Jillian Pfeifer: Laying The Smackdown For 4/6/12

Welcome to another edition of Laying The Smackdown. After Wrestlemania this past Sunday we have a new World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champions. This is also the first Smackdown with John Laurinatis as the GM so I’m sure to expect the heels to dominate the show. This week we will see a Wrestlemania rematch with Randy Orton taking on Kane in a No DQ match. Also we will see the new World Champion Sheamus take on the returning Alberto Del Rio. Without further ado lets go to this week’s Top 5.


  1. Laurinaitis takes over Smackdown


At Wrestlemania, Team Johnny beat Team Teddy, which means that John Laurinaitis has control of both Raw and Smackdown. Laurinaitis came out and stated that the era is now known as People Power. Long was called out by Laurinaitis and he tried to quit, but it seems that Long is now under Laurinaitis control. In his next action as Smackdown GM he books his legal advisor David Otunga and Mark Henry in a handicapped match with R-Truth. Well needless to say Truth stood no chance as Henry and Otunga won the match.


  1. Randy Orton defeats Kane in a WrestleMania Rematch


At WrestleMania Kane defeated Randy Orton after an intense match with many near falls. On Smackdown, Laurinaitis announced that their rematch would be a no disqualification match. The match occurred in and out of the ring, even getting up to the stage area. Many chairs were used and brought out. The match went back and forth with Randy Orton winning with the RKO after pushing The Big Red Machine into an exposed turnbuckle. With the series tied at 1 match a piece I expect to see the rubber match at Extreme Rules.


  1. Ryback Debuts


Ryback, the former Skip Sheffield, made his long awaited return on Smackdown this week. Ryback had not been in a WWE ring in almost 2 years yet he did not seem to be rusty. He demolished some local kid who actually got to cut a promo for some odd reason. Some Smackdown wrestlers were watching in the back and hopefully they take notice that Ryback is back and ready to kick some ass.


  1. Daniel Bryan dumps AJ


Daniel Bryan lost the World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds to Sheamus at WrestleMania. He comes out with AJ and tears into her. He blames her for causing him to lose the championship. AJ tries to encourage him and cheer him up but he doesn’t buy it. Bryan thinks that everybody is mocking him. Bryan tells AJ that he lost the championship because she HAD to have that kiss. Bryan then tears into AJ because of the way she lives. AJ then leaves crying and shaking.

  1. Alberto Del Rio earns a match for the WWE Championship


On Raw on Monday, Del Rio came back after 6 months of recovering from an injury. Del Rio then challenged Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. Laurinaitis then made a match for tonight.. If Del Rio wins, he gets a championship match at a future date. Del Rio feigns being hit by the chair and wins by DQ. Sheamus, in anger, Brogue Kicks the referee and stares menacingly at Del Rio on the ramp to end the show. It was announced on WWE.com that Sheamus got fined for the assault on the referee.


This week Smackdown gets a 7 from me. There were some good matches. I was happy to see Bryan get rid of AJ, but I am not happy about Laurinaitis being in control of both shows. I think we will see more debuts over the coming weeks. Well, that’s it for this edition of Laying the Smackdown! See ya’ll next week!


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One Response to Jillian Pfeifer: Laying The Smackdown For 4/6/12

  1. Riggs says:

    Ryback looked good in his redebut looking forward to see where he goes here.

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