Wrestling Debate Podcast for 03-03-12

Wrestling Debate Podcast

With Billy James & John Mayer

Welcome to another edition of the Wrestling Debate with me; Billy James and John Mayer. This week we talk about our thoughts this week’s WWE Raw, TNA Impact Wrestling and Smackdown.  Also we’ll talk about the update on Wade Barrett’s injury, Triple H’s new WWE contract, update on Jesse Sorensen and Chris Master wants to join TNA Also the “Tell Me He Didn’t Just Say That” quote of the week. We will answer questions from the inbox. We’ll also name the Super Star and the Wrestling Babe of the Week.  So just click the link the below to listen.


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One Response to Wrestling Debate Podcast for 03-03-12

  1. Riggs says:

    I dunno it could be just me some guys like Vlad seemed to do better vs other powerguys rather then smaller guys you would think could carry him. Vlad v Festus didn’t seem like a great match on paper but there styles mashed well together. Was wondering if Zeke Ryan Clay etc were just messing that spark but i can see what you guys were saying..

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