Pipe Bomb!: TNA Wrestling; Stop The Hate

Pipe Bomb!: TNA Wrestling; Stop The Hate

With Billy James

For some strange reason, IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) always seems to be obsessed with the idea that one product is great and another is not. IWC reminds me of people who only see one because they’re wearing blinders. The IWC will complain about how one thing in wrestling is terrible with refusing to the positives while praising another thing is the greatest thing on God’s green Earth; even when it sucks. Now I can hear the IWC pounding on their keyboard saying “Hey, Billy; aren’t you a part of the IWC?” Yes, I’m a part of the IWC, we are all. However unlike most of the IWC, I’m willing to see the good and bad. A prime example of what I’m about is how the IWC hates on TNA.

I just find it amazing that the IWC will complain how bad TNA and that the promotion needs to die. From chat rooms to wrestling fan sites, you find the same old thing; TNA sucks. If you really take the time to look at things, TNA has a lot of positive qualities to it. TNA has been spent the past three months building a great feud between “The Cowboy” James Storm and Bobby Roode. Their match at Lockdown showed what a real feud is supposed to look like in wrestling. Another fact that needs to be pointed out is that both Storm and Roode are “Home Grown” talent. Roode is the TNA Heavyweight Champion when he beat Storm inMacon,GA last year. For the most part, the TNA title has been the main focus point in the major storyline.

Now in the WWE, the focus is on Brock Lesnar and John Cena instead of the WWE Champion; CM Punk. Yes, Punk is having a great feud with Chris Jericho but they are secondary in the pecking order. The WWE title should be the main focus and big title match should be the main event. TNA for the past year has had TNA title match as the main event expect on three PPVs.  At the Elimination Chamber, the WWE Chamber match was first on the card when it should been the main event. Instead, we got John Cena vs. Kane as the main event. Mewhile, TNA had the TNA title match at Lockdown at the main event for that PPV.

Another thing that TNA outshines WWE is the fact that TNA has a better Women’s division than the WWE. If you look at the Women’s roster you’ll that they have veterans like Mickie James and Tara. They have “Home Grown” talent with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Plus they have international talent in the form of Sarita and new talent like Rosita and Brooke Tessmacher. The Knockouts get more TV time, storylines and have on several occasions have been in the main event on Impact Wrestling. Easily two of the best Women’s matches to the main event on Impact Wrestling are Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong in a street fight match on August 21, 2008 and Mickie James vs.Tara in December 2010 in a steel cage match.

WWE Divas on the other hand are getting two to three minutes matches on TV. Beth Phoenix who is the current WWE Divas Champion isn’t been wrestling on TV hardly and hasn’t defended her title in two months. WWE does have some great talents especially in Natalya and Beth Phoenix but none of the Divas are giving the chance to show off their talents in front the fans. No wonder why Divas want to leave when their contracts up.

Now TNA does have some negatives and they are some big ones. One is the current push of Garrett Bischoff. In case you have been in deep freeze, living in a cave or living the Daniel Bryan lifestyle; Garrett Bischoff is the son of Eric Bischoff; hated by fans and rightfully so. Garrett has been pushed in main storylines and has been getting this huge push that Garrett properly wouldn’t have gotten if his last name wasn’t Bischoff. I think Garrett has potential as a wrestler but I think that Garrett should earn it the right way. The other big negative is the fact Bischoff has creative input and rehashing things that he used in WCW thinking that they will work again. Well, that’s amazing concerning that Bischoff ran WCW into the ground. But you have to throw Hulk Hogan under the bus along with Bischoff. Hogan has been hogging the spotlight from the minute he signed with TNA. Do I have a problem with Hogan being used as an on screen talent, no. I’m sure if Hogan was in the WWE, they would be using Hogan as an on screen talent. What I have a problem with is Hogan having creative input into the TNA product. I think Hulk Hogan is only looking out for one person’s interest, himself.

I could go and go but I think that you get the point that I making when I say the both TNA and WWE have their positives and negatives. I think the best way to compare TNA and WWE is to compare them to apples and oranges. You can’t compare them because they are totally two different products. So in closing, I like to say to the IWC that they need to take off the blinders and colored sunglasses and stop hating on TNA.


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