Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind:The Great American Bash 2005

Andrew B here with another Wrestling Rewind as we go back in time. Today’s edition is the Great American Bash 2005 and it was held in Buffalo, New York. The event saw Batista battle JBL for the World Title. Also Chris Benoit tried to take the US Title from Orlando Jordan. Also there was bra and panties match so let’s start now.

We get another great video package by WWE and the opening pyro as Tazz and Michael Cole welcome us to the PPV. We then meet the Spanish announcers for the night and we go to the ring for our first match as the ring has red, white & blue ropes. Here is the opening video package:

Match 1: MNM vs. Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich For The WWE Tag Team Titles:

MNM comes out first followed by their opponents. Before the match starts Tazz talks about Hawk & the LOD DVD that was released before the event. Heidenreich starts with Mercury as the crowd chants LOD. Heidenreich starts overpowering Mercury and he rolls to the outside. Mercury fights back but gets overpowered and rolls to the outside again. They lock up as Heidenreich is overpowering Mercury who goes outside again. This time Animal throws Mercury back inside as Heidenreich tags in Animal and they hit Mercury with a double clothesline. Animal throws Mercury into the corner and goes for a splash but Mercury counters and tags in Nitro. They go for a double suplex on Animal but Animal suplexes them. Nitro rocks Animal with a punch and runs into a backdrop as Heidenreich gets tagged in. Heidenreich grabs Nitro and holds him up but the ref is trying to get Animal to leave the ring and Mercury chop blocks the leg of Heidenreich. Mercury gets tagged in and starts working on the leg of Heidenreich as the crowd chants LOD. Nitro gets tag in and continues to work on the leg of Heidenreich as the crowd is try to cheer on Heidenreich. Mercury and Nitro keep making quick tags working on Heidenreich’s leg in their corner and making quick covers for two counts which is great tag team wrestling. Melina screams as MNM is in control but Heidenreich fights out and tags in Animal who tags control of the match. Animal hits a backdrop on Mercury (the legal man) and a dropkick on Nitro. Animal goes for a splash in the corner on Mercury but misses as Nitro hits Animal with the tag titles as the ref is distracted by Melina. Mercury pins Animal for a two count and then MNM goes for snapshot on Animal but Heidenreich breaks it up. Animal then hits a scoop slam on Mercury as Heidenreich goes to the top rope. Heidenreich & Animal hit the Doomsday Device and Animal pins Mercury for the three count. After Animal grabs the microphone and points up to the sky and says “HAWK THIS ONE IS FOR YOU BROTHER.” The crowd chants LOD and is hot for the opener.

Winners: Heidenreich & Animal Win the Tag Titles

Match Rating: ** ¼ out of 5

We then go backstage to see Josh Matthews with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie talks about his match with Rey Mysterio later and then he says that Rey must bring his son Dominick to ringside for the match. He ends with his new addiction is manipulation.

Match 2: Booker T with Sharmell vs. “The Instant Classic” Christian:

