Andrew B’s Laying The Smackdown For 2/17/12

Andrew B here to review another episode of Friday Night SmackDown as this week we are two days away from the Elimination Chamber event. Tonight Teddy Long will make an announcement regarding the World Heavyweight Title match at the event this Sunday. Plus the Usos will battle the tag team champions in a non-title match. Also Cody Rhodes will team with Wade Barrett to battle Big Show & Great Khali. Let’s start now as the show starts with a blockbuster announcement.

The show starts with highlights from Randy Orton vs. Big Show from Raw and then shows Bryan’s attack after the match.

We then see Orton sitting beside Teddy Long in Teddy’s office, & Long tells the Viper he’s sorry and that “it’s out of his hands” and that he can’t let Orton compete tonight because of his apparent concussion. Teddy has security on hand to escort him out of the arena because he knows Orton won’t like this, and Teddy announces that Orton not only can’t compete tonight but he’s out of the Elimination Chamber match as well.

Match 1: Big Show and Great Khali vs. Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett:
Khali and Barrett start things off and Barrett hits a kick to the leg of Khali. Khali blocks a second kick and sends Barrett to the mat. Khali with back elbows in the corner followed by a chop across the chest. Rhodes tags in and he wants Khali to back off. Cody chops Khali and hits a forearm but Khali with a forearm to the top of the head and then he sends Cody into the turnbuckles and chops Cody. Barrett makes the tag and Cody with a kick to Khali’s leg followed by a boot to Khali’s head by Barrett and a running forearm for a near fall. The heels work over Khali until Khali grabs Cody by the throat and sends him across the ring. Show and Barrett get tagged in and Show with a few clotheslines followed by an Irish whip & splash followed by a spear to Wade. Show sends Cody over the top rope to the floor and then Show with a choke slam to Barrett for the win. After the match Show hits Khali with the WMD.
Winners: Big Show and Great Khali

Match Rating: * out of 5

Backstage Mark Henry confronts Teddy Long about the vacant spot in the Chamber match, demanding to be put into it in place of Orton. Show walks in to interrupt them and demand a match with Bryan and when Henry tries to get in his face, he knocks him out with the WMD fist too before destroying Teddy’s office in a rage.

We are back with footage from the WWE tour of the United Arab Emirates.

Teddy Long tells Security that he wants them to get Big Show out of the building and if they have to, ask him politely to leave. One of the members of security refuses to get near the angry giant. Teddy says that they should ask for backup and he walks down the hall.

We see footage from last week when Ted Dibiase was able to defeat Hunico. Hunico tells Ted that he stole a victory from him and where he comes from, when you steal something, you take it back.

Match 2: Ted Dibiase vs. Hunico with Camacho:
Ted is still sporting a cast on his wrist as both men exchange holds at the bell. Hunico hits a flying head scissors but Ted responds with a big boot for a near fall. Hunico hits an arm breaker on Ted’s bad arm and then locks it into an arm bar. Hunico tries coming off the top but Ted nails him with a dropkick in mid-air. While the ref checks on Hunico, Camacho gets a cheap shot in on Dibiase behind his back, allowing Hunico to roll up Ted and grab the tights for a victory after two minutes.
Winner: Hunico

Match Rating: ½ * out of 5

Match 3: The Usos vs. Epico and Primo with Rosa Mendes in a non-title match:
Primo and Jimmy start things off and Primo works on the arm but Jimmy counters with a wrist lock. The action is back and forth as Primo connects with a leg sweep and Epico is tagged in and Primo suplexes Epico onto Jimmy for a near fall. Primo tags back in and he hits a drop kick on Jimmy and does a cartwheel. Primo locks in a reverse chin lock. Jimmy fights out but Primo sends Jimmy to the mat and then Primo taunts Jey before returning to the chin lock. Jimmy fights out again but Primo with a kick and Irish whip but Primo misses a move into the corner and Primo is caught in the tree of woe for a moment. Jimmy makes the hot tag as Jey is in control until he misses the running butt splash but he does not miss a Samoan drop but Epico kicks out. Epico connects with a kick and he tags in Primo. Epico charges at Jey but Jey ducks and Epico goes over the top rope to the floor. Primo tries for the backstabber but Jey holds on to the ropes. Jimmy clotheslines Epico on the floor as Jey connects with a super kick and then he tags in Jimmy who sets up for the super fly splash but he lands on Primo’s knees and Primo hits the backstabber for the win after 5 minutes.
Winners: Epico and Primo

