The Reality Check For 4/2/12

Welcome to the Reality Check. This is going to be a column I do when something is done in the wrestling world that is stupid. And last night something happened that was stupid. Therefore the reality check this week will go to the WWE writers and I will explain why.


Last year Daniel Bryan was suppose to challenge Sheamus for the United States Title. For some odd reason they remove the match and moved it to the pre-show. Fast forward a year and Daniel Bryan is the World Heavyweight Champion and Sheamus won the 2012 Royal Rumble and chose to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title. I expected this match to open the show and while I figured they would have given them some time to have a good 3 to 4 star match the WWE writers give them 18 FUCKING SECONDS! I was watching this at my friends house and we were all like “WHAT THE FUCK!”. I am sorry but these two wrestlers could have gone a good 15-20 minutes at least. If I was both of them I would be digusted by the fact that in two years they went from the pre-show to 18 seconds. And if I was the WWE writing team I would be ashamed of myself. There was NO reason for them to get as little time as they did.


As always there are 2 sides to a story. If you guys agree or disagree with me please feel free to leave a message. You can also email me @ or follow me on Twitter @MayerNation. Until next time everyone be safe.


About John Mayer

31 year old wrestling fan and writer
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