki takes early control and goes for an early pin but doesn’t get the count. Nikki tries a variety of submission maneuvers to no avail. Alicia gets control but Nikki soon counters. Nikki and Brie soon do their twin switching, and Brie gets the pinfall on Alicia.


Match 2 Winner: Nikki Bella (really Brie Bella)


We come back to Titus O’Neil and Darren Young mocking Yoshi Tatsu. It is reveal that Yoshi will team with Ezekiel Jackson against O’ Neil and Young.


We then go to Long dusting Lauranitis’s Office with his nametag on. Aksana then comes in to tell Teddy Laurnitis comes in and says that Antonio Cesaro will get a trial match tonight, and Aksana will be the guest ring announcer. Eve then reveals to Teddy that he will have his own ringside commentary table. Lauranitis then tells Teddy he will not say anything unless Lauranitis instructs him to.


Match 3: Titus O’Neil and Darren Young vs. Yoshi Tatsu and Ezekiel Jackson


O’Neil and Young come out first, with Tatsu and Jackson following. The match starts with Tatsu and Young. Young tags in O’Neil who decimates Tatsu. Young and O’Neil double team Tatsu. Jackson gets the quick pin on Tatsu.


Match 3 Winner: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil


Up next is the Michael Cole interview with Randy Orton.


Michael Cole gives the background to the Orton/ Kane match at Extreme Rules. Cole then introduces Orton, who comes out to a big pop. Cole asks Orton if he knows about Lauranitis’s rule that superstars cannot touch announcers, or they will be immediately suspended. Orton says that he knows, but if he is provoked in the right way, he tends not to act or think rationally. A video package is then aired about the Orton and Kane history, which dates back to July 2011. Kane calls Orton a scared little boy and says that he is the monster that will never go away. Orton then says that once you mess with his family, there is no turning back. It is then revealed that Orton has put Paul Bearer, Kane’s father, in a freezer. Cole then questions how Orton feels about going into a match with Kane, who has become a monster because of Orton’s failures. Orton states that what happens at Mania goes down in history. People talk about that match, but what happens at Extreme Rules will be much different. Orton plans on doing much more than pinning Kane’s shoulders to the mat. Kane messed with Orton’s family, and there is nothing stopping Orton from putting Kane to the edge of his life. Jinder Mahal then comes out. Mahal states that both Orton and Kane will take each other down, and when they do, a new breed of superstar will emerge. Their time at the top is over. Mahal says that he is younger, smarter, richer and hungrier than Orton. Orton asks Mahal if he is an announcer. Orton than RKO’s Mahal. It is looking like Mahal will be Orton’s next feud.


A Punk/Jericho promo is aired for their match at Extreme Rules.


Match 4: Tyson Kidd vs. Antonio Cesaro


Kidd is in the ring as Cesaro’s music hits. Cesaro takes control of the match and hits a chop on Kidd. Cesaro then throws Kidd and Kidd gets control for a hot minute before Cesaro reverses it. Cesaro gets the quick win. Lauranitis forces Long to raise Cesaro’s hand, and watches in horror as Aksana kisses Cesaro right in front of him.


Match 4 Winner: Antonio Cesaro


The controversial video of Brock Lesnar is then aired again. Lesnar and Cena has an Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules.


Match 5: Cody Rhodes vs. The Great Khali


Rhodes tries to get Khali down, but Khali hits a chop on him. Rhodes then gets control and kicks Khali in the face. Rhodes then goes for Khali’s ankle and Khali clubs him. Khali then gets control of the match and hits the Punjabi Plunge for a quick win.


Match 5 Winner: The Great Khali


Match 6: Jacob Kaye vs. Ryback


Kaye grabs the microphone and states that he will become the first man to defeat Ryback. Ryback’s music hits to a pretty good pop. Kaye runs to Ryback, who throws him. He then steps on Kaye’s chest, and is given the lariat and a fisherman’s suplex for the quick win.


Match 6 Winner: Ryback


Next, the breakup of AJ and Daniel Bryan from last week’s Smackdown, and AJ’s beating of Natayla is aired. Matt Striker then asks AJ about Bryan about AJ who doesn’t respond to any questions , and Kaitlyn defends her. AJ then smacks Kaitlyn across the face after Kaitlyn provokes her.


Match 7: Sheamus vs. Mark Henry


Sheamus comes out to a big pop, and Mark Henry comes out to a mixed reaction. Henry takes quick control by throwing Sheamus. Sheamus gains control, or not. Sheamus goes for a cover, but Henry kicks out. Henry sends Sheamus over the top rope. Sheamus hits a shoulder, and Henry rolls out of the ring. Henry regains control and goes for a slam, but Sheamus rolls out. Sheamus then clobbers Henry and both are out of the ring. Henry throws Sheamus into the barricades. Sheamus kicks out of a cover again. Henry goes for a nerve neck hold, which Sheamus breaks out of. Sheamus gets Henry down and gets a DDT, but Henry kicks out. Sheamus goes for the Brogue kick, which Henry reverses. Sheamus hits the Brogue kick for the win.


Match 7 Winner: Sheamus

Daniel Bryan appears and claps for Sheamus. Sheamus invites Bryan down. Sheamus asks Bryan if he is afraid that he will kick his head off. Sheamus says that Bryan got away easy, but at Extreme Rules he won’t get off so easy. Sheamus says that he will kick Bryan’s ass to retain his championship. They stare each other down to end the show.


This week’s SmackDown was pretty good. I am giving it 7.5 out of 10. Next week we will see the fallout from Extreme Rules. Now for my predictions for Extreme Rules:

  • Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan to retain World Heavyweight Championship
  • Randy Orton defeats Kane
  • Big Show defeats Cody Rhodes to retain Intercontinental Championship
  • Nikki Bella defeats Beth Phoenix to retain Diva’s Championship
  • CM Punk defeats Chris Jericho to retain WWE Championship
  • The Miz wins the United States Championship
  • John Cena defeats Brock Lesnar

That is it for this edition of Laying the SmackDown! See ya next week!





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