Christian is out first wearing bright blue pant then Booker T comes out with his wife. The match starts with Christian staying out of the ring but Booker come out and attacks Christian. He throws Christian in the ring but Christian takes control with a kick and some punches to Booker T. Booker then fights back with chops and punches and Christian goes back outside. They are now fighting on the ramp and Booker is laying in chops on Christian. They are back in the ring as Christian gets hit with a backdrop. Booker then works on Christian with chops and kicks in the corner. Booker then slingshots Christian in the corner and rolls him up for a two count. Booker then works on Christian in the corner but Christian pulls Booker and he hits the ring post. Christian then hits a reverse DDT for a two count as Christian is now in control. Booker fights back and goes for a spinning kick but Christian ducks and hits a single arm DDT. Christian pins Booker for a two count and locks in a rear naked choke. Booker fights out but Christian pulls him down by the hair and locks in a side headlock. Booker T gets his foot on the rope and Booker fights back by hitting chops and a side slam as we get some Let’s Go Christian chants. Christian is the heel in the match but Buffalo is close to Canada so maybe some people from Canada drove to Buffalo but back to the match as Booker T goes for a kick and Christian moves as Booker lands on the ropes crotched. Christian grabs Sharmell and she slaps him. He chases her outside and runs in the ring into a Bookend and gets pinned for a two count. Booker then hits Christian with multiple flying forearms and then a suplex for a two count. Booker is going to the top rope but Christian is coming so he goes to roll him up but instead Christian counters and grabs the rope pinning Booker for a two count. Christian then walks into a spinebuster by Booker T and then Booker T hits Christian with a flapjack and then looks at his hand but gets a lot of boos from the crowd. Booker then hits the Spinaroonie and goes for a scissors kick after but it gets countered as Christian goes for the Kill switch but gets pushed into the turnbuckle. Booker lays the punches in the corner as the crowd counts but he does not make it to ten as Christian hits Booker T with a power bomb. Christian with his feet on the rope pins Booker T for a two count. Booker T is sitting on the apron and hits Christian with a slingshot then a missile dropkick off the top rope. He pins Christian for a two but then Christian pokes Booker in the eye and throws him to the outside. Christian goes to throw Booker into the ring post but Booker counters and then throws Christian into the steps twice. Christian then enters the ring as Booker T hits a scissors kick off the second rope and pins Christian for a three count. Booker T poses at the top of the ramp as Tazz yells Can You Feel It Sucka as Cole tells him that it is Can You Dig it Sucka.

Winner: Booker T

Match Rating: *** out of 5

We go backstage where Steve Romero is with Melina. She is upset MNM lost the titles but she says they will get the belts back. She then calls Torrie Wilson a has-been and she says she will strip that hag to her bra and panties which sounds hot because Melina was angry. She then says no one ever will see her in her bra and panties expect for me & Nitro (who is now John Morrison) after the show. She did not add the part about Nitro but she did say no one will see her in her bra & panties.

Match 3: Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan for the US Title:

OJ comes out first then Benoit, who gets a nice pop. We get a video of Benoit punching Jordan on Heat earlier in the night. Match start with a lockup as Jordan pushed Benoit to the corner. Cole mentions that Benoit has a bandage on his neck because there is a hole in the back of his neck or something like that as Benoit throws Jordan off the ropes and hits him with a clothesline. Benoit then connects with a knee to the face and some chops in the corner. Jordan fights back with punches and kicks and then shots in the corner but Benoit fights back with chops. Jordan fights back but gets hit with a suplex then a dropkick. Benoit pins OJ for a two and then smashes his head into the turnbuckle but Jordan fights back with a right hand and works on the left arm of Benoit. He then applies a wrist lock but Benoit fights out and Jordan goes for a kick but Benoit literally rolls under his leg and hits a dragon whip on the leg as OJ rolls out. Benoit goes for a baseball slide and misses but Jordan catches him and rams him into the ring post. Jordan goes in the ring and goes to take off a turnbuckle pad but gets hits with a German suplex by Benoit. Benoit then hits chops and more knees followed by a northern lights suplex for two. OJ fights back with punches as the tape falls off Benoit’s neck and there is a hole there. Benoit fights back chops but OJ hits him with a knee to the gut and throws him into the corner. Benoit comes back and gets hit with a clothesline. OJ goes back to working on the left arm using submissions as the crowd gets behind Benoit. Benoit fights out but gets hit by a dropkick. OJ then celebrates but Benoit takes him down hitting him with punches but OJ rolls it over and starts laying in punches on Benoit. OJ lays in punches on Benoit as he gets up only to get hit by more chops but OJ takes control working on the arm. OJ then hits a swinging neck breaker for a two count. He then throws Benoit off the ropes and hits an elbow for two. OJ puts on another submission with Benoit fighting out only to get hit with a body slam. OJ goes to the top rope but gets crotched and gets hit with chops from Benoit. Benoit then hits Jordan with a top rope superplex and both men get up as Jordan gets hit with a clothesline followed by a back drop. Jordan throws Benoit into the corner and runs into a boot to the face. Benoit goes for a sharpshooter but OJ counters and walks into Benoit’s signature three German suplexes. Benoit hits the flying headbutt and pin Jordan for a two count. He then chops OJ in the corner and smashes his head into the turnbuckle but OJ hits bounces back and hits Benoit in the face. He then takes the pad off the turnbuckle as Benoit goes for a German suplex. OJ counters and sends Benoit into the exposed metal in the corner and pins Benoit for a three count. As Jordan celebrates the crowd gives a standing ovation to Benoit.

