Andrew B’s Wrestling Rewind: Lockdown 2011

Andrew B here with a Wrestling Rewind of one of the best TNA PPV’s in 2011, Lockdown 2011. Lockdown 2011 was from Cincinnati, Ohio and featured 9 matches with all your favorite TNA knockouts and wrestlers. The event saw Sting defend his World Title against RVD & Mr. Anderson but did he retain the title. Also did Fortune survive Lethal Lockdown with Immortal? To find out what happened in Lockdown 2011 keep reading.

Match 1: Chris Sabin, Robbie E, Jeremy Buck, Max Buck, Amazing Red, Jay Lethal, Brian Kendrick and Suicide in a #1 Contender X Division Xscape Match: The x division open up the show and they do it well. I had high hopes for this matches and it was good but I thought it would be better. The major story was Gen Me teasing a break up. The first elimination was Robbie E pinning Suicide then Red pins Lethal only for Sabin to pin Red after. Max Buck then eliminates Sabin. The match was a good opener with tons of action and a fast pace going throughout the match. After Max Buck was eliminated because I think once you eliminate someone then you are going to be eliminated next. So Kendrick, Robbie E & Jeremy Buck are left. Kendrick then eliminates Robbie E and now the escape rules are in. Kendrick climbed the cage but Buck pushes the ref into the cage and Kendrick fell which allowed Max Buck to get the victory.

Winner: Max Buck

** 3/4: It was a good opener with a nice flow and high paced action. I think they did well for the 14 minutes they had.

After Eric Bischoff comes out and delivers a promo. He says Hogan & Immortal will get the TNA Title back soon. They show the whole crowd & the arena looks full. In the front row are Brooke Hogan (who is so hot) & Nick Hogan. The crowd gives Eric major heat and even a “You Suck” chant. Eric says he may suck but he is richer than anyone in the crowd. Overall it was a decent promo by Bischoff but it was not needed. Most people pay for Lockdown for wrestling not for in ring promos. The promos are for Impact not PPV; I think Bischoff had to get on the PPV somehow so he made the promo for the card happen.

After Christy Hemme (interviews Scott Steiner & Crimson & Crimson says his face is messed up from working with Steiner. Scott Steiner says they are there to kick some ass & then mentions Cincinnati to get a cheap pop.

Match 2: Ink Inc vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young vs. British Invasion vs. Scott Steiner & Crimson: The match was not what I expected at all. The crowd was dead for most of it except when they chanted for Steiner to enter. The match got about 9 minutes which is probably what it would have got on Impact & I think it should have been on Impact. There were no rules to this match & it confused me. I would have liked an elimination match better similar to the Xscape match. During the match Tenay & Taz made gay jokes after Jordan grinded in the corner on a member of British Invasion. In the end everyone interfered and a huge brawl happened. A funny moment was when Eric Young climbed out & thought he won even though rules were pinfall & submission only. With all this going on Shannon Moore ends up hitting his finisher on Magnus to get his team the win.

Winners: Ink Inc

*: I just want to say this match was a huge letdown. I thought it would be better but truthfully it was not. It was basically an Impact match in a cage. The 9 minutes they got were used badly & I think they could have used Bischoff’s promo time to make the match longer & better. I don’t understand either why reunite British invasion to have them lose at Lockdown.

After Madison Rayne gets interviewed by Christy Hemme & says she will cut off Mickie’s hair & tells Tara to stay in the back. That makes Tara look angry.

Match 3: Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James for the Knockouts Title:

We get a promo for the match & then both ladies come out looking sexy. Mickie dominates by tossing Madison into the cage a few times and then hits the DDT for a 3. The match was about 36 seconds.

Winner: Mickie James Wins the Title

1/2*: Another disappointing match. TNA promoted this match so well and then when it happened it was under 40 seconds. Madison Rayne was the longest knockout champ in TNA history and for her to have no offense at all in this match was bad. Here is the match, promo & interview before the match in one video: “”&HYPERLINK “”feature=relmfu

After Matt Morgan is backstage with Christy Hemme & he talks about his match vs Hernandez later on & this should be better than the last match.

Match 4: Pope vs. Samoa Joe

We get a video package for the match as Pope comes out first. Then Joe comes out & I must say Joe has been used so badly recently. This match though was the best of their rivalry. Pope tried to escape early on & Joe went to grab him but missed & pulled down Pope’s tights but then threw Pope back in the cage. I like had Joe had to hit 2 muscle busters to end it but they were not enough. In the end Joe made Pope submit with the rear naked choke.

Winner: Samoa Joe

***: A nice match that I am saying was the best of the night up to that point. It was nice to see these two have a good match because the rivalry was good until Lockdown. Both men did a great job for a little over ten minutes.

After Mexican America is backstage with Christy Hemme & the interview was mostly Spanish so I did not understand it really.

Match 5: Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan:

This is the 2nd cage match between these two. The first one was at Victory Road 2010 when Hernandez was a face and won. This match was different though because instead of 11 minutes they only got 8 minutes. I am not saying it was bad but I think they should have got more time. I liked the match and both men did well. The end was a nice surprise when Morgan hit the carbon footprint in midair when Hernandez jumped off the top rope. The post-match was good as Rosita & Sarita (who was looking so hot in super short) (because who likes short shorts, Andrew B likes hot girls in short shorts) talked trash to the crowd. After Velvet came out and attacked them & they ran away.

Winner: Matt Morgan

*3/4: A good match even though it was short. The end was very good and I liked the post-match interaction with the knockouts.

After Karen Angle or Jarrett (I don’t care what her name is she is a MILF) said Jeff Jarrett will end Kurt for good. Then we get a great video package preview the matching and Kurt and his son and Jeff & Karen all speaking on the situation. Side note: I think they is a good story line but it seems to real & all the crap Karen says about him being a bad husband & dad is probably a lie.

