Andrew B’s Making An Impact For 3/1/12

Welcome everyone to another review of TNA Impact and this week we are going back to the good and the bad format. This week Zema Ion will battle Shannon Moore in X Division action. Also Kurt Angle will have an open mic to explain why he attacked Jeff Hardy last week. Also in Knockout Action ODB will battle former Knockout Champion and current number 1 contender Madison Rayne. SO let’s get started with the bad so that we end on a good note, ha good note get the joke now let’s begin.

The Bad

  1. ODB vs. Madison Rayne:

The match was a little sloppy but was decent. There was a spot where it looked like ODB went for the bronco buster but Madison got her foot up and it looked bad. The Eric Young thing was too much also as it takes away from the match and Gail Kim looked like she slipped twice trying to climb on the apron. In the end ODB won which makes Madison look bad as Gail Kim defeated ODB but Madison lost. TNA that makes Madison look weak and like Madison can’t defeat Gail Kim if she lost to ODB. The best part was it was only three minutes long.

  1. The Knockouts Tag Division Is Gone:

In my opinion the Knockout Tag team Titles are treated worse than the Divas Title or US Title and know it seems worse. Then in the tag match they had Sarita and Angelina Love team up how about keeping REAL TEAMS for that match like Velvet & Mickie vs. Sarita and Rosita or Winter & Angelina Love. Then to make it worse next week Rayne & Kim defend the title for the first time since January and they defend the titles against ODB & EY.

  1. Zema Ion’s Interview:

Zema said backstage he did not feel bad about what he did to Jesse Sorensen and for that Screw HIM. I could not believe he said that even if it was character that is uncalled for that TNA is bringing it into storyline.

  1. Longer X Division Matches:

This week our X Division Match was Zema Ion vs. Shannon Moore and all they got was 4 minutes. Yes it was a good match but it just was not long enough and that is the problem every week the X Division puts on good matches but they are just too short. I would give Ion vs. Moore a ** out of 5 rating but with more time the rating could have been higher.

  1. Abyss is Coming Back Soon:

When I first started watching TNA I did not like Abyss the character but I loved watching his matches because they were always extreme and I feel that way now as well. I only like Abyss matches when they are a specialty match. On the microphone I can’t stand him or in a regular match but I do not want to see him come back.

The Good

  1. Kurt Angle and his Reasons for Attacking Jeff Hardy:

In the opening promo Kurt cut a promo about why he hates Jeff Hardy on cue cards and read them. The reasons were:

  1. Jeff has lots of hair and he dies it different colors but that does not win him championships.
  2. The way Hardy dress and that he wears make up on his face and socks on his arms.
  3. At Live Events he signs autographs and Jeff walks in late with his head down and fans leave him and go to Jeff.
  4. Girls love Jeff Hardy.
  5. There are over 100 Kurt Angle posters, t shirts and action figures but in his son’s room there are Jeff Hardy posters and there are Jeff Hardy action figures. Also his son wears Jeff Hardy T shirts and makeup on his face. He also has socks on his arms and purple hair.
  6. He is an Olympic gold medalist but his son’s hero is Hardy.

The promo was great and the reasons that Kurt gave were funny about the socks and hair. I like Kurt and this promo was really good. Hardy would come out and it leads to a match at Victory Road and a brawl that Al Snow and the rest of former Wrestlers break up.

  1. Austin Aries joins Bobby Roode & Bully Ray in a 2 Backstage Promos:

Bobby talks about Sting and how he has the “It Factor” and Victory Road. He says Sting is passed his prime & Aries joins him. The two of them together are great and I would love to see them form a faction with them and maybe Bully Ray and someone else. Later they would join Bully Ray and they would meet backstage and Ray used his humor to make the segment good and Roode & Aries told Ray to call him at the end.

  1. AJ Styles vs. Daniels:

I know many people are going to complain about this feud and how they had so many matches together but I enjoyed this match they had. They had a good match that went about 10 minutes until Kaz got involved giving AJ the win by Disqualification. This would lead to a match between AJ & Kaz that Kaz won in under 10 seconds by just pinning AJ.

