Andrew B’s Making An Impact For 2/9/12

Welcome everyone to another review of TNA Impact and this week Impact is from England as it is Star Wars Night. Mickie James will also battle Velvet Sky and we have a huge tag team main event. Also in a rematch from Destination X 2011 AJ Styles will step in the ring against Daniels. Plus there is a huge tag team main event featuring 3 former TNA Tag Champions and A Former TNA Heavyweight Champion. This week I will go back to the Good & Bad format so let’s not waste time and begin right now.


  1. The Opening Promo:

The opening promo was very good as Bully Ray is great on the mic and Roode shows great emotion. They argue about who trained who and Sting as a general manger role is also good for him. The promo was good as I felt tension between Ray & Roode. The only thing it was missing was Hardy but he was not on the UK Tour.

  1. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels:

I love when these two battle as they always have good matches that are worth watching. This match was good as they received about 8 minutes and it was good. I just wish AJ was used well as he used to be the main guy in TNA and now if you’re a new TNA fan he is a mid-carder to you. The ending was not clean as Daniels used I think Brass Knuckles that Kaz gave to him. It adds interest to AJ against Kaz at AAO but this match is worth watching.


  1. The Hot Crowd:

I love the England crowd the last two weeks as they were hot for almost everything. They gave nice pops to Magnus and Joe like the fans in the US never do. They gave heat to the heels and were great two weeks in a row.


  1. The Tag Team Promo:

The promo Joe & Magnus cut was good as the crowd was hot for them. To no one’s surprise it turned into a brawl with the champs in the ring. I look forward to this match and like the team of Joe & Magnus and can’t wait for them to win the tag titles this Sunday.


  1. The Triple Threat X Division Match:

I enjoyed this match as you knew it would be good with Doug Williams, Alex Shelley and Austin Aries. The match was good with high flying moves but again the X Division receives 5 minutes. The only bad part of this match was Shelley pinned Aries after Sliced Bread if anything Williams should have taken the pin to make the champ look strong even if Shelley was going to win the match.

  1. The Knockouts:

I enjoyed the match between Velvet and Mickie as it was good but TNA should have saved it for a PPV event. I also liked the brawl between Tara and Gail Kim to hype up their match this Sunday. The only thing I would say is it would have been better to see Gail in action as Mickie or Velvet.

  1. The Tag Team Main Event:

I enjoyed the main event as it is a good match that was given about 15 minutes. I would put it in the *** range around *** ½ maybe but it is worth watching. There was a spot when Bully Ray and Rood felt a Stinger Splash together and Roode ended up falling with Ray’s groin in his face and Ray’s face was priceless. In the end Roode tapped out to the scorpion Death Lock after Ray walked out on him. I heard rumors that at Victory Road we will see Sting vs. Roode for the title after he counts the three for Roode this Sunday but I hope not.



  1. Star Wars Theme:

All I heard all night was the Star Wars movie coming out. In fact I believe it took away from the show with all the Star Wars promoting. Also you do not need to compare The Bischoff Family Drama to Star Wars characters as that storyline is bad enough. From now TNA does not need to promote movies and to make it worse WWE promoted the movie anyway (Z True Long Island Story) so there was no need TNA.

  1. Hulk Hogan & The Bischoff Family Storyline / Poor Use Of Gunner:

I must say I was sad that Hogan came back but now that this feud looks like it will last a while I am scared. I also pray that TNA will take Gunner away from this storyline as he has talent. In case you don’t remember over the summer, Gunner pinned Anderson, Styles & Sting. I would like to see Gunner get a push in the rankings and a push away from everyone with the first name Terry or last name Bischoff. How about Gunner becomes TV champ and gets a push that way. Also the fact that Garett will take on Gunner at AAO is a joke but even the promo that Hogan and The Bischoffs cut in the ring was bad and not even worth watching.

  1. TNA’s New Method Of Hyping What’s Coming Up After Break:

I must say the past few weeks TNA has been hyping up what is going to be on after the break by showing it. It happened when Eric found out that Garett’s trainer was in the gym and it happened this week with the Tara & Gail Kim brawl. TNA does not to show a highlight of what is coming up, just go to break and show it after the break is over.


Overall that is this week’s Impact but before I go I will give you my picks for AAO and I hope you leave a comment with your predictions.

  1. Samoa Joe & Magnus Win the Tag Titles after Morgan takes the pin.
  2. Kaz defeats AJ Styles after help from Daniels.
  3. Roode leaves AAO with the title after stealing a pin from someone after they hot their finisher (ex. Last Call Ray and Roode steals the pin from Storm)
  4. Gunner vs. Garett will be a horrible match that Garett will win while I am in the rest room or getting more food.
  5. Gail Kim & Austin Aries retain their Titles.

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