Andrew B’s Look Back At The TNA World Title In 2011

Hi everyone Andrew B here and today we are going to take a look at the biggest prize in TNA, The TNA World Heavyweight Championship. This past year many people who held the title it was their first time and then of course you had your fair share of ex WWE talent hold it. We saw great matches like AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode in an Ironman Match. There were also bad matches like Sting vs. Jeff Hardy fromVictory Road. So let’s take a walk down memory lane.

The year started with Jeff Hardy as TNA champion after winning the title back at Bound for Glory 2010 in a triple threat match. He then defeated Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson on the 1/7/11 TNA house show in Westbury I went to. Then at Genesis 2011 Mr. Anderson defeated Matt Morgan to become the number one contender for the World Title but he did not know that his title shot would be right after, and luckily for Mr. Anderson he defeated Jeff Hardy to win his first TNA champion. On the 2/3/11 Impact Mr. Anderson retained the title after a match against Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy would then win the title back at Against All Odds after a grueling ladder match with Mr. Anderson. On the 2/17/11 Impact Jeff Hardy defeated his former friend Rob Van Dam to keep his title. On the 3/3/11 Impact Hardy lost the title to “The Icon” Sting after only holding it for eleven days. The rematch was set forVictory Roadand was hyped as a match fans were looking forward to but sadly Hardy showed up messed up and Sting won in less than two minutes.

At Lockdown Sting retained his title by winning a triple threat steel cage match against RVD and Mr. Anderson. At Sacrifice Sting defeated RVD to keep his title but the next month at Slammiversary “The Icon” Sting lost the title to Mr. Anderson. Anderson would lose the title back to Sting on the 7/14/11 Impact after holding it for 29 days. Sting would then lose the title in August at Hardcore Justice to Kurt Angle after holding it for 27 days. On the 9/1/11 Impact Angle defeated Sting to retain his title. On the 9/8/11 Impact Angle fought Mr. Anderson to a no contest but Angle left the arena as the champion. At No Surrender Angle retained the title after defeating Sting and Mr. Anderson in a three way dance. At Bound for Glory Angle retained the title again by defeating Bobby Roode. On the 10/20 /11 Impact Angle lost the title to James Storm. Storm would hold the title for 14 days until he lost it to Bobby Roode on the 11/3/11 Impact. On the 11/10/11 Impact Roode defeated Storm in a rematch but only after someone attacked Storm backstage earlier in the night. At Turning Point, Roode retained the title after grabbing the tights while pinning AJ Styles. At Final Resolution AJ Styles

and Bobby Roode tied at 3-3 in an Ironman Match. On the 12/17/11 Impact they had a 5 minute overtime bout that turned into a one fall to the finish match after time expired which lead to Roode won by submission.

TNA World Heavyweight Champions in 2011:

Jeff Hardy (2) – Started 2011 as TNA World Champion

Mr. Anderson (2)

Sting (2)

Kurt Angle (1) Held it for 72 Days

James Storm (1) – Held it for 7 Days

Bobby Roode (1) – Held it for over 90 days as of 1/27/12


It was nice to see TNA originals like Storm & Roode win the titles but this year just felt like nothing special happened. There were so many short reigns in fact out of all 9 different title switches only 4 reigns lasted more than a month, Angle, Roode, Sting (1) & Hardy (1). I hope next year that Styles, Samoa Joe, Hardy & Storm are wearing the gold again. I would new people to hold it as well like maybe Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Crimson, Gunner or Matt Morgan.

Until Next Time Remember Let’s Try To Make An IMPACT in Whatever We Do.


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