Match 6: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match:

Before the match Karen gets sent to the back by the ref to make it fair. The first fall is submission match which I thought was too quick. Kurt made Jeff tap in the ankle lock about 5 minutes into the match. The 2nd fall was pinfall and it was better. It was only about 7 minutes though which was short but it was still good. Angle threw Jeff into the cage and also hit Jeff with an RKO (I wonder if Orton was watching Lockdown). Angle also kicked out of the stroke but eventually Jeff rolls him up and gets the 3 by holding the tights. Here is the RKO if anyone wants to see it: . The 3rd fall was escape only and this is when the show went from good to great. There were moments that you were like holy shit!!! From Angle getting dropped on his head by Jarrett from a powerbomb: & there was a moonsault angle hit off the cage on Jarrett: “”&HYPERLINK “”feature=related . There was a point when Angle was about to climb out of the cage but Gunner stopped him which led to the moonsault. Jeff tries to leave the door but Kurt grabs him & Karen gave him the guitar and he hit Kurt in the head. Then he tries again but Kurt grabs him again and Karen slams the door on Kurt. Jeff crawls out and is the winner.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett 2-1

****: A four star match by these guys. Angle delivered & made it the best match of the night in my opinion. There were many great TNA moments and it was just a great match. I think Jeff winning by cheating will make another match between Jeff & Kurt. Overall it was a great 23 minute match & it was the first match someone bled in as both men were bleeding.

We then get our promo for the TNA title match. Here it is if you want to see it:

Match 7: RVD vs. Sting vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA title:

RVD is out first and gets a good reaction then Anderson & Sting comes out last to a huge reaction. The match had a nice flow to it and it started off with RVD & Sting double teaming Anderson. They all hit their finishers quick with Sting putting both guys in the scorpion death lock: “”&HYPERLINK “”feature=related & Anderson hitting a double mic check. Here is the double mic check: “”&HYPERLINK “”feature=channel_video_title RVD then hits a frog splash on Anderson. Sting hits RVD with a scorpion death drop & Anderson clothesline Sting and all 3 men are down which was a nice spot. Hogan then comes out and gives RVD a pipe. RVD throws it away but Anderson hits RVD with it & says that was for himself & turns around into a scorpion death drop for the 3. After Sting challenges Hulk but Hogan says on his time.

Winner: Sting Retains the Title

**: I enjoyed the match but again it felt rushed like other matches. I think it was a good match & Hogan coming out helped the match & did not hurt it. There were nice moves and a nice flow to the match. I think keeping the title on Sting was a good idea because this could be his final reign & it should be a good one but I do not want to see Hogan vs. Sting in TNA.

Match 8: Fortune (Daniels, Beer Money & Kaz) vs. Immortal (Ric Flair, Abyss, Bully Ray & Matt Hardy) in Lethal Lockdown:

Kaz & Abyss start for the first 5 minutes with Immortal having the man advantage. Action is okay with Abyss hitting Kaz with a big boot & Kaz hitting him with a dropkick. Then Matt Hardy comes in & they double team Kaz. Kaz gets hit with a side effect & Daniels comes in for his first TNA PPV match since Destination X 2010. Daniels comes in and talks control for Fortune and hits the BME on Abyss. Flair comes in next for Immortal & starts chopping Daniels in the corner. He then low blows Daniels and works on him as Hardy & Abyss double team Kaz. They mock Beer Money as James Storm comes in next and hits a code breaker on Abyss and spits Beer on him. Storm then smashes the bottle on Flair’s head. Flair is bleeding now and gets tossed into the corner to receive chops from Storm. Storm then rips Flair’s pants and gives him a spanking. Flair does his famous flop & then Bully Ray comes in and is in control. Robert Roode then enters as the final man and the top is lowered down with weapons. Everyone grabs weapons and starts fighting as Hardy & Daniels leave the cage. Daniels goes for Angel’s wings but Hardy hits a backdrop & a twist of hate. The door then gets opened as Hardy falls off the side of the cage. Abyss checks on Hardy & Daniels jumps off the top of the cage in a cross body on Abyss & Hardy. Here is the crossbody: Roode then puts Flair in the figure four leglock but Ray breaks it up and hits everyone with a kendo stick. Ray goes to attack Daniels as AJ Styles’ music hits and the crowd goes nuts. AJ then kicks Ray’s ass. After Roode puts an armbar on Flair & he taps out to the end the match in 23 minutes. Also the link for the match is here part 1: “”&HYPERLINK “”feature=related & part 2: “”&HYPERLINK “”feature=related

Winners: Fortune (Beer Money, Daniels & Kaz)

*** 1/2: A good match and a nice main event but not the match of the night. Angle has that, but it was a good match. I do not think it was the best lethal lockdown but it was a good one & not the worst lethal lockdown at all. Daniels delivered a nice TNA moment with the cross body & AJ coming back was a nice surprise but I have to wonder if this feud will continue at Sacrifice.

Overall: Lockdown 2011 earned a 6/10. The 2 out of 3 falls match was the match of the night & Lethal Lockdown was the 2nd best. Joe vs. Pope could actually have been the 3rd best match. I think the event felt a little rushed with every match being under 11 minutes except Angle vs. Jarrett & Lethal Lockdown. I think TNA should have taken out the Bischoff in ring segment & the fatal four way tag. If TNA wanted they could have put Ink Inc, Eric Young & Williams in the Xscape match to get them on the card. I think the TNA title match should have got more time but overall it was a good event & worth checking out.

Until next time I am Andrew B saying it pays To Be Roode.


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