John Mayer: My Night At Pro Wrestling Syndicate

This past Friday, March 9, I went to my very first Pro Wrestling Syndicate show at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, NJ. I have been here one time prior for a TNA house show last year. With the card that was announced I could not pass it up. Some of my all time favorites and some of my newer favorites were going to be there. At the end of the night I left a very happy camper. This article is to tell you guys about my experience at the PWS show.


I went to the show with my friends George and John. While we knew the show didn’t open the doors until 6 that night we got there around 4 so we could see some of the wrestlers come in. Before anything we went into the center to use the bathroom and Jerry Lynn was there. I got to talk to him for a couple of minutes about ECW which brought back memories. John brought his football with him so that way we could pass time while waiting. Over time we split up and myself and an acquaintance went to the front of the building and John and George stayed back. Well going up front was good for me as I met my first wrestler of the night in Zack Ryder’s friend The Big O. Almost right after that I see a Red Camaro come in but then leave and go to the back. I go and join the guys and come to find out that in the Camaro was Matt Hardy and Reby Sky. The last wrestler we really got to interact with was a surprise to the card and that was another ECW original Balls Mahoney. Balls and his brother talked to us for about half an hour outside and even threw the football with us. Meeting two of my favorites from ECW before the show even started had me ready for a truly memorable night.


Now when it was time to go in they had some wrestlers out in the lobby selling DVD’s, pictures,and other items. I purchased some pictures from Colt Cabana, Jay Lethal, The Big O, and Balls Mahoney and I also got my pictures taken with them. Inside where the ring area was I met Marty Jannetty and Matt Hardy and got pictures with them. It was kinda confusing because with both I payed for the combo and I never got my autographed picture but I’m not complaining. The show was suppose to start at 8 but we got a pre show 4 man gauntlet which was won by The Big O.


The main event was suppose to be between Matt Hardy and Psycho Sid Viscous. However Sid no showed. PWS co-owner Pat Buck came to the ring with his phone in his hand. Once in the ring Pat explained to us that Sid had his wallet stolen and lost his ID and would not be appearing. Pat in turn calls Sid on the phone and allows the crowd to just boo and say other nasty things. Also Pat gave out Sid’s phone number but I didn’t hear it. Refunds were offered but there was NO WAY I was getting one. Now on to the stacked card.


In the opening match of the evening which was a added match Balls Mahoney defeated Marty Jannetty in an Extreme Rules match. The end seemed a bit rushed but come to find out right after the match Balls got sick so that could explain the rushed ending. Match two saw this team called Zero Gravity face off with each other and HOLY SHIT these two stole the show. There names are Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza and they have a new fan in me. These two young men put on a high flying show which was won when Brett pinned CJ after a Top Rope Spanish Fly. This was there first time in front of the PWS crowd and I hope they come back as a tag team.


It’s interview time as Rosenberg from HOT 97 attempted to interview current PWS Champion Sami Callihan but was interrupted by the stable Reality Check who is Kevin Matthews and Devon Moore who are both former PWS champions. They confront the champion as to why they are not getting a match for the title that night yet Colt Cabana is. From there The Shockmaster comes out and informs Kevin that his match is about to start. The impromptu match did not effect Matthews as he defeated Eddie Kingston. Match four saw Tri State Champion Tony Nese defeat Alex Reynolds in an excellent back and forth match-up.


Matt Hardy comes out for his match. However we do not know who his opponent is going to be. We figured it was going to be Jay Lethal but we hear Sid’s music hit. Out comes “Lethal Justice” Jay Lethal who did a spot on impersonation of the former WWF Champion. So instead of Hardy vs Sid for the first time we get Hardy vs Lethal for what I believe is the first time. This was an excellent matchup. Both men hit there signature spots. But in the end Matt hit a Twist Of Fate for the victory. After the match Matt got on the mic and thanked Jay for showing up. As a fan I was thankful Jay Lethal showed up.


The only low point of the night was when this Ultimate Warrior ripoff who called himself One Warrior Nation came out with this fake ass title belt which fell apart as he got in the ring. Thankfully the match he had was short but at the end he hit this shitty ass splash where his knees hit the mat before his chest did. After the match some of the fans heckled him some more before he took his broke ass belt to the back.


Next to the match between the tag team the other match that had me glued to the ring was the Six Man Suicide match that saw Amazing Red win over Gran Akuma, Devon Moore, Brian XL, AR Fox, and Sanuray Del Sol. These six guys put it all on the line and did things I only wish I could do. After the match The Reality Check hit the ring but Red stopped them from attacking anyone. Another big moment came earlier in the show when in the four team tag match a wrestler named Darksyde who is a well over 400 pound guy hit a beautiful moonsault to win the match for his team. A funny moment came from the crowd when some people started to chant “Notorious” after the late rapper Notorious B.I.G.


Before the womens match The Godfather came out to the ring. I was wondering where the HO Train was but I was just happy to see him. He in turn introduces special referee Shelly Martinez and special ring announcer Angelina Love. The women’s match featured Reby Sky, Brittney Savage, and Spya Andover. This was a better womens match then I have seen on WWE television in a long time. Reby won the match when she pinned Andover. After the match Andover was not happy with Shelly’s officiating and in turn she got a picture prefect bicycle kick from Angelina Love.


Jerry Lynn announced that night that 2012 would be his last year in wrestling. I remember him wrestling in the old Global Wrestling Federation when he was facing a kid by the name of Sean Waltman for there Light Heavyweight Title. 20 years later I got to see him live for the first time ever and it was worth the wait. He faced Dan Maff and while Maff won the match he got hurt and needed help out. Jerry Lynn was always a class act on TV and it was a true honor to get to meet him even if it was just this once.


The main event saw PWS Champion Sami Callihan defend against Colt Cabana. People who have seen Cabana wrestle know he likes to be funny in the ring but can be very tough in the ring. This match did not take place until close to Midnight and some people had left but not me I was there until the end. Sami made Colt tap to the Stretch Muffler then once again Reality Check came out with a masked gentlemen. All three proceed to attack Sami and Colt until Jay Lethal came out. Only problem was Lethal wasn’t there to help Sami and Colt he was there to help Reality Check. Lethal hit the champion with the Lethal Combination and following that the masked man was revealed to be Amazing Red. The Reality Check had us all shocked and I wanted to buy a 6xl Reality Check T-Shirt.


All in all there were 14 matches on the card which lasted till about 12:30. It was a wonderful night and I wish to thank Pat Buck and Eric Tapout for a wonderful show. THE MARCH 9TH PWS SHOW GETS A 9 OUT OF 10. If you can make it to the May 4th show you should go. I am hoping to go and meet Bret Hart and my new favorite stable The Reality Check. Until next time make sure to follow me on Twitter @MayerNation. Be safe everyone and I will see you all around the ring.


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3 Responses to John Mayer: My Night At Pro Wrestling Syndicate

  1. Riggs says:

    Sounds like a good show. Indy shows are always fun to hit up i’ve been to a few usually not with any big names though i did get the pleasure of seein Blue Meanie live once. Sidenote don’t think wrestling debate was loaded right i can see it on its website but theres nothing to click so i can’t check it out.

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