John Mayer & Billy James:Lockdown Review

Welcome to this special Lockdown review. Lockdown is in the books and in my opinion it did not deliever. We had eight total matches and only one lived up to the hype. I am going to review the matches I really don’t care about the backstage segments or Ric Flair having a heart attack in the ring when Hulk Hogan hit him.


Can someone please explain to me why this match opened the ppv? I give Garrett credit he said to his team that he wanted to start the match. Another thing that caught my eye was the 3 minutes instead of 5 for the opening period. Garrett got beat up a whole hell of a lot by all of Team Eric including dear old daddy. But in the end baby boy Garrett smacks his daddy in the head with a guitar for the win. With the win Eris not only gone from TNA but he is no longer allowed to use the Bischoff name.



I wasn’t expecting Sabin and Shelley to win the titles in there second match. This was a descent match to say the least. Joe and Magnus look like they have been teaming together for years. The champs got the victory with there snapmare into second rope elbow drop for the three. I would like to see more matches with these guys in the future.



This match should have been on the pre-show. They had no build up at all and thankfully they only gave them acouple of minutes. Devon won with I believe a spinebuster. Now how about some defenses of the TV Title on TV? Or is that asking too much?



I will admit I am disappointed in this match more then any other. Velvet deserved this match months ago after losing to Gail last year. A nice spot in this match saw Velvet attempt a top rope In Your Face for Gail to block it yet Velvet hit a Sunset Powerbomb which was pretty awesome. But,as always, Gail cheated to win when she had a handful of Velvet’s tights to score the pinfall. Velvet should have won here and I hope she wins the title back soon.



They could have done so much more with these guys but NO they give them an 8 minute suckfest. This was a typical big man vs big man cage match which we have seen before. Crimson escaped the cage for the victory and hopefully he just ended this feud.



This was hands down the match of the night. We knew Kurt was hurt going into this match but he hardly showed it. He was on top of his game tonight and it showed when he hit a top rope Angle Slam on Hardy. But Jeff would not stay down. In the end it took 2 Swanton Bombs from the top rope and 1 from the top of the cage to defeat the former champion. Could Hardy now be in line for another shot at the World Title? Only time will tell.



This match was made on the pre-show and in my opinion it should have stayed there. This is stemming from last Thursday when Rosita & Sarita tried to get EY to not marry ODB by showing off there goodies but EY had nothing to do with it. This is stupid for a man to hold a woman’s title but then again this is TNA. Another quick match which saw ODB win with the BAM! I would have liked a title change here and have 2 women actually hold the titles.



This match had the big fight feel. The former Beer Money partners have been enemies since Roode took the TNA Title from Storm last November. Since then I do not think that Roode has won a match cleanly. Tonight’s match didn’t even start right away since both champion and challenger fought outside the ring. Both men bled in this match and both men had some nice spots. Storm had the Backcrakcer/Lungblower combo and the top rope Lungblower. Roode had a picture perfect Spinebuster. Storm knocked the ref out which let Roode smack Storm with a beer bottle for a 2 count. Storm finally Superkicked Roode, sadly though it knocked Roode out of the cage for the win.



Overall this show sucked ballsack. I was disappointed big time with the results. TNA had a chance to do big things and they blew it once again. Now here is Billy James with his thoughts on the show. He went and saw the show in his local theater.

Hey gang, its Simply Sensational Billy James here to give you my thoughts on the TNA Lockdown from last night. I went to my local theater to see Lockdown and man did we have technical issues. First during the pre show, we kept loosing the audio and then the video. During Lockdown, the theater didn’t at its full resolution. And to pick the cherry on top, we had audio synch issues during Booby Roode’s interview and the video freezing during Storm vs. Roode match. One point during the match, we lost the feed. Never the less, Lockdown delivered a damn good so here are my thoughts on Lockdown.

Team Garrett vs. Team Bischoff (Lethal Lockdown)

It was surprising that TNA decided to start Lethal Lockdown first as I see it a high card match. I was also surprised that Garrett Bischoff started off for his team. While we the fans may not like Garrett Bischoff, I give Garrett props for taking some hard bumps and spots during Lethal Lockdown including wicked Shining Wizard. There other great spots during the match including AJ hitting two Pele’s when AJ hits the ring. Rob Van Dam looked awesome during the match hitting the Van Terminator on Bully Ray and a great Five Star Frog Splash. Austin Aries looked very good during the match but to me seam a little uncomfortable once Lethal Lockdown. Garrett got the win for his team when he his dad with guitar and getting the pin. This match really got the crowd lit up for the PPV.

Winners: Team Garrett

Match Rating: ***

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus (TNA World Tag Team Championship Match)

Wow this was another great job that showed the Guns are back. Chris Sabin had no ring rust and looked great. There were moments during the match that I thought the Guns were going to win the Tag Team titles. However Joe and Magnus proved at Lockdown that they are a true tag team and looked like that they had been tagging for years. The match went over 11 minutes with Joe and Magnus retain the titles after hitting the snapmare\diving elbow drop combo. I do think that the Guns will get another title shot maybe at Sacrifice in May.