Match Rating: ** out of 5

Daniel Bryan is walking through the back on his way to the ring as we find out Big Show left the arena. Bryan comes out & says that he takes it that the people saw what he did on Raw and that he got two for the price of one. He says it was finally time to show who he really is and what he is about. We then get replays of the same thing from the opening video package. Daniel says that he understands that Big Show has been escorted out of the building, just like Randy Orton. He says that it was convenient because if either of them were real men and had the guts, they would be in the ring facing him right now. Bryan says that they are not because they are afraid & that he can smell it in this arena and he can smell it in the locker room. He says that everyone is afraid of Daniel Bryan. Bryan continues by saying that they are afraid of tapping out because he keeps on winning. He says that he knows that none of them ever thought that he would be the World Champion. None thought that he had what it took and he proved everyone wrong and he will do it again on Sunday at the Elimination Chamber event, when he will prove everyone wrong yet again. Daniel says that he knows he is facing overwhelming odds, but he has been beating the odds his entire life. He says just as he is certain that he would have won the advertised main event against Randy Orton, he will emerge from the Elimination Chamber as the champion. Bryan says that because Randy Orton is not here, to make it official, he wants to be announced as the winner by forfeit. Daniel celebrates after his “victory” over Randy Orton. Teddy Long comes out and tells Daniel to wait before he starts celebrating his victory because he has not even competed tonight. Teddy tells Daniel that everybody wants to see him compete but his opponent will not be Randy Orton, but it someone who has agreed to volunteer & it is SHEAMUS.

Match 4: “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan in a non-title match:
They lock up and Sheamus with a side head lock and take down for a near fall. Sheamus is in control early on but Bryan tries to fight back to no avail. Sheamus then connects with his signature forearms across the chest on the apron to Bryan. Bryan goes to the floor and he grabs his title belt and goes to leave but Sheamus stops him with a shoulder tackle. Sheamus rolls Bryan in the ring and tries for the slingshot shoulder tackle, but Bryan with a baseball slide to send Sheamus to the floor. Bryan with a running knee off the apron and he sends Sheamus to the floor. They go back in the ring and Bryan is in control now until Sheamus fights back with a running double sledge followed by clotheslines. Sheamus hits a power slam for a near fall & tries for the uranage back breaker but Bryan counters and tries for the LeBell Lock. Sheamus fights it off and Sheamus hits a shoulder tackle. Sheamus signals for the Celtic cross but Bryan escapes. Sheamus blocks a kick and he connects with a series of forearms. Bryan slaps Sheamus in the face and then he hides in the corner. The referee pulls Sheamus out of the corner. Bryan goes to the turnbuckles and he spits in Sheamus’ face. Sheamus punches Bryan in the ropes and he is held back by the referee. Bryan wants more and Sheamus pushes the referee to the side and Sheamus is disqualified after 7 minutes.
Winner: Daniel Bryan by Disqualification

Match Rating: ** ½ out of 5

Teddy Long is in his office and Wade Barrett enters and he comments on the way that Teddy has decorated his office. Wade demands to know who his opponents are for the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday & who Randy’s replacement is. Cody Rhodes enters the office and he wants to know if Wade is licking his wounds after his latest loss. Cody says he needs to know who the other person he will have to beat at the Elimination Chamber. Teddy says that anyone who has ever laced up the boots will get a chance to enter the Elimination Chamber match because we are having a Battle Royal tonight. Cody says that you can’t put a jobber in the Elimination Chamber. Teddy says that someone will get the opportunity of a lifetime.

Match 5: Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel Jackson:
Mahal with a kick and forearms followed by knees to the midsection. Jackson pushes Mahal away and Mahal tries for a high knee but Jackson moves out of the way. Jackson grabs Mahal by the throat and he sends him into the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. Jackson connects with a forearm across the back followed by an Irish whip and clotheslines in the corner. Jackson connects with an Irish whip and splash into the corner followed by a side slam. Jackson tries for the Torture Rack but Mahal gets to the ropes. Mahal with DDT and then he locks in the camel clutch and Jackson get his arms loose and Mahal turns it into a reverse chin lock. Jackson backs Mahal into the turnbuckles but Mahal sends Jackson into the turnbuckles & reapplies the camel clutch and Jackson taps out after two minutes.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Match Rating: ¼ * out of 5

