Wrestling Debate Podcast for 02-11-12

Wrestling Debate

With Billy James & John Mayer

Welcome to another edition of the Wrestling Debate with me; Billy James and John Mayer. This week we talk about our thoughts this week’s WWE Raw, Smackdown, TNA Impact Wrestling plus WWE Royal Rumble PPV.  Also we’ll talk the backstage heat on the Miz, Samoa Joe’s on TNA getting out of the Impact Zone, Hulk Hogan talks about gay rumors made by his ex wife and more. John will give us all a Reality Check. Also the “Tell Me He Didn’t Just Say That” quote of the week. We will answer questions from the inbox. We’ll also name the Super Star and the Wrestling Babe of the Week.  So just click the link the below to listen.


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One Response to Wrestling Debate Podcast for 02-11-12

  1. Riggs says:

    Dunno this past year a few guys had a chance this last year. I didn’t think Byran or Henry would end up in the main event n with rumors of Jericho leaving again WWE is stilling needing someone step up n try n steal that spot.

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