Andrew B.’s Wrestling Rewind: Royal Rumble 2006

Wrestling Rewind: Royal Rumble 2006

By Andrew B.

Andrew B here and it is time for another Wrestling Rewind. This Sunday is the Royal Rumble so I thought I would review a past Royal Rumble.  I will review the Royal Rumble 2006 that featured Edge vs. John Cena for the WWE Title. Also Mark Henry and Kurt Angle squared off for the World Title plus 30 men tried to win a main event spot at WrestleMania 22. To find out who won and lost keep reading but this review will be split like the SmackDown one that featured the good and the bad.

                                             The Good

 1.     The Cruiserweight Title Match:

The opening match was a six man tornado match for the Cruiserweight Title that featured Kid Kash, Funaki, Nunzio, Gregory Helms, Paul London, and Jaime Noble. The match was the match of the night and was considered a spot fest.  I enjoyed it more than the Royal Rumble match but more on that later. It was only about 8 minutes longer and I wish it was longer but I would still give it almost ***. It is a must see match that showed me that cruiserweights can have good matches & not just be jobbers.

2.     The Backstage Royal Rumble Segments:

I miss these backstage segments at the Royal Rumble PPVS. They are usually interesting as at least two or more superstars pick their number from the ball tumbler. This PPV had 3 segments and they were all enjoyable. The first featured Orton and HHH which was ironic because they were in Evolution together and both were heels now. The other was most serious with Big Show & Rey Mysterio talking about the match and Eddie Guerrero while they picked their numbers. The other segment featured a bunch of future endeavors as Shelton Benjamin was there with MNM. They picked numbers and Melina acted like a whore for Mr. McMahon and no one was surprised.

 3.     The Royal Rumble Match:

This is going to be in the good and the bad section for two reasons. I enjoyed the match but it was not one of the best. The match was good and it was good to see Rey Mysterio win after he dedicated the match to Eddie Guerrero. There were also surprised like Goldust & Tatanka. Plus a record was set as it was the longest Royal Rumble match ever.

 4.     Undertaker Returns!!!!!!!!

Everyone loves that time of year usually January or February when Undertaker returns. In 2006 it was January at the end of the Royal Rumble PPV. At the end of the Royal Rumble PPV Undertaker came out on a horse and chariot and makes the title signal around his waist. He then sends lightening to hit the ring post and the ring collapses with Angle looking scared. It makes the end of the PPV great as fans want to know what will happen next. Plus it also leads to an AWESOME Angle vs. Undertaker match at No Way Out 2006.

5.     The World Heavyweight Championship Match:

The match saw Mark Henry battle Kurt Angle for the World Title. On shows leading up to the match Henry dominated Angle every week and angle could not lock in the Ankle Lock. The match made Henry look good as Angle had to cheat to defeat Henry to keep his title. It was nice 10 minute bout that I enjoyed but was not as good as an Angle match should be.

                        The Bad

 1.     JBL vs. The Boogeyman:

I do not know what to say about this match. It was two minutes long and made JBL look bad. The only good thing about this match was Jillian Hall. It actually takes longer for Undertaker to walk to the ring than to watch this match.

 2. The Divas Match:

I love the Divas but this match was not great at all. Ashley was horrible in the ring and Mickie could not carry the whole match. The match went about 8 minutes which was about 4 minutes to long. The only good thing about the match was Trish Stratus was the special referee and she looked so hot in that outfit.

3.     The Spirit Squad:

Before the Royal Rumble Match when Lilian Garcia was about to do the introduction of the first person the Spirit Squad came out. They are male cheerleaders for whoever does not know and then they forced everyone in the crowd and everyone watching to have to listen to a “Royal Rumble Cheer.” Dolph Ziggler was also a member of the Spirit Squad in 2006.

4.     John Cena Wins The WWE Title Again:

Cena came out on a scaffold with a really cool entrance and then had a *** match with Edge and there was no problem with either one. In the fact the match was 14 minutes and was very good the problem is Cena won the WWE Title again. The fact that it was only his second reign was also not the problem but here is the problem. Cena won the title at WrestleMania 21 ad held the title for 280 days before losing it after Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Edge would only hold the title for 21 Days and would lose it in his first defense. Here is what SHOULD have happened, Lita helped Edge win and Cena win it back in the month of February maybe early March as WrestleMania that year was not until April 2nd. Instead Cena won the title and would hold it for 133 Days.

5.    The Royal Rumble Match Talent:

The 2006 Royal Rumble had some weird people in it and the talent was just not great. Only 13 people lasted in the Royal Rumble for more than 10 minutes & that is not good. Also as of 2012 only 13 of those people would ever or already had won the WWE Title or World Heavyweight Championship. Also out of those 30 people less than 9 are still with the WWE. Those are not good stats for a Royal Rumble plus Eugene lasted longer than HBK and that should not happen.

 Well that’s it everybody I hope you enjoyed this review & enjoy the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

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