Winner: Orlando Jordan Retains the US Title

Match Rating: ** ¾ out of 5

We then get a video package for our next match which is Muhammad Hassan vs. Undertaker. I thought the video package was very good & here it is:

Match 4: Muhammad Hassan with Daivari vs. The Undertaker:

Hassan comes out first carried by his “sympathizers.” He cuts a promo saying that if he did not win this match he will never show his face again in WWE which gets a good pop. He says do not worry though because after he defeats the Undertaker at Summer Slam he will become the first Arab American world champion. He says he showed Taker what is what like to be a target. He then says as an Arab American he knows about sacrifice and that he sacrificed Daivari, his lawyer and that he will do whatever it takes to defeat Taker. A nice USA chant starts and he says that everyone is scared of Taker expect for him. He will overcome prejudice he says and that after tonight he will be forever remembered as the great Muhammad Hassan. Undertaker comes out next to a nice pop and the match starts after his long walk to the ring. Taker starts with punches that he missed because of Hassan’s speed. He misses another shot and ends up taking punches from Hassan. Hassan then runs away but gets thrown into the corner by Taker and starts to get hit by punches, kicks and elbows. Hassan then gets thrown into another turnbuckle and as Taker runs he gets hit with a kick. Hassan runs out of the corner and walks right into a big boot. Taker then pins Hassan for two and connects with old school and hits a Flatliner for two as we hear Daivari yelling. Hassan is now in the corner taking punches and a choke from Taker. The ref tells Taker to stop the choke but the ref runs away scared. Hassan goes for a big boot in the corner but Daivari pushes Hassan out of the way. Taker rolls outside only to get attacked by the “sympathizers.” Hassan throws Taker into the steel steps then into the ring as Hassan is in control. Hassan distracts the ref as one of the masked men chokes Taker. Hassan then hits a DDT and pins Taker for two but Taker sits up. Taker fights back with rights to take control. Taker goes outside to attack one of the masked men only to get choked by another masked guy with a piano wire while Hassan distracts the referee. He throws Taker back in the ring and locks in the camel clutch as Taker has a bloody bottom lip. Taker stands up and hits Hassan with an electric chair. He then hits multiple running splashes in the corner on Hassan. One of the masked guys run in the ring and gets hits with a big boot. Taker then hits Hassan with snake eyes and another masked guy runs in and gets a big boot. Another masked guy walks in and gets hit with a right. Hassan gets hit with an elbow from taker for a two count as another makes guy on the apron gets hit with a right. Another masked guy walks in the ring to get hit with a punch as Taker sets up Hassan for a tombstone but Hassan fights out only to get choke slammed for the three count. All five masked guys attack Taker which gets massive heat. Taker rolls to the outside and one of the guys goes to throw Taker into the steps but he counters as the masked guy hits the steps. Another masked guy gets hit with a right as another guy has a chair get kicked out of his hand. Taker then puts the chair under the neck of a different guy and slams in on the announcer’s table. Another masked guy gets choke slammed outside the ring as another masked guy gets thrown over the announcer’s table. Daivari & Hassan are in the ring as Hassan pushes Daivari into Taker as the masked guy with the piano wire gets a big boot. Daivari jumps on Taker’s back and gets tossed to the outside. The guy with the piano wire gets a tombstone and then Taker goes outside for Daivari. Taker takes Daivari and throws him through the side of the announcer’s table. Taker then sees Hassan crawling up the stage and he goes to follow him. Hassan gets choke slammed on the stage and then Taker starts takes pieces of the metal off the stage. He then gives Hassan a last ride through the open part of the stage where the metal was. Taker then leaves as we see Hassan just lying there.

