John Mayer: My Interview With Terra Calaway

As most of you know I am doing my best to get the Independent Wrestling Scene exposed. Usually I cover the men but today I am interviewing a woman’s wrestler. Terra Calaway is the current World Independent Ladies Division(W.I.L.D.)North American Champion. Terra took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions from me.

John Mayer: Thank you for taking the time out to talk to me. For my readers who do not know who Terra Calaway is could you tell us a little about yourself?

Terra Calaway: Absolutely. It’s a pleasure. For those who don’t know me, I’m a Las Vegas born and raised gal. Hence the name the Sin City Siren. I started in the world of professional wrestling at Vegas Championship Wrestling first as a valet, then starting to wrestle. My very first singles match was against my trainer, Tony Leo, and ever since there it’s just been a rocketship up. I am currently living in Los Angeles and work for companies everywhere on the west coast, although I will be making my east coast debut for WSU (Women Superstars Uncensored) this June.

JM: Who inspired you to become a professional wrestler?

TC: It wasn’t really a person. It was the actual sport itself. When I started watching I realized how athletic it was. I have always been athletic, playing softball for 14 years among other sports like basketball, and was out to find something new. The whole idea of wrestling fascinated me. The wrestling, the promos, the stories. It was amazing to me.

JM: Who has been your favorite person to face in the ring?

TC: That’s a very hard question. I love a lot of my opponents, all for different reasons. Tony Leo because he was my trainer and there will always be that student/teacher relationship where it’s great to make him proud. Amanda has made me step up my game each and every time I’ve been in the ring with her and she’s always a pleasure to be in the ring with, you know, minus the bruises and soreness later. Then there’s Winter, who was a complete honor and privilege to work with and who I also learned a lot from. There’s just so many! I think if you forced me to choose, it’d have to be Amanda.

JM: What is your dream match?

TC: Terra Calaway vs Madison Eagles and Terra Calaway vs. Jessicka Havok (which will be happening this year!)

JM: What would you tell any female who wants to become a wrestler?

TC: Be ready for one hell of a rollercoaster. This is a very, very hard industry to be in. Especially for women. So if you’re prepared for pain both physically and mentally, but ready to get the experience of a lifetime, then get your butt training!Β 

JM: If you were given the chance would you ever go wrestle for the WWE or TNA?

TC: Of course. I’d absolutely love the chance to be on the big stage. I may not be happy with the current state of women’s wrestling on TV, but one person can change the world.

JM: What has been your highest point so far in the wrestling ring?

TC: Wrestling Winter. She was an absolute delight and the fact that I got to wrestle someone who is a veteran and has wrestled all over the world is just amazing. It was a great experience and I hope one day we can get a rematch.

JM: Other then Twitter where can we find you on the internet?

TC: Other than @TerraCalaway, you can find me on Facebook at and my YouTube channel,

Thank you Terra for taking the time out to talk to me. For more information on Terra and all the other WILD Warriors check out Thank you for taking the time out to read this interview. Until next time be safe everyone.


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2 Responses to John Mayer: My Interview With Terra Calaway

  1. Riggs says:

    Nice been awhile sense you had one of these. Checked out her youtube channel shes pretty good will have to check them out if they make it over to my area.

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