Jillian Pfeifer: Laying The Smackdown For 4/20/12

Welcome to another week of Laying the SmackDown! This week the Smackdown crew is in London,England at the O2 Arena. The announced main event is a 6 man tag match with Sheamus,Randy Orton,and The Great Khali taking on Daniel Bryan,Mark Henry,and Cody Rhodes. Also we will see how John Laurinaitis treats Teddy Long. And chances are we will see Ryback crush some poor kid. Let’s go to the ring.


Daniel Bryan comes out chanting YES! and the crowd seems to like him. He discusses his loss at WrestleMania and blames Sheamus for taking the cowardly way out to win the title from him. He says he won’t be distracted at Extreme Rules. Bryan states that he will win in Chicago, just like he did several months ago when he won the World Heavyweight Championship in Chicago. He says that he will outwrestle Sheamus. AJ then interrupts. Bryan tells AJ to go away. AJ refuses. AJ asks Bryan to talk about their problems. Bryan says that his only problem was AJ. Bryan wishes that he never met AJ or let her go out with him. He also wishes that she were never even born. Bryan starts laughing and states that he will never take AJ back and leaves AJ in the ring crying.


Back from commercial, AJ has a match with Natalya.

Match 1: AJ vs. Natalya

Natalya comes out to her music and AJ doesn’t move at all. Natalya goes to AJ to comfort her. AJ then slaps Natalya across the face and AJ won’t stop beating on Natalya because of her anger with Bryan. The match ends quickly with Natalya winning by DQ.

Match Winner: Natalya by DQ


AJ stumbles up the ramp crying and clearly upset.


We come back with Damien Sandow doing a promo. He scolds America with going for simple things and ends his tirade with “Your Welcome”.


Match 2: Hunico vs. Brodus Clay

Hunico is in the ring as Brodus Clay’s music hits. He then brings out his brother. His brother turns out to be Hornswoggle. Clay starts hitting Hunico and flips him over. He lands the Funkasuarus and ends this squash match. After the match Hornswoggle hit a Tadpole Splash on Hunico.

Match Winner: Brodus Clay


Back from commercial Teddy Long gets confronted by Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. Young and O’Neil mock Long because of him not signing them to Smackdown. Laurinitis appears and admonishes Long for not signing either of them. He makes Long the Queen’s guard which forces him to stand outside Laurinitis’ office without speaking or doing anything.


We then go to Matt Striker who is with Randy Orton. There is a recap about what happened last week with Orton and his father being attacked by Kane. Striker then asks how Orton’s father is. Orton says that his father will be fine in time, but Kane necessarily won’t be. At Extreme Rules, Orton and Kane have a Falls Count Anywhere match. Orton vows at Extreme Rules that Kane will find out exactly how sick and twisted Orton can be.


Back from commercial, the Usos come out for a tag match.


Match 3: The Usos vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

The match starts with Young and Jimmy Uso in the ring. Uso wears Young down and tags in Jey. Young kicks Jey in the face and tags in O’Neil. O’ Neil goes for a cover and it goes to a 2 count. Young gets tagged back in and goes for another cover and fails. He goes for a submission hold which Jey breaks out of. Jey tags in Jimmy who brings Young down. Jimmy goes for a cover but O’ Neil breaks it. O’Neil tags in and they hit a double team clothesline from the second rope and O’ Neil covers Jimmy. The 3 count is called and this match is over.

Match 3 Winners: Titus O’Neil and Darren Young


Next is the Raw rebound which goes over the Jericho/Punk storyline. Jericho claims that Punk is going to be an alcoholic and he has a family problem. Jericho keeps pouring beer on Punk every week and says that he will win the WWE Championship. Punk says that he is in a dark place and that he will draw on that to beat the living pulp out of Jericho at Extreme Rules in his hometown of Chicago. The match will be a Chicago Street Fight.


We see Big Show head to the ring for his match with Alberto Del Rio.