Winner: The Undertaker

Match Rating: ** out of 5

We then get a commercial for the LOD DVD. Steve Romero is with Torrie Wilson. She says for the women she will show that girls kick as also while for the guys they can see Melina in her bra and panties. We then see Hassan getting put on a stretcher and replays on the last ride. Hassan is bleeding as we get our next match underway.

Match 5: BWO vs. Mexicools In A Six Man Tag:

Mexicools come out first on their lawnmowers and give the Spanish announcers a rake and Tazz complains that he did not get anything then BWO come out next on big wheels and get a small pop and a small BWO chant. Juventud starts off the match with Nova. Juvi trips Nova and celebrates with a moonwalk and then they go to lock up but Juvi kicks Nova in the gut and lays in some punches. He then throws Nova off the ropes and goes for an arm drag but Nova counters it to a flip as Stevie Richard comes in as does Super Crazy. They take out the Mexicools and throw Super Crazy and Psicosis into the corner. Blue Meanie then runs into both of them and then they get tossed out of the ring by the BWO. Juvi then hits a spinning kick off the rope on Nova. Juvi then works on Nova and hits Nova with a spinning kick. Juvi then locks Nova in an arm bar but Nova fights back only to get a kick in the gut by Juvi. Juvi then tags in Super Crazy who hits a snap mare takedown and then a running dropkick to the face for two. Super Crazy then retags Juvi who works on Nova with another arm bar. Nova fights out with a big boot to Juvi but Juvi tags in Psicosis. Psicosis goes after Nova but Nova fights him off and makes the hot tag to Stevie Richards. Stevie goes after Super Crazy knocking him off the apron then connects with chops and a backdrop to Psicosis. Juvi goes for a springboard cross body on Stevie but Stevie moves and Juvi hurts his knee. Stevie then hits Psicosis with a sidewalk slam for a two count. Super Crazy comes in but Blue Meanie takes him out. Stevie throws Psicosis into the corner and goes for a bronco buster but Psicosis moves and Stevie gets crotched. Super Crazy then hits a moonsault and Psicosis hits a leg drop off the top rope for the three count.

Winners: The Mexicools

Match Rating: * out of 5

We then get a video package for our next match. After the video package we see Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick backstage. Dominick says he is scared but Rey says everything will be OK and don’t be scared. Rey then tells his son that he loves him.

Match 6: “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio:

