The Mayernation Staff & Friends Favorite Wrestlemania Moments Part 1

Welcome to a special Wrestlemania article with myself, my wonderful staff, and some of my friends. With Wrestlemania right around the corner I decided to do this big article with everyone talking about there favorite moments. Then I said to myself I have a lot of friends who like wrestling so I asked them what there moments were. Wrestlemania is known as The Showcase Of The Immortals and there have been plenty of memorable moments. Here now are some of our favorites.

JOHN MAYER: There have been way to many memorable Wrestlemania moments for me to talk about but I am going to try. First and foremost I must talk about Wrestlemania 10. Not only did we have the greatest opening match in history with Bret vs Owen Hart but we had a match we had never seen before and that is the Ladder Match. Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon(Scott Hall) competed in this match like they had done it many times before. I was 13 at the time of this match and I was in awe of what these guys could do. In the end Razor won the match, but both men stole the show. No match has been better then that in my opinion. And this match was start point for the Money In The Bank Ladder Matches we have seen at prior Wrestlemania’s.

Another moment for me came at Wrestlemania 27 last year. Before the main event between The Miz and John Cena they played a video package about The Miz to the song “Hate Me Now” by Nas. I have always been a big Miz fan going back to his time on The Real World and to see how far he came from his time on the indy scene to Ohio Valley all the way to the big show. This video was very well done and I was happy to see Mike in the main event at Wrestlemania. Sadly though his match with John Cena was a flop but atleast Miz retained the WWE Title that night.

BILLY JAMES: When John asked me to write about my favorite Wrestle Mania moments were, I knew one moment that I had to write about. Then I started thinking about what were my other favorite Wrestle Mania moments. I know I could go on and on about great moments in Wrestlemania history but I write about small book about all my favorite moments. So what I did is picked out two other moments to talk about. I have no rankings for these moments; they’re just some of my favorite moments that stick in my mind.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. “The Macho Man” Randy Savage: WM III

I have to say to I didn’t get to watch Wrestle Mania III live as PPV were not available in my area at the time and my parents wouldn’t take me to see it on close circuit TV. So I watch Wrestle Mania III when it came out on VHS. Yes kids, there was such thing called VHS. Anyway, while Hogan and Andre were the big draws of the show, the two guys who really stole the show were Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage. The feud between Savage and Steamboat had been going on for six months as Steamboat wanted revenge against Savage for damaging his throat plus win the Intercontinental title. The two men put on a hell of a match lasting 14 minutes and 35 second in which was the longest match at Wrestle Mania III. Steamboat would defeat Savage for the title when Steamboat hooked Savage into a small package as Savage was going for a scoop slam. Unfortunately, Steamboat would only hold the Intercontinental title for two months when Steamboat lost the title to the Honky Talk Man on June 2, 1987. The thing that I remember from was the interaction between George “The Animal” Steele and Miss Elizabeth. Savage at the time I just wanted to see get beat up by Steamboat. I will always remember this match at this was the first Wrestlemania I even saw.

Shawn Michaels vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart (Iron Man Match): WM XII

Another favorite Wrestlemania moment of mine is the Iron Man match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart for the WWF title at Wrestlemania 12. Michaels had recently won the Royal Rumble and earned a shot for the WWF Champion who at the time was Bret Hart. The heat between both men was built up heading into Wrestlemania with Michaels old mentor; Jose Lothario training Michaels while Hart was training for the match too. Both men putted on a classic with neither able to pin the other during the entire hour. With 22 seconds left on the clock, Hart gets Michaels into the Sharpshooter trying to force Michaels to submit. However, Michael would hold on until time in the match ran out. Gorilla Monsoon; the on screen WWF President at the time, called for the match to continue in Sun Death overtime. Reluctantly, Hart return to the ring and the match continue with Michael hitting “Sweet Chin Music” on Hart to win his very first WWF title. I was a big Bret Hart and was disappointed at the time that Michaels won but looking back, this match is easily one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history

Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus (Women’s Championship Match): WM22

As a fan of women’s wrestling, Mickie vs. Trish from Wrestlemania 22 is one of the best women’s matches in WWE history. The feud had been building for six months when Mickie debuted as Trish’s number one fan. Mickie’s character would later turn into a psycho stalker who wanted to destroy Trish for rejecting her. What made this match different from other Women’s title matches was the fact that the fans starting cheering for Mickie who was the heel and booing Trish who was the face. After a botched attempt at Stratusfaction,Mickie hits the Mick Kick and pins Trish, winning her first WWE Women’s title. Years later in interview, Mickie would reveal that she was the one that came up with the psycho stalker idea. Other thing from that match is when Mickie did a lick with tongue after nailing Trish in the lady parts. The lick and the botched Stratusfaction were edited out of the DVD release of Wrestlemania and Mickie recently revealed that Vince McMahon chewed her out for doing the lick. While I had seen Mickie wrestle when she performed as Alexis Laree for Women’s Extreme Wrestling, this match is when I became a true Mickie James fan. To this day, the Mickie vs. Trish feud stands as one of the greatest feuds in women’s wrestling.