  1. Tons of Knockout Action:

This week on Impact we had two Knockout matches as ODB battles Madison Rayne and in tag action Angelina Love and Sarita squared off against Velvet Sky & Mickie James. There was also a backstage brawl between the four ladies in the Knockout tag match.

  1. Less Than Three Minutes of Ric Flair & The Bischoff Family:

The only part of the show that saw Flair and the Bischoff Family was a backstage segment that was about 2 minutes long. The bad part is next week Flair told him not to show up which means next week they will have a longer amount of time. Don’t get me wrong I like Garrett but not Hogan or his Dad. I could handle Flair as a manger but that is it like he is now.

  1. The In Ring Promo With Bully Ray, Austin Aries & Bobby Roode:

First I must say it seems like Aries is getting a push and that is a good thing. The promo was very good and should be watched. Roode says Sting is not an active wrestler and should not be in the main event of Victory Road. Roode ends up saying “I’m Done.” Ray then says look at his calves, which are nice and Ray says he blamed everything on Storm but it is really Sting’s fault because he let Brandon Jacob s in the Impact Zone and let him jump the guardrail and then let him in the ring. Ray says him and calves are done and then Aries grabs the microphone. Double A says Sting is another person who does not know how to stay out of the spotlight. Aries says Roode is a better champ then Sting, Ray is stronger than him and Aries does things Sting can’t do in his dreams. Double A says he beat everyone and was never in a main event and says he is done. They then all sit in the ring until the lights go out and Sting is in the ring with them. Sting said he was just playing mind games when he said he was done and that if Aries and Roode leave they will be stripped of the titles and if Bully leaves he just won’t get paid. Sting makes a 6 man tag main event for later but the promo was good as I would like to see a stable between Aries, Roode and Bully Ray.

  1. Jesse Sorensen Video Package:

I don’t have much to say about the video except it was touching and very sad and it literally almost had me in tears. I feel bad for what happened to Jesse and what his mom is going through. I hope he gets better quickly and we see him in the ring before 2013.

  1. Shannon Moore vs. Zema Ion / Shannon Moore as a Singles Wrestler:

Like O said above the match was good for 4 minutes and I give I ** out of 5 but a story no one is talking about is Shannon Moore. It seems since Ink Inc. broke up Shannon Moore has been getting more TV time and more matches. I hope he gets an X Division Title shot soon as he would be a good champion and can work in the ring.

  1. Knockout Tag Team Match:

I have to start by saying they got 6 minutes which is 4 minutes longer than the Divas match on Raw I believe. They did very good and I would give it ** ½ out of 5 as they all did well. Like I said above I just wish Mickie & Velvet faced a REAL TEAM. It was a good match and I am not sure if they are adding a second Knockout match at Victory Road but other than a good match there is no storyline in this match. Also this match gets a like because Sarita did she body shake but there was no Velvet entrance but Sarita made up for it.

  1. The Main Event Gets Time & Fresh Faces:

Half of the main event was new or familiar faces returning to the main event picture. It was Austin Aries, Bully Ray and Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe, Magnus & James Storm. It also got 17 minutes and was a very good match that is worth checking out. After the match Ray attacked Storm which I guess leads to Ray vs. Storm again but this time at Victory Road. I am unsure if Joe & Magnus are faces now but the crowd did cheer for them.

Overall Rating for 3/1/12 Impact: 8 out of 10

What is planned for Next Week?

Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries in a Non-Title Match

ODB & Eric Young vs. Madison Rayne & Gail for the Knockout Tag Titles

AJ Styles will tell Kaz & Daniels who his new partner is

Updated Victory Road Card:

“THE ICON” Sting vs. WORLD CHAMPION Bobby Roode

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

X Division Championship Match: Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion

Knockouts Championship Match: Gail Kim (c) vs. Madison Rayne

Until Next Time I Hope I Made an Impact in Your Weekend


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