The Miz: From Reality To Awesome

Reality TV now a days is scripted BS. However there has been a show that has been on now since 1992 titled The Real World. If you have watched this show like I have you will have seen a gentleman on the tenth season named Mike Mizanin. On that season of the show and on the sister program The Real World/Road Rules Challenges we would see a side of Mike known as The Miz. Since then Mike has taken Miz from MTV all the way to the WWE. This article is going to show you how Mike went from reality to awesome.


Everyone thinks that Mike got his shot on Tough Enough because he was on The Real World. But before Tough Enough Mike was a wrestler on the indy scene. While I’m sure being on MTV helped Mike’s cause it was his mic skills and in ring talent that caught the WWE eyes. Mike made it all the way to the finals beating out a future member of the Spirit Squad, a future American Gladiator, and a future Nexus member. While he did not win Tough Enough he impressed many people in the WWE and they offered him a contract. While working down in Deep South Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling he was a former Tag Team Champion while in OVW and he was the Deep South Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. But it wasn’t until Mike came up to the main roster that he shined.


In 2006 Mike debuted on Smackdown and had a little bit of an undefeated streak going. Granted his streak was nothing like the one Bill Goldberg had but it was still an impressive run. Once drafted to ECW Mike got paired up with Tough Enough 3 winner John Hennigan and the team won the WWE Tag Team and the World Tag Team Titles and had a show on titled The Dirt Sheet. While Miz and Morrison were successful as a tag team when the 2009 WWE Draft came and Miz went to RAW he stepped his game up to a whole new level.


When Mike first got to RAW he immediately went after the top dog in John Cena. At The Bash pay per view Miz got his first taste of the main event scene as him and Cena wrestled as the co main event of the evening. While Miz lost that match he impressed me as a fan and showed he can be in the ring with the main event guys. From there he defeated Kofi Kingston to win the WWE United States Title and he held onto the title for an impressive 224 days. During this reign as the US Champion he teamed up with The Big Show to capture the now Unified Tag Team Championships. After losing the Tag Titles Miz went on his own. And from there he became money.


In 2010 the WWE made Money In The Bank a yearly pay per view event giving both RAW and Smackdown there own ladder match. In the RAW ladder match he defeated 7 other wrestlers to win the RAW Money In The Bank briefcase. He held onto the briefcase until November when he cashed in on Randy Orton to become the first Tough Enough alum to become WWE Champion. And like the United States Title Mike held onto the WWE Title for an impressive 160 days which included victories over Randy Orton, John Morrison, Jerry Lawler, and John Cena at Wrestlemania 27. While he lost the title to Cena a month later he proved to the world that he has the right to say he is awesome. And the ultimate honor came soon after when he was the number 1 ranked wrestler in the PWI 500. Not bad for a reality TV star.


You can say what you want about Mike Mizanin. But you cannot deny that he is one of the top guys in the WWE today. I truly expect to see him get another run with the WWE Title in the near future. And I can truly say that The Miz Is AWESOME! Thanks for reading guys.


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