ANDREW B: Andrew B here with my top three favorite WrestleMania moments but first I must say there are classic matches that won’t be on here such as Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage as I have never seen that match because WrestleMania is about 10 years older then me. My three moments are all personal favorites and each year I try to look at WrestleMania compared to myself. My three moments are all moments that happened after 1997. All the moments have to do with a first for me as each moment touched my heart. Here are my top three WrestleMania Moments.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels:

As a kid I had parents that liked Wrestling so I watched it with them but did not have an opinion. My dad was a fan of Stone Cold so that me me one as well. As a kid my mom and dad got me the WrestleMania 14 VHS and I watched it so many times as a kid because I enjoyed it. The matches I would watch the most were the dumpster match, Kane vs Undertaker and the main event and as a kid I always wore my Austin 3:16 shirt while I watched that VHS.

2. The Ending of WrestleMania 20:

When the event happened I was a fan of Eddie Guerrero over Kurt Angle but I did not like that Chris Benoit guy as I liked HHH and HBK  (post 2002) more. So when Benoit won I was not happy but when the DVD came out I went to the store to get it and watched it again but watching it the second time changed my opinion as I felt happy for Benoit this time. Now when I watched a video clip or that DVD it is very sad as I miss both men. I became a fan of Benoit in early 2007 but it was to late and to early for him to leave. That video makes me feel sorrow and it is a shame that it is a moment that WWE refuses to remember but I will never forget.

3. Undertaker vs Triple H II – WrestleMania 27:

As you can see I try to switch things up as not one person is in two moments but this match was a classic and the match of the night and a tie for match of the year for me (the other was CM Punk vs John Cena – MITB) but this match was great as it started off early with a brawl that led to the Cole Mine breaking and Taker getting a spinebuster through an announcer’s table. When I was watching this live I really thought the streak was over. When HHH hit the tombstone I thought the match was over but when the shoulder of “The Last Outlaw” went up I was shocked. The only problem with the match was the sledgehammer into Hell’s Gate part but to have HHH dominate and walk out after was smart while Taker got carted out. Also props to Taker for taking a chair shot to the head.

Well that’s my three moments if you ask me on Monday I will say John Cena defeating Dwayne Johnson or maybe Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania II or Punk and Jericho. There are so many moments I missed but that is what WrestleMania is about so many memories that last a lifetime.

SHANNON MARIE: Out of 27 Wrestlemania’s passed, it would it was hard to narrow my choice down to one favorite moment. However, being the poster child for all things women’s wrestling I felt that choosing a Diva’s match as my favorite moment made a lot of sense. Not only because I’m a huge fan of women’s wrestling but because I feel the match I chose shows how much the Diva’s division has changed over the years and represents everything that the Diva’s division needs to be again.

The Wrestlemania moment that I chose is the Triple Threat match between Trish Stratus, Jazz, and defending champion Victoria at Wrestlemania 19. Three of the WWE’s top Divas at the time, competing in one ring, at the same time, all with a common goal…leave as the Women’s Champion. This match is filled with move after move, you can tell these women came to fight! With Trish being the underdog in this match, her win over Jazz and current Champ. Victoria, makes this moment all the better. It’s no secret that Trish Stratus is undoubtedly one of the most successful Divas of all time and she is also my idol and my inspiration to become a Diva myself (hopefully) one day. The crowd’s reaction to her entrance and winning the match is unbelievable. You don’t see huge pops like that for Divas anymore, which I think is unfortunate. The current Divas do infact work their ass off to put on a show for everyone whether you agree or not. It’s just sad that the WWE doesn’t give them the time to showcase what they can do.

With Wrestlemania 28 less than a week away and news of Maria Menounos broken ribs, I’m REALLY hoping the WWE doesn’t just drop the Divas match all together. They deserve their spot at Wrestlemania just as much as any match on that card. I’ve heard the idea of Layla making her return at WM, and I like it. Perhaps the match gets turned into a 2 on 1 handicap match and Layla makes a surprise entrance at the last minute? OR (a very unlikely or, but none the less…) Trish makes a surprise entrance! Hey, a girl can dream. And Yes, I know Trish had a match at WM 27 and isn’t likely to be added to the card again this year. The only reason I even thought of it, other than the fact I adore her, is that her and Beth had been exchanging tweets about facing each other for the Diva’s Championship and also Trish has been doing press for Wrestlemania.

The triple threat match from WM 19 shows that with enough determination, and a good creative team, the Diva’s division can be great! The writers just need to be able to give the Divas the time and be able to make fans get behind these women again. We need that “feeling” back!

You can check out the match here:

Follow me on Twitter (ShannonMarie_xo) and let me know your thoughts and predictions for Wrestlemania 28, or even Wrestlemanias of the past!

JILLIAN PFEIFER: My favorite WrestleMania moment was WrestleMania XXVI when Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels in a Career vs. Streak match. Going into the match, Undertaker had a 17-0 record at WrestleMania. Shawn Michaels was making his second attempt in two years at breaking that streak. This time came at a price. If Shawn lost, he had to retire. The match lasted 24 intense minutes. Both men fought like it was their last match. They each performed their signature moves and finishers several times. Undertaker finally won after giving Michaels a third Tombstone Piledriver. At the end of the match, both men shook hands as a sign of respect.

This is my favorite moment because I really like both wrestlers. Undertaker and Michaels have both been in the company for over 20 years and have wrestled in hundreds of matches. They both have many accolades and championship wins. Out of the two of them I love the Undertaker because of the mystery surrounding his character. Shawn Michaels was known as a good guy in the wrestling ring. I really enjoyed that match because both men gave their all, and both came out on top. Undertaker maintained his streak, and Michaels was able to retire with no regrets in the business.

This is it for part 1. Part 2 will be my friends favorite moments. Make sure to check them out.


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