Eddie comes out first and they show a steel chair in front of the announcer’s table where Dominick will sit. Rey then comes out with his son and the match starts. Eddie tells Rey to shake his hand and smile and Rey does. Eddie then hugs Rey but Rey then hits Eddie with two clotheslines and a backdrop. Rey then hits Eddie with punches and goes for a springboard cross body but misses. Eddie then stomps on Rey and goes for a backdrop or something like it but Rey counters and rolls up Eddie for a two count. Rey then backslides Eddie for another two. Rey then hits a bulldog for another two count. Rey then throws Eddie into the corner but he counters. Eddie the runs into an elbow from Rey and Rey pushes Eddie into the turnbuckle and connects with the ten punches to the head but Eddie then hits an atomic drop. Eddie goes up to the top rope but Rey stops him and he is crotched. Rey then goes up and hits a hurricanrana off the top rope and pins Eddie for a two count. Rey goes to the top but gets crotches as Eddie goes for a Razor’s Edge. Rey reverses it and hits a hurricanrana which sets Eddie up for the 619. Rey hits Eddie in the gut as Eddie stands up but then hits Eddie with a drop of the dime for a two count. Eddie rolls to the outside and gives a hug to Dominick as Rey goes over there Eddie uses Dominick as a shield and makes Rey go down on one knee and then gives Dominick a kiss. Eddie then cheap shots Rey as they go back in the ring. Eddie hits Rey with a backbreaker for a two count. Eddie then hits another backbreaker for another two count. Eddie is now in control and works on Rey in the ring. Eddie goes to the outside to talk to Dominick and then goes back in the ring. In the ring Eddie gives Rey a hard Irish whip in the corner. Eddie then steps on Rey’s head and then picks up Rey and levels him with a chop followed by choking Rey with the rope. Eddie throws Rey into the ropes and Rey comes back with a bulldog but it is countered as Eddie hits a German suplex for a two count. Eddie works on Rey as Eddie is in control as Eddie throws Rey into the ropes. Rey hits a tilt a whirl for a two but Eddie takes control again locking Rey in the Gory Special (a move where Eddie locks Rey on his back) but Rey fights out only to get catapulted to the outside. Eddie goes over to talk to Dominick and Rey attacks him from behind. They go back in the ring and Eddie hits kick to the gut and throws Rey into the ropes. Rey fights back with a dropkick to the knee and then a kick to the head. Rey goes for a moonsault but Eddie catches him only for Rey to hit him with a tornado DDT for a two count. Rey hits a springboard dropkick to Eddie and he is in the spot for a 619. Rey hits another 619 but this time to the face. Rey goes for the drop of the dime again but Eddie moves. Eddie hits Rey with the three amigos. Eddie goes to the top rope but then ops down as Rey rolls away. Eddie then hits the three amigos again. Eddie then hits Rey with a brain buster and goes to the top rope. Eddie hits a frog splash and looks at Dominick and goes for the cocky pin but Rey rolls up Eddie out of nowhere for a three count and the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Match Rating: *** out of 5

We then go to josh Matthews backstage with JBL. JBL is wearing a Red, White and Blue Jacket. JBL talks about how Batista has been embarrassing him. He says it is payback time and that someone wearing red, white and blue will finally win a championship in this town. It was a comment about the Buffalo Bills which got major heat. He then guarantees he will defeat Batista and takes his title because he is a wrestling god.

Match 7: Torrie Wilson vs. Melina In A Bra & Panties Match With Candice As The Special Referee:

If you don’t know the rules are the first girl to take off the other’s girl’s shirt and pants is the winner so let’s look at this match now. Candice comes out first looking so hot followed by Melina the Torrie. The match starts with a lockup and Melina pushes Torrie into the corner. Torrie then pushes down Melina but Melina gets up and gives Torrie a kick in the gut and pulls her down by the hair. Torrie then hits Melina with a flying head scissors and then a school boy to try and take her pants off. Melina fights out and Torrie locks Melina in an abdominal stretch and takes off Melina’s shirt. She then rolls up Melina and goes for the pants but Melina pushes Torrie off sending her to the outside of the ring. Melina throws Torrie back in the ring and slams her face into the mat. Melina then takes off Torrie’s shirt then Melina starts choking Torrie on the ropes. Melina goes for the pants but Torre fights off and as she is getting up Melina hits her with a running axe handle. Melina starts choking Torrie and Candice breaks it up. Torrie connects with a nice kick to the head of Melina and she rolls on the apron. Torrie flips her over the ropes and back into the ring and then connects with two clotheslines and a dropkick. She then hits Melina with a suplex and goes for the pants but Melina counters with a one legged monkey flip. Torrie grabs Melina but Melina throws Torrie into the ropes and takes off her pants. Melina then attacks Candice and Torrie helps Candice and takes off Melina’s pants. Melina then strips for fun.

Winner: Melina

Match Rating: * out of 5

We then get a video package for our main event.

