Shannon Marie: Stratusfaction Guaranteed

Most of you know her as the 7 time WWE Women’s Champion, others may know her as a fitness & yoga guru. No matter your reason for knowing who she is one thing will remain the same, she is one of the most influential and inspirational women in the world. Her name is Trish Stratus and for as long as I can remember she has been the biggest inspiration in my life. I grew up watching the WWE and have always wanted to be a part of it. Trish is probably the number one reason that I decided I wanted to make my dreams come true and work towards becoming a part of the company I love so much. She was beautiful, sexy, strong, brilliant, why wouldn’t I want to follow in her footsteps? So when the opportunity to finally meet her came up this passed August I jumped all over it. My boyfriend and I took a bus down to Toronto where Trish was a part of Sweat Equity’s booth at the Can Fit convention, a fitness/yoga magazine promoting their newest issue that she was on the cover of. I cannot even begin to explain how I felt finally meeting my idol after so many years. I told her about my dream to follow in her footsteps and hopefully one day fulfill my dream of becoming a memorable WWE Diva just like her, she was so supportive and gave me some great advice, encouraging words and a great big hug. I now had more than enough motivation to make me take myself much more seriously and start to realize that if I work hard enough my dreams are more than possible.

Recently Trish posted on Twitter that she would be challenging all her followers to sign up for her 30 day challenge in which you would receive a grocery list of all raw and natural foods, a example of what your meal plan should look like, a workout schedule the went with her Stratusphere Yoga DVD and even a list of workouts you could do if you didn’t own the DVD, and lastly a before/after fit test. I thought that this was an amazing way to help push me along since I have so many fitness goals I want to reach before I can even consider wrestling school.

Oddly enough, my boyfriend had surprised me and for Christmas he had gotten me Trish’s yoga DVD and her fit gloves (workout gloves with a no-stick palm and a one lb weight on each hand). This worked perfectly for me wanted to start her challenge, so along with my boyfriend we signed up. Once we received everything we couldn’t wait to start, so we went out and started our grocery shopping. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy to shop for raw natural foods when you don’t have a “Whole Foods” store near by.

Now that we were all done the shopping part, it was time to record our “before” results for the fit test. The fit test is basically your “before” and “after” weight, measurements (chest, waist, hips, both thighs and both biceps) and also measuring your flexibility (The distance between your finger tips and your toes in the sitting position with your legs straight in front of you bending forward), measuring your core strength, balance, and stamina (The amount of time you are able to hold plank, tree pose and chair pose) and lastly your endurance and strength (The amount of squats and push ups you are able to do before you can’t any more. Building up to a final result of 100 squats and 50 push ups)

After we completed out fit test, it was time to start breaking our meals up into 3 meals with a snack in between each, making sure everything is portioned and that we aren’t eating too much or too little. Also drinking lots, and lots of water (approx 2-3 liters a day). I know that sounds pretty simple, but when you are keeping track it actually ends up being a bit of a task.

A day of eating looked similar to this:

BREAKFAST: Protein Shake (Almond milk chocolate or vanilla, ice, whey protein powder, honey) I’d also add any fruit I wanted to it as well. Or I would have an egg with fresh peppers in it on a whole wheat piece of toast and add hot sauce for flavor.

SNACK: Apple

LUNCH: Half can of tuna with a non mayo dressing (Trish’s recipe) and a small salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

SNACK: Cantaloupe chunks and a hand full of almonds.

DINNER: Salmon fillet (added salt free spices, lemon & hemp seeds) with a cup of steamed veggies and half cup of rice.

Normally I do my workout sometime after dinner so I will have another protein shake afterwards.

Within the first two weeks I found that I had lost almost 6lbs! I was so proud of myself for working so hard and getting results I wanted to see. However, I’m not going to say that I flew through this challenge like it was nothing. I will admit once it got closer to the end of it I started to struggle with keeping on track with the eating. Time between paydays and needing to go grocery shopping started to not match up and we were left with “whatever was in my parents house to eat” so we ended up having more that one “cheat” day a week but we still tried out best to portion what we were eating and limit the amount of things we couldn’t have but didn’t have a choice but to eat.

After a month of hard work, Ryan (my boyfriend) and I are still working hard to stay on track with healthy eating. We do go to the gym on a regular basis and if we don’t make it to the gym we throw in Trish’s DVD and get out sweat on (ans Trish would say) that way. I’m trying to find it in myself to do the DVD during the day and then hit the gym at night, for those who have done Trish’s workout you know that its pretty intense and tiring. I swear that woman is a machine!

I haven’t yet recorded the results of my “after” fit test because I felt guilty for having to “cheat” on the diet so many times near the end of the challenge, so I wanted to get in a little extra credit work to make sure I get some final results myself and Trish would be proud of. I have until the 23rd to get my final results in along with anyone else who started the challenge on the 24th. (FYI: The days to start the challenge were anywhere from January 9th to the 24th. Ryan and I began on January 9th.)

For anyone that follows Trish (@trishstratuscom) you already know that no matter what the situation, she always sends out the most positive and inspiring tweets, which is what had kept me motivated to keep going with the challenge even when things got tough. I want to send out my sincere thanks to Trish and Ryan for being the best support system I could ever ask for!

I’m going to post my full results for everyone once I have them recorded. I also hope that once I have, it will help inspire people to try it out for themselves.

You can follow me on twitter @ShannonMarie_xo for a ton of Trish, wrestling, and random awesome tweets!


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