Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind: Judgement Day 2005

Andrew B here with another Wrestling Rewind as this time we go back to the year 2005 as SmackDown presents Judgment Day. The event saw Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio square off in another classic. Also JBL looked to regain the WWE Title from John Cena in an I Quit Match. Also Paul London and Chavo Guerrero squared off for the cruiserweight title and Kurt Angle battled Booker T. Also Carlito and Big Show went one on one so let’s start now.

We get a video package to open the show which was very good and we start with a match no opening pyro which was weird.

On the way to the ring Melina cut a promo saying that tonight is the biggest night in WWE PPV history and she says they are hotter than anyone who walked the red carpet in Hollywood and her boys are tougher then everyone in the locker room. She tells everyone get your camera ready for greatness.

Match 1: MNM vs. Bob Holly and Charlie Haas for the SD Tag Team Titles:

The match starts with Haas and Nitro and they lock up. They go to lock up again but Nitro kicks Haas in the stomach and we get some nice chain wrestling until Nitro rolls on the apron. Haas brings him back in and takes control and tags in Holly while Nitro tags in Mercury. They lock up and Holly hits Mercury with a shoulder block and then a nice dropkick. He then kicks Mercury in the gut and attacks Nitro which allows Mercury to take control and chop Holly in the corner but Holly comes back with chops of his own. Holly goes for Alabama Slam but Nitro runs in and kicks Holly while Haas was with the ref and MNM takes control. MNM is in control and works over Holly but he fights back with chops only for Mercury to take Holly down with a clothesline. Nitro gets tagged in and locks Holly in a chin lock but he fights out and hits a full nelson slam and tags in Haas. Haas takes it to Mercury hitting a backdrop and dropkick and then a spear to Nitro. He throws both members of MNM outside of the ring and then he hits both of them with a suicide dive. He goes back in the ring and Melina grabs his ankle but it has no effect on Charlie Haas. Holly runs in and goes to spear Nitro in the corner but he moves and Holly runs shoulder first into the ring post. MNM hits snapshot on Charlie Haas to retain their tag titles after about 8 minutes.

Winners: MNM Retain the Tag Team Titles

Match Rating: ** ½ out of 5

We then see highlights (not a video package) of the history between Carlito and Big Show.

Match 2: Big Show vs. Carlito with Matt Morgan:

Before the match Carlito cuts a promo saying he was talking to Randy Moss and that Moss warned him about Minnesota and that the people there are not cool because they do not appreciate talent like Matt Morgan. He says the only thing Morgan and the crowd have in common is that they will both watch Carlito defeat Big Show and that’s cool. The match starts with Carlito running away from Big Show but Show catches him and throws him in the corner and hits Carlito with chops and a head-butt. Morgan grabs the leg of Show and Carlito lays in a few punches but Big Show just chops Carlito and throws him around the ring. Show steps on the head of Carlito and then more chops. Show hits Carlito with a body slam and runs the ropes but Morgan pulls down the rope and Show falls outside. Carlito distracts the ref while Morgan attacks Show and rolls him back in the ring. Carlito is in control now as he won’t let Show stand up but Show gets up and hits a head-butt and then a splash in the corner. He throws Carlito in the corner and Carlito hits the ref and Morgan hops on the apron but takes a punch from Show. Show goes for the chokeslam but Carlito hits a low blow but Show grabs Carlito but Morgan runs in and kicks Show and then hits the F5 as the ref gets up.

Winner: Carlito

Match Rating: ** out of 5

We then get a video package for Booker T vs. Kurt Angle later. We then go backstage where Sharmell is massaging Booker and she tells Booker to take Kurt out because he disrespected her like nobody has ever disrespected her before. The deliveryman knocks on the door and gives Sharmell and a bag with handcuffs and lingerie and Booker gets mad and leaves to find Kurt.

Match 3: Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Title:

The match starts with both men going for kicks and London goes for a takedown but Chavo kicks London and works on London early but London tries back but is unsuccessful as Chavo hits a tilt a whirl back breaker. Chavo is in control early on as he works on London’s rib but London comes back with clotheslines and a hurricanrana. Chavo regains control but London hits Chavo with a stomp of the rope on Chavo’s back and then a dropkick. London goes for the 450 splash but Chavo gets his knees up and is in control working on London’s ribs with stiff kicks. The match is all Chavo now as he is in control over the champion working on the ribs. Chavo goes for a suplex but drops London belly first on the top rope and locks London in the abdominal stretch but London fights out with a cross body but it’s not enough as Chavo regains control until he runs into a belly to belly suplex from London. London tries to fight back with chops and punches and runs into a back drop from Chavo but he lands on his feet & hits Chavo with a dropkick. The action is fast and back and forth between both men as they both want to leave Judgment Day as champ as Chavo rolled up London and grabbed the top rope but London kicked out and Chavo took control until he went to run in the corner but London moonsaulted over Chavo but walked into a power bomb but he fought out and hit a spin kick. London goes for a 450 splash but Chavo rolls outside and London hits him with a front flip splash. London tries to slingshot back in the ring but Chavo knocks him to the outside and hits a suicide dive. Chavo goes to the top rope but London crotches him & London goes for a superplex but London goes for a power bomb but London counters with a sunset flip and hits the 450 splash.