Match 4: Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio


Del Rio’s ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez announces Del Rio into the ring. Big Show then comes out to his music. The match starts with Show hitting Del Rio to the ground. Del Rio goes after Show’s leg but Show kicks him. Show then puts his feet on Del Rio’s chest. Big Show drops an elbow and goes for the cover but Del Rio kicks out. Del Rio hits Shows leg and gains control of the match and goes for the cover but Show kicks out. He goes for the cross arm breaker but show kicks out of that to. Del Rio goes after Show’s hurt arm. Show goes for the chokeslam but Del Rio gets out and kicks Big Show in the knee which brings him to his back. Del Rio goes for another cover but Show kicks out once again. Del Rio goes for the arm breaker but Show picks him up and throws him. Both men are down. Del Rio gets up first but Show hits him the chest. Show then gains control and spears Del Rio. Show goes for the chokeslam but Cody Rhodes interferes while the ref is distracted and hits the Disaster kick on Show and Del Rio picks up the win.


Match 4 Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Big Show makes it look like he is going to go after Rhodes and Rhodes runs out of the ring and into the crowd. Big Show then heads to the back.


Match 5: Danny Lerman vs. Ryback


Lerman is in the ring and dedicates the match to his mom. Ryback comes out. Lerman kicks Ryback .Ryback then throws him and smashes his head on the mat and then throws him again. Ryback hits the Lariat and then hits a Fisherman’s suplex for the win in this squash match.

Match 5 Winner: Ryback


We go back to Raw with Brock Lesnar discussing his match against John Cena at Extreme Rules. Lesnar says he is not a wrestler, he is an ass kicker. He also claims the reason Cena is in the postion he is in, is because Lesnar left the WWE back in 2004. Lesnar is a 3 time WWE Champion and a UFC Heavyweight Champion. He says he came back strictly for business. Lesnar says that he will bring pain to Cena. He says that beating people up makes him happy. Cena and Lesnar have an Extreme Rules match against each other at Extreme Rules.


We then go to Teddy Long standing outside Laurinaitis office. William Regal comes up and mocks Long. Aksana and Antonio Cesaro appear. Aksana questions Long’s outfit and introduces Cesaro. Laurnaitis invites Cesaro and Aksana in his office and mocks Long.


Match 6: 6 Man Tag Team Match: Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show


The Great Khali was supposed to team with Sheamus and Orton but Rhodes took him out with a knee shot which brought out the Intercontinental Champion Big Show to replace him. The match now starts with Orton and Rhodes. Orton pummels Rhodes and goes for a cover but Rhodes quickly gets out. Orton tags in Sheamus and Bryan doesn’t want anything to do with Sheamus. Sheamus kicks Rhodes in the chest and goes for a cover. Rhodes kicks out and Sheamus kicks him in the head. Sheamus hits Rhodes in the chest 10 times and Rhodes gains control of the match. Bryan then kicks Sheamus in the chest outside of the ring. Bryan is then tagged in and keeps kicking Sheamus. Henry is then tagged in and steps on Sheamus’ chest. Rhodes is then tagged in again. Rhodes then puts Sheamus in a submission hold but Sheamus gets out of it. Sheamus then gains control again and tags in Orton. Orton gets in his happy place and Bryan goes after him. Right after Henry knocks Orton down and Rhodes goes for the pin. Orton kicks out and Rhodes tags in Henry. Back from break, Henry has tagged in Bryan and goes for a cover but Orton kicks out. Both men are down and Orton tags in Show and Bryan tags in Henry. Henry hits Show with a clothesline after Rhodes kicks him I the back. Henry tags in Bryan and he does a quick job of Show and tags back in Henry. Henry takes a few shots on Show and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes goes after Show’s ankle and locks in the Figure Four on Show. Show struggles to get out of the submission lock. Henry then tags himself in and goes for a cover. Show kicks out and Bryan is tagged in. Bryan goes for another cover and Show kicks hard enough to get Bryan out of the ring. Show tags in Sheamus and goes after Bryan. Sheamus covers Bryan but Rhodes stops the 3 count. Show then hits the WMD on Rhodes, putting him out of the ring. Bryan goes for the YES lock but Sheamus counters. Sheamus goes for the Brogue kick but Bryan tags in Henry. Henry pushes Sheamus down but Sheamus hits the Brogue kick and then Show hits the WMD again followed by an RKO from Orton. Orton covers Henry for the victory for his team.


Match 6 Winner: Randy Orton, Big Show, and Sheamus


All three men pose to end the show. This week’s Smackdown wasn’t bad at all. I really enjoyed the main event and the Show/ Del Rio match. Tune in next week as it will be 2 days before Extreme Rules. Next week I will give my predictions for the pay per view. See you next week.


Show Rating: 7.5 out of 10




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