PIPE BOMB!: The Bella Twins Aren’t Going Anywhere

PIPE BOMB!: The Bella Twins Aren’t Going Anywhere

With Billy James

In the past few weeks, the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) were jumping for joy when Wrestling Dirt Sheet web sites started reporting that the Bella Twins would be leaving the WWE after their contracts expire at the end of this month. However last night during Monday Night Raw Supershow; the IWC were jumping off the couches shouting “What The F$%#Ck Just Happen.” Speaking for only myself, I was happy to see Nikki win the Divas title. Granted I would have liked to have seen Beth Phoenix break Mayrse’s record for longest title reign. Never the less, the IWC didn’t waste no time in trash talking and complaining about Nikki winning the Divas. Well my dear IWC fans, the Bella Twins aren’t going anywhere.

Now I’m not saying that Nikki Bella or Brie for than matter are the best female wrestlers going because that is absolutely not true. The Bella Twins are nowhere near the level of the likes of Cheerleader Melissa, Trish Stratus, Lita, Mickie James and etc. However, the Bella Twins are better than Alicia Fox, Aksana and of course Kelly Kelly. I’ll admitted that I was not a fan for the Bella Twins at one time but they won me over as a fan during their time on Season 3 of NXT.

It was during NXT that I got to see what the Bellas could do in the ring and show some character as Nikki turned heel. Nikki would also have some good matches with AJ which showed that Nikki can wrestle. Brie eventually turn heel with Nikki and two started to show more personality to characters. But unfortunately, the Bella Twins could never really show what they could do in the ring if given the time. However they would be feature in backstage segments including being the on screen girlfriends of Daniel Bryan.

I have seen Brie Bella wrestle twice over the past few years, the first time being in Dothan , Alabama when Brie faced Natayla which the Bella Twins used “Twin Magic” to beat Natayla. The second time I saw Brie wrestle was May of last year also in Dothan when Brie was still the WWE Divas Champion. Brie successfully defended the title Eve Torres. This match was good and believe it or not, the crowd was into the match.

What makes the Bella Twins stand out from the other Divas is two things. I think that the first thing is very obvious as they are twins. Because they are twins, the ‘switch person” gimmick works for them in matches although it shouldn’t be used in every match. However that second thing that makes the Bella Twins stand out is the chemistry between Nikki and Brie. Nikki and Brie bickering and sibling jealously of the other plays very well on screen. I’m not saying that Bella Twins are great actresses when doing the promos and backstage segments but they are a hell of a lot better than Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly.

Now I can hear the IWC saying that I’m crazy to think that the Bella Twins are standing in the WWE. Most of the Wrestling dirt sheet web sites are reporting that the Bellas are still leaving and Nikki is going to drop the Divas title to Kharma. Well if that’s true in which probably is then they would have put the title on someone like Aksana or Rosa who are still under contract. Putting the title on someone who is getting ready to leave the company doesn’t make sense as anything can happen before the end of the month. Plus that quick of a switch with the title devalues it. Yes, I know that Beth hasn’t defended the belt in the past two months before Nikki beat her for the title but it still had value to it.

On a side note, with Nikki winning the WWE Divas title last night, the Bella Twins are the first sisters to have held the WWE Divas title and from what research I have done and to my memory; they are also the first sisters to have held a major Women’s Wrestling singles title. Will Kharma show up at Extreme Rules or next Monday’s Raw and win the WWE Divas title or will Nikki still be the Champion? I guess we will find out in a week who’s right and who’s wrong but I’ll be laughing when Raw goes off next Monday night And Nikki Bella is still the WWE Divas.


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