John Mayer’s Reality Check For 3/20/12

Welcome everyone to the debut of The Reality Check. This is something I usually do on The Wrestling Debate podcast but now I am going to give it it’s own column. Every week I will pick out one poor son of a bitch who has done something stupid in the wrestling world and I will just give it to them. I will warn you guys now I use colorful languange so if you are easily offended then this is not the column for you. For my debut I am going to go back to RAW this past Monday and talk about Chris Jericho.


Let me go back to two weeks ago on RAW when Chris Jericho told the world that CM Punk’s father was an alcoholic. Now I do not know if Punk’s dad is or is not an alcoholic but in my opinion this should not be brought into a storyline. Well it was and Punk was pissed off. Fast forward to this week and Punk comes out and tells everyone that he is proud of his father. Then Jericho comes on the Titantron and does this half ass apology saying he will never talk about Punk’s dad again. BUT THEN Jericho talks about Punk’s sister saying she has a drug problem. Another thing that should not be brought into storylines but this is why I am not a writer for the WWE because I have half a brain unlike some of the half wits they have on staff.


Here’s my point. There is a point in time when storylines should not be based on a person’s real life problems. Chris Jericho as an estlabished veteran, a first ballot Hall Of Famer should have stopped this storyline and thought of something different to hype his match with Punk at Mania. But NO Jericho is just fucking stupid and said HEY let’s run with this get some big heat on me. Sorry Chris as a former alcoholic myself this does not fly with me. So therefore at Wrestlemania I will be cheering on CM Punk as he kicks your ass back to your band Fozzy.


Well that’s it for this week’s Reality Check. Hope you guys liked it and I will see you all next week.


About John Mayer

31 year old wrestling fan and writer
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