Winner: Paul London Retains the Title:

Match Rating: *** out of 5

We go backstage where Booker T is looking for Kurt Angle throughout the arena but instead he finds Funaki, Billy Kidman Shannon Moore, Charlie Haas and Bob Holly throughout the arena. Meanwhile Sharmell is in Booker T’s locker room & Kurt comes up behind and says after he defeats Booker T she will be all his.

Match 4: Kurt Angle vs. Booker T:

The match starts right away as Booker takes it to Angle in the ring right after the bell rings. Booker is in control until Angle kicks him in the gut and takes control with chain wrestling for a moment until Booker’s anger gives him control as Kurt is bleeding from the mouth. Kurt fights back with an uppercut and takes control grounding Booker. Angle locks in a headlock but Booker fights out only to get hit with a shoulder block but Angle runs into a hip toss as Booker goes back in control and dropkicks Angle in the face. Kurt begs off as Booker comes closer and Kurt goes for the ankle lock but Booker kicks him off and regains control. Angle is hanging on the top rope and Booker hits a scissor kick from the apron as Kurt falls outside. Booker goes out after him and hits him with chops but Angle pulls Booker into the ring post as they go back in the ring and Kurt is now in control. Kurt is in control now as he hits a suplex and locks in a body scissors but Booker fights out and levels Kurt with punches and goes for a running kick but ends up crotching himself on the top rope and Kurt regains control. Booker fights back as Kurt runs into a spin kick and there is blood on the forehead of Kurt. Angle goes for some punches but Booker counters them all with chops and clotheslines followed by a suplex. Booker goes for the scissors kick but Angle counters and goes for the Angle Slam but Booker counters and hits the Bookend followed by a Spinaroonie and goes for the scissors kick but runs into a clotheslines. Angle hits the series of German suplexes but on the third Booker counters only to run into a belly to belly suplex. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Booker counters it into a roll up for the win as Sharmell comes out. After the match Angle attacks Booker with an Angle Slam and throws Booker to the outside. As Sharmell checks on Booker Angle grabs her and throws her in the ring as Kurt now has handcuffs. He goes to handcuff Sharmell to the ropes but Booker saves Angle and handcuffs Kurt to the ropes. Booker then attacks Kurt while he is stuck in the corner and then Sharmell comes over and attacks Kurt with slaps and then a low blow.

Winner: Booker T

Match Rating: *** out of 5

We then get a promo for the WrestleMania 21 DVD and then we go to the ring to see the refs letting Angle out of the ring. Then we see Boxer Roberto Duran in the crowd and Tazz explains the 3 keys to victory of winning the I Quit Match.

Match 5: Orlando Jordan vs. Heidenreich for the US Title:

Before the match Heidenreich grabs a mic and asks the crowd who wants to be his friend. He then finds a little girl to be his friend and he sits her in a chair by the announcer’s table and reads her a poem he wrote. As Heidenreich goes to get in the ring OJ hits him with a baseball & then they go in the ring where OJ is in control. He goes to the top rope but gets distracted talking trash to the girl and then runs off the ropes but gets caught with a scoop slam. They go back outside and OJ talks trash to the girl allowing Heidenreich to take control and throws OJ back in the ring. Back in the ring OJ is back in control working on the neck of Heidenreich. Heidenreich fights back as he is “hulking up” and is now in control with punches in the corner followed by multiple clotheslines and a body drop and then a boot to the face. OJ then hits a swinging neck breaker and continues to work on the neck. OJ then taunts and Heidenreich rolls him up but OJ regains control and hits DDT for the win. After the match the little girl helps up Heidenreich and they do the Heidenreich dance together.

Winner: Orland Jordan Retains the US Title

Match Rating: * ½ out of 5

We then see Josh Matthews backstage with JBL and Josh tells JBL after the I Quit Match his life will never be the same again and JBL says when you say I Quit, you are no longer a man. JBL says when Cena was in the crowd he was winning titles because he has been fighting his whole life. He says he will make Cena bleed tonight and it will get in his eyes and mouth. He says stick to music and movies because he does not belong in a wrestling ring with JBL and he will say I Quit like he did his whole life because JBL is a wrestling God.

