John Mayer:I Like It RAW For 2/13/12

Welcome to the debut of I Like It RAW. With just one week until the Elimination Chamber pay per view and all six of the WWE Title chamber in action plus Randy Orton vs The Big Show I am expecting a great show. Also we get the return of Mister Wrestlemania himself Shawn Michaels as he is here to talk to Triple H. As always with my reviews I do a top 5 and they are in no paticular order.


When I heard that Randy Orton and The Big Show were going to face off I was expecting a good match what I was not expecting was the superhuman feat of strength that The Viper showed. As Big Show was re entering the ring Randy Orton hit one of the highest dropkicks I have ever seen. From there instead of doing his middle rope DDT he pulled the over 400 pound Big Show over the top rope and dropped the giant with a top rope DDT. While I do not see either of these guys winning the Smackdown Elimination Chamber on Sunday I expect great showings from both men.


When Tamina first came to the WWE she was with the Usos. Once splitting from them we didn’t hear much from her. However over the last month we have seen Tamina step her game up by rolling through Natalya and defeating one of the Bellas last night on RAW. At the Elimination Chamber pay per view Tamina will face her biggest challenge to date challenging Beth Pheonix for the Divas Title. Beth has been dominant since winning the title from Kelly Kelly in October but this will also be Beth’s biggest battle to date as well.


We started off Monday Night RAW with all six of the competitors in the RAW chamber match in the ring having a good old fashioned debate. R-Truth is more off his rocker then ever thinking that this was a Presidental Debate. Chris Jericho did what he did best and use big words that I cannot spell and basically pissed everyone off and Kofi Kingston hit Trouble In Paradise on Jericho. In the actual matches Chris Jericho used a properly placed thumb to the eye and a Codebreaker to defeat Kingston. Match two saw R-Truth defeat Dolph Ziggler and the main event saw CM Punk make The Miz tap out. Going into this Sunday I am looking for these three to be the final three inside the chamber.


With Valentine’s Day the day after RAW Zack Ryder wheeled into RAW with flowers and was fully prepared to tell Eve Torres how he feels about her. However earlier in the night Kane promised that someone would be taking a ride in an ambulance and it turns out he chose Eve. But thanks to John Cena Eve jumped out of the ambulance and right into Cena’s arms. And just as quickly as she jumped out she and Cena shared a nice big juicy liplock. What they didn’t know was Zack was right there and he was not happy at all. Later on in the show John Cena comes out to try to explain his actions but all I heard was “WE ALL HATE YOU” from the crowd. So Zack Ryder hobbles his way down to the ring and gets in John’s face. After a push and a slap Zack went to punch Cena but he blocked it. With that Zack leaves the ring and hobbles his way back up to his wheelchair when Kane comes on the screen and says something but then we see Kane behind Zack’s wheelchair. From there Kane pushed Zack and the wheelchair off the stage. Therefore it was Zack Ryder who took the ride in the ambulance,again.


Monday night featured the return of Mister Wrestlemania himself Shawn Michaels. He talks about how its Wrestlemania season and all his monikers and then he calls out Triple H. They embrace in the ring and they start to talk about The Undertaker and Wrestlemania. I do not remember everything that was said and I apoligize but Triple H took the corporate root out basically saying the WWE was going to be his and yadda yadda. After HBK leaves the ring we go to another Undertaker video and in this video he is cutting his hair for some odd reason. I don’t understand the point behind that but i’m sure the WWE knows.

I thought RAW was decent this week. Not the best but surely not the worst either. I give RAW a 6 out of 10 this week. Check back later this week for mine and Billy James’s Elimination Chamber and wrestling debate podcast. And until next week I hope you like it RAW.


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