Match Number Six: Tamina Snuka and Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya:
Alicia and Beth start things off and they lock up. Beth with a full nelson but Alicia drops down and kicks Beth. Alicia with a drop kick and Natalya tags herself into the match. Natalya applies a waist lock and connects with a kick and Alicia with a matrix to avoid a clothesline. Alicia hits a monkey flip & spanks Natalya and Natalya pushes back before Natalya goes to the floor. Alicia follows Natalya to the floor and Natalya drives Alicia face first into the mat. Natalya is in control & locks Alicia in the Sharpshooter but the referee is not able to ask Alicia if she wants to tap out because he has been overcome by an odor.
Natalya argues with the referee and that allows Alicia to tag in Tamina, who hits a Samoan drop and then she goes up top for the Super fly Splash to get the win in three minutes. After the match, Tamina hits a super kick to Beth who tries to attack Tamina. Tamina goes up top but before she can hit the Super fly splash, Beth rolls to the floor.
Winners: Tamina and Alicia Fox

Match Rating: 1/2 * out of 5

Backstage John Laurinaitis alongside David Otunga are here to talk to Teddy Long about the battle royal tonight. John enters Otunga into the match. Teddy says that David is smart for graduating from Harvard Law School and that makes him an attorney. However, Teddy says that where he comes from attorneys have a lot of stank on them. He wishes David luck and then John and David leave.

Main Event: Battle Royal With the Winner Earning a Spot in the World Title Elimination Chamber Match at Sunday’s Event:
The participants in this match are Drew McIntyre, Michael McGillicutty, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Johnny Curtis, Tyson Kidd, Ted Dibiase, Heath Slater, Darren Young, Santino Marella, Alex Riley, Ezekiel Jackson, Percy Watson, Yoshi Tatsu, The Usos, Jinder Mahal, Hunico, Camacho, Epico, Justin Gabriel, Titus O’Neil, Primo, Derrick Bateman and David Otunga. Derrick Bateman is the first man eliminated by Otunga. Percy Watson is tossed out by Justin Gabriel next followed by Titus O’Neil gets tossed out by Ezekiel Jackson while Drew McIntyre eliminates one of the Uso brothers. Drew press slams Tyson Kidd out of the ring on top of the eliminated USO brother. Slater is casually eliminated by a boot from Mahal while Darren Young and Ted Dibiase both try to skin the cat at the same time until Ted kicks Young out to eliminate him. Hunico tosses Tatsu out while Camacho is eliminated off the apron by Dibiase. McGillicutty is eliminated then Gabriel has eliminated Curt Hawkins out of the corner. The Colons toss Alex Riley out next and then throw Johnny Curtis into Reks, eliminating both of them as well. The remaining USO brother is tossed out by Epico, but then his own partner Primo eliminates him from behind. Hunico eliminates Dibiase but Dibiase drags him out with him. Gabriel and Primo do a great little sequence teasing several elimination attempts on the apron and was the highlight of the match. Gabriel knocks Primo off the apron with a spin kick, but Ezekiel Jackson clotheslines him out from behind seconds later. Zeke dumps Jinder Mahal out and we’re down to the final four with Big Zeke, Santino, Otunga, and McIntyre. The heels gang up on Santino but Zeke breaks it up. McIntyre with a boot to Otunga but Santino eliminates Drew when he gets too cocky. Otunga goes after Santino but Santino lands on the apron. Jackson hits Otunga from behind and he punches Otunga. Jackson sets for a power slam but Santino escapes and he drops down and Jackson goes over the top rope to the floor and is eliminated. Santino does his own mini Hulk up routine and hits Otunga with a hip toss, but misses the follow up diving head-butt. Otunga connects with a neck breaker and then he poses. Otunga is about to send Santino over the top rope to the floor but Santino is able to gain his bearings and he sends Otunga over the top rope to the floor to win the match.
Winner: Santino Marella
Match Rating: ** out of 5


A bad SmackDown this week as it shows how the injury affected the show. The Mahal vs. Jackson match and the Divas match were both bad and should be skipped. The tag match between the Usos & the tag champs was good as I hope they have a nice PPV match that gets about ten minutes. The tag match between Khali & Show vs. Rhodes and Barrett to hype Sunday’s World Title Match, I thought would have been better and longer than 5 minutes. Hunico and Dibiase had a match similar to their matches every week. The thing that saved the show from being horrible was the Daniel Bryan promo and match against Sheamus which was the Month Battle Royal was full of jobbers and no one that stood out. I would have like to see Jackson, Gabriel or McIntyre but if the World Champ next week is from Italy and not a vegan they we will have problems. Speaking of next week SmackDown will be a Live Tuesday SmackDown Next Tuesday at 8. As for this week though, the show earned a 4 out of 10 and it would have been lower if not for Bryan vs. Sheamus.

That’s all as I hope you enjoyed this week’s review and don’t forget I will be back early next week as SmackDown is on Tuesday which means I can’t watch Glee, just kidding I would rather watch two guys in tights wrestle then two guys fully dress sing. Until Next time enjoy the Elimination Chamber event as we get closer to April 1st.




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