Match 6: Rey Mysterio vs. “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero:

Rey comes out with taped up ribs & the match starts Eddie talking trash & Rey slaps him in the face and levels Eddie with punches but Eddie gains control and levels Rey with chops, kicks and punches. Rey gains control and kicks Eddie in the ribs and levels him with punches in the face as Eddie goes outside and Rey follows but Eddie throws Rey into the steps & then the ring post. Eddie then hits 2 spine busters on top of the announcer’s table. They go back in the ring & Eddie is in control hitting Rey with kicks and punches. Eddie then works on Rey’s ribs locking on the abdominal stretch but Rey fight back with a hip toss only to run into an inverted power bomb & then rips the tape of Rey’s ribs and locks in the single leg Boston Crab. Rey fights out and then charges Eddie but Eddie hits a backdrop only for Rey to land on the apron. Rey hits a shoulder to Eddie’s gut and then a springboard splash but Eddie fights back with punches as they exchange punches until Eddie kicks Rey in the leg & locks on the Boston Crab. Eddie turns it into an STF but Rey grabs the rope and then he slides Rey on his stomach to the outside of the ring. Eddie goes for a suplex on top of the steel steps but Rey counters by ramming Eddie’s back into the ring post. Rey then hits a 619 around the ring post as they go back in the ring. They trade punches until Rey kicks Eddie in the face and then hits clotheslines and a springboard cross body followed by a spinning kick to the face of Eddie. Rey hits the sitting senton & then hits Eddie with punches in the corner. Rey then runs shoulder first into the ring post and Eddie hits a superplex for a near fall. Eddie hits the three amigos but Rey countered the last one & trips Eddie into position for a 619 but Chavo Guerrero comes out and distracts the ref as Eddie grabs a chair. Eddie comes in the ring & Rey dropkicks the chair in his face and hits the 619. He goes for the West Coast Pop but Eddie hits Rey with the chair ending the match on a disqualification after 19 minutes but Eddie then continues to attack Rey’s back and ribs with multiple chair shots.

Winner: Rey Mysterio by Disqualification

Match Rating: **** out of 5

Main Event: JBL vs. John Cena for the WWE Title I Quit Match:

JBL comes out in his limo while Cena comes out on a truck with a DJ playing his song and then walks on JBL’s limo kicking the horns off. The match starts with a lock up and JBL pushes Cena into the corner but Cena levels JBL with a right hand and Cena locks JBL in a headlock and then hits JBL with a shoulder block and take down and back to the side head lock but JBL counters and puts Cena into a headlock and then runs the ropes and Cena hits a leapfrog move followed by a hip toss as JBL rolls outside. JBL hops on the apron and Cena suplexes him into the ring but JBL levels Cena with punches but JBL runs into a body drop and then gets clotheslined out of the ring. They go outside & Cena rams JBL’s head into the apron & then the steps. JBL then throws Cena into the barricade and they go in the crowd where JBL hits Cena with a swinging neck breaker & then they trade punches as they are back by the ring as JBL takes apart the Spanish Announcer’s table. JBL grabs a mic and tells Cena to quit or he would go through the announcer’s table but instead he just levels JBL with punches but JBL throws Cena into the steps. JBL grabs a belt and starts whipping Cena and then chokes him with the belt around the ring post but Cena pulls forward and JBL’s head goes right into the ring post. JBL then takes apart the regular announcer table and tells Cena to quit or he will be power bomb through the table but Cena says kiss my ass and he backdrops JBL from the regular announce table through the Spanish Announce table. Cena hits JBL with a monitor from one of the announcer’s table & then throws JBL over the announcer’s table. JBL hits Cena with a chair and John Cena is busted open as JBL grabs the steps and hits Cena with the steps right in the head. JBL hits Cena with the microphone in the head and they go back in the ring with JBL in control with kicks to the head & clotheslines. JBL chokes Cena with his chain but Cena fights back and JBL hits a low blow and tells Cena to quit but he won’t. JBL hits Cena with the mic multiple times and then Cena slaps JBL and they trade punches and Cena hits a head butt and then multiple clotheslines followed by a spinning side slam and the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena then hits the AA as JBL leaves & walks up the ramp but Cena stops him and rams his face into the limo and then slams JBL on the car. JBL then hits a swinging neck breaker on the limo. JBL chokes Cena with an electric wire but Cena fights out and sends JBL through a TV & JBL is now bleeding. Cena throws JBL into the limo and Cena hits a suplex to JBL on top of the limo. JBL tries to crawl in the limo but Cena throws him into the door and the door comes off the limo. They fight on the truck and Cena throws JBL into an air tank but JBL comes back with DDT. JBL stands on speakers choking Cena with a wire but Cena fights back and pulls JBL of the speakers through a table. Cena grabs an exhaust pipe and follows JBL but JBL screams I QUIT ending the match. After the match Cena hits JBL with the exhaust pipe through the JD logo made of glass and the show ends with Cena posing wearing a crimson mask & pyro goes off.

Winner: John Cena Retains the WWE Title

Match Rating: **** ¼ out of 5


The event was a lot better than I remembered as the opener was very good for 8 minutes and the cruiserweight title match was very good as I was shocked they got 10 minutes. The only bad matches that should be skipped are the US Title match & Big Show vs. Carlito. The last two matches were very good as the main event was the match of the night with Eddie vs. Rey not far behind. The Booker T vs. Kurt Angle match was also a good match that should be watched. A very interesting fact that only people from this event still on TV (TNA or WWE) are Tazz, Michael Cole, Tony Chimel, Josh Matthews, Big Show, Matt Morgan, Rey Mysterio, John Cena and Booker T.

Overall Grade for Judgment Day 2005: 7 out of 10

Well that is it for this Wrestling Rewind but join me next time as I look at a WWE PPV from 2011.


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