Tommy Dreamer:The King Of Extreme

E-C-W are three letters that will forever be known in wrestling as the company that wrestled in a bingo hall. Through the blood the sweat and the tears that the superstars left legends were made. From the beer drinking cane swinging Sandman to the homicidal Sabu all the way to Mister Monday Night Rob Van Damn these guys all busted there asses for there fans. But there was always one person who not only stepped up every night but he proved why he was the “Innovator Of Violence” and that is Tommy Dreamer.

I will always remember the very first time I saw Tommy on TV. I wanna say the year was 1991 or 1992 because I just moved. I was flipping through channels and I came upon the IWCCW. On this show I saw a young Tommy Dreamer wrestle the IWCCW champion and future WWE Hall Of Famer Tony Atlas for the title. While Tommy did not win the title that night he left a memory in my head that I wouldn’t forget. Fast forward to 1995 and once again I was flipping through channels and I found this wrestling program called ECW. Watching ECW I got to once again see Tommy Dreamer. But now he wasn’t this pretty boy like he was when I first saw him. Now he is known as the Innovator Of Violence and beating the shit out of his opposition with everything including the kitchen sink. But not only could he dish out the violence but he took more of a beatdown then anyone else in the company. But after everything that happened to him he got back up and did it all over again for us fans.

I have got to see ECW live one time. I saw some of my favorites including Bam Bam Bigelow,The Gangstas, and The Eliminators among others. The main event of the evening was a tag team match with Tommy Dreamer teaming up with The Sandman taking on Rob Van Dam and Sabu. While I think the match did not have a winner the level of violence was through the roof. Some of my favorite moments of Tommy’s while he was in ECW was when he was at his most violent. But personally my favorite moment was when he defeated Tazz to become the ECW Champion. Granted he only held the title for under an hour but the pure emotion on his face when everyone from the back came out to congratulate the new champion made me happy to be a wrestling fan.

After ECW Tommy went to the WWE for 9 years followed by TNA. I was happy because I once again got to see one of my favorite wrestlers again but I knew the WWE and TNA were NOTHING like ECW. Granted the WWE had a hardcore division but ECW was all about the hardcore. And I was actually pissed off when Vince McMahon brought ECW back to tv back in 2006. I’m sorry but ECW was best left where it was and that was in the fans hearts. Tommy did manage to win the ECW Title one final time before leaving the company. And even in the new ECW he was truly the heart and soul of the company.

Later this month I was suppose to go up to a indy show in New York where Tommy Dreamer was suppose to wrestle. However due to circumstances beyond my control I will not be attending the show. It’s a damn shame too because I was looking forward to shaking his hand and thanking him for putting his body on the line for us fans day in and day out. I wanted to tell him I enjoyed watching The Tommy Dreamer TV show on Youtube. Those things will hafta wait until the next time. But one thing that won’t will be my opinion that Tommy Dreamer was and will forever be The King Of Extreme.


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