Match 8: JBL vs. “The Animal” Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship:

We see JBL come out first in a red, white and blue jacket with an Uncle Sam hat handing out American flags. Batista then comes out next to a nice pop. The match starts with a lockup with Batista pushing JBL into the corner. They lockup again and JBL goes for a go behind but Batista elbows out. They lockup again as JBL puts Batista in a headlock but Batista pushes off and JBL runs into a shoulder block. They lock up again and JBL knees Batista in the gut and a clothesline to the back of the neck. JBL then hits a kick to the face and rights in the corner. JBL throws Batista into the corner but Batista bounces out and hits a clothesline and JBL rolls to the outside with Batista following. They walk around the ring and JBL goes in first and attacks Batista. JBL runs into a power slam by Batista. Batista pins JBL for a two then takes control with punches as JBL goes into the corner. Batista then levels JBL with elbows, punches and then starts choking JBL with his foot. Batista throws JBL into the corner and runs into a big boot then a shoulder block. JBL then hits Batista with some punches but runs into a backdrop from Batista and then gets clotheslined to the outside. Batista goes outside and slams JBL into the barricade. JBL goes in the ring while Batista is on the apron. JBL goes for a suplex but then hits Batista with a stunner and Batista falls outside. JBL then jumps off the apron but Batista catches him and slams him into the apron. Batista then knees JBL in the face as they enter the ring. Batista then lays in punches in the corner and then charges JBL but he moves and Batista hit the post. JBL then hits Batista with a boot and he goes to the outside. JBL then tackles Batista over the announcer’s table. JBL then slams Batista’s face into the ring bell. JBL then jumps off the announcer’s table and levels him with a right hand. They go back in the ring and JBL pins Batista for a two count. JBL hits a catapult with Batista under the bottom rope. JBL hits a big boot and then an elbow drop on Batista and pins him for a two count. Batista fights back with rights and runs off the ropes only to get locked in a sleeper hold. Batista tries to fight out but goes down to one knee then both knees. The ref checks his arm and it goes down twice but never goes down on the third time. Batista fights out with elbows to JBL and hits a backdrop suplex as both men are down. Batista charges at JBL but JBL throws him outside. JBL then throws Batista into the steps twice and then JBL throws him into the steel post. Batista is lying on the steel post and JBL goes for something but runs into a boot from Batista. Batista then clothesline’s JBL over the barricade. They are in the crowd and Batista is laying in punches. They end up back in the ring. JBL runs into an elbow from Batista and then gets thrown into the turnbuckle. Batista charges JBL but JBL moves and goes for a clothesline to the ref and JBL gets hit with a spine buster. Orlando Jordan runs onto the apron but gets knocked down by Batista. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb but OJ hits Batista in the back with a chair and then JBL hits Batista with a boot. OJ throws the ref in the ring and the ref counts two but Batista kicks out. JBL then hits a clothesline from hell to Batista. JBL pins Batista but the ref is still hurt. JBL goes for another clothesline but runs into a spine buster from Batista. OJ runs in the ring but Batista throws him out. Batista then hits JBL with a clothesline in the corner followed by a power slam. OJ runs in with a chair but Batista grabs him and hits him with the chair then hits JBL with the chair and the ref rings the bell. Batista then takes the chair and beats down JBL & Jordan with the chair and then leaves as Tony Chimel announces JBL won the match but not the title. JBL winning makes Batista more mad and he comes back to hit a Batista Bomb on Jordan & JBL. The PPV ends with Batista holding the title at the top of the stage.

Winner: JBL by DQ But Batista Retains the Title

Match rating: ** out of 5

Overall: The event was better the second time I watched it. The only bad match on the card was the Undertaker vs. Hassan but the rest was average. The matches that are worth watching are Booker T vs. Christian and Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio. The title matches were good even though the world title was the worst of the three. The bra & panties match was ok wrestling wise. The six man tag was good for what is was worth. Overall the 2005 Great American Bash earns a 6/10

Until Next Time Remember That I’m Andrew B NOW Can You Dig That Sucka?


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