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe & Magnus

Match Rating: ** ¾

Robbie E. vs. Devon (TNA TV Championship Match)

I can’t say much for this match as there was absolutely no build up for this match. Match wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great. This match was a match I would expect to see on Impact Wrestling. This match should happen during the pre show and not on the main card. Fortunately this match only went little over three minute with Devon hitting a spinebuster on Robbie. for the win. After the match, Rob Terry attacks Devon with Robbie going in. I guess we’ll see another match between Devon and Robbie in the near future.

Winner and still TNA TV Champion: Devon

Match Rating: ¾ *

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim (TNA Knockouts Championship)

Ok, this was one the two matches that I was really looking forward to. Both Gail and Velvet looked hot and neither one were afraid to use the steel cage. Gail was on her game hitting a nice missile drop kick from the top rope onto Velvet and later used a backbreaker submission hold on Velvet. The “Holy Shit” moment of the came when Velvet from the top rope hit a hard sunset power bomb. However Gail proved why she’s the Knockouts Champions when she reverses a rollup attempt by Velvet and gets the win by holding Velvet’s tights (actually bikini bottoms). Damn good match but I was sure that Velvet was going to win the Knockouts title.

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Match Rating: 7 out of 10

Ric Flair came down to the ring and told everyone that he was pissed at the fact that Hogan tricked Eric Bischoff into being in Lethal Lockdown as it should have been him in the match. Flair tells everyone that he’s pissed because Eric Bischoff’s career is over and Flair blames Hogan. Hogan comes to ring and quickly lets Flair know that if Flair doesn’t like how he’s is running Impact Wrestling then Flair better do something right. Flair says he’s really pissed off now and Hogan knocks Flair to the mat. I guess TNA is setting up a match between Hogan & Flair, a match we’ve already seen. Neither men are in their prime and wouldn’t be a good match.

The Blue Print” Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

I thought that this was ok but didn’t really deliver on the hype. I don’t know what it was that made this match boring. I think for some reason, the ring looked small. The match had the same move set that you would expect from each man with nothing special. They use the cage as a weapon but still wasn’t intense as I expected. While both men were battling each trying to climb over the cage; Crimson was able to knock Morgan off the cage and into the ropes. With Morgan tied up in the ropes; Crimson climbs over the cage and gets the win to remain undefeated.

Winner: Crimson

Match Rating: *

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

I said that this match would show stealing and I was absolutely right on the money. This match had some incredible spots that you saying “Holy Shit”. Both men would their finishing move with other man kicking out with near pin falls. As the match went on, Hardy hit the Twist of Fate followed by two Swanton Bombs but Angle amazedly kicked out of the pin attempt. Angle hit Hardy with a hard suplex from the top rope but Hardy is able to kick out. Hardy gives the “Holy Shit” moment of the night when he’s the Angle Slam on Angle followed by a Swanton Bomb from the top of the cage to get the win. This match could possibly be the best TNA match of 2012.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Match Rating: ****

Sarita & Rosita vs. ODB & Eric Young (TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship)

Both I and John had predicted that this match would happen at Lockdown but expected this match to take place during the pre show. I have to say that is was great to see the Salsa Mama; Sarita and Hot Spicy Rosita get a PPV moment. This match was more like handicap match as Young stayed out of the ring expect when Young tried to the referee. Sarita and Rosita double team on ODB with Sarita give the fans the ever famous, Salsa Shake. However when Sarita and Rosita try to tempt Young, it proves to be their undoing. ODB drinks her liquid courage and hits the Bam on Rosita after taking out Sarita to get the win. Decent match, just disappointed Sarita and Rosita didn’t the Knockouts title.

Winners and still TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: ODB & Eric Young

Match Rating: 5 out of 10

The Cowboy” James Storm vs. Bobby Roode (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

This is the match is the match that everyone has been waiting for and it deliver. Storm and Roode did a great job in displaying their hatred for each other. Storm and Roode brawl outside for several minutes before actually getting in the ring and the two then went full throttle. Control of the match went back and forth with Roode in control for the first part of the match. At one point, Roode gets Storm into Fuji arm bar but Storm refuses to tap out. Storm comes back multiple Closing Times on Roode and goes for the Last Call but hits the referee when Roode pulls the referee in the way. Roode has Hebner hand him one of Storm’s beer bottles and hits Storm over the head. To everyone’s amazement, Storm kicks outs of Roode’s pin attempt. Storm out of nowhere hits the Last Call on Roode but Roode was near the cage door and knock out of the cage where Roode is declared the winner to Storm’s dismay. Great match from both men but the ending sucked.

Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode.

Match Rating: ****

Overall, a damn good PPV, Lockdown delivered the goods in my opinion. I know that John wasn’t happy with Lockdown but for me, I give Lockdown a 8 out of 10. I believe TNA’s next PPV on the road is Slammiversary so I hope that will be a great PPV too.

Well that is both mine and Billy’s thoughts on Lockdown. As you can see we have different opinions on the show. Come back next time when I review